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Buggy Rollin
BLACK RED PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 30 June 2014 11:59

Here is the BLACK RED FULL set.: Arms + Chest + Back + Legs + hip + Shoulder . Price 4 580,34 €
BLACK  SHELL - RED WHEELS. it is 8 euro more than BLACK-BLACK because of the better hand wheels. These are MATTER JUICE road F1 110mm

to order mail to shop @ buggy-rollin.com
more info here


Thursday, 26 June 2014 22:10

Here is the BLACK ORANGE FULL set.: Arms + Chest + CHAMELEON Back + Legs + hip + Shoulder . Price 4 642,34 €
the specificity of this suit is a back with CHAMELEON paint blue-red-violet.
ORANGE wheels,
ORANGE trucks red butt truck.

more info here

Contact shop @ buggy-rollin.com

BLACK GREEN Set PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 June 2014 19:05

Here is a SPEED BLACK GREEN SET BLACK SHELL GREEN WHEELS. Arms + Chest + speed Back (no wheel) + Legs + mini hip + Shoulder .
Price 3 368,78 €
this set is less expensive because it has a speed back. Speed back means no wheels, no composite hard shell, no trucks no multi soft shell system inside, no Y strap.
It is also less expensive because it has mini Hip instead of regular full hip protection. (this NOT the one on the video).

to order mail to shop @ buggy-rollin.com    more info here

BLACK BLACK Set PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 June 2014 18:17

Here is a FULL SET black shell black wheel suits. Arms + Chest + Back + Legs + hip + Shoulder . Price 4 572,34 €
to order mail to shop @ buggy-rollin.com    more info here

20 years inspiration buggy rollin PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 23:09

One of the questions forn the real beggining of the the projets was :
will the buggy rolin be an inspiration for other creators ?
- YES !
My nephew was drawing many wheel suit with him as pilot ...
It has influenced game creators = Kinetika
It has influenced advertising art directors = Megapass,Mennen, Chuppa chups
It has inspired movie makes inhollywood = Jim carrey Yes Man, Jackie Chan CZ12
(i think that the way the transformers are skating and diving on the floor has also been inspired )
and recently i discovered that it has also inspired japanese animation.

TIGER & BUNNY (link here) has the best evil hero wearing a full body rolling armor...
positions described in the patent are exactly used in the animation

here is superbug !

even description is precise and reminds me the old full flash buggy rollin website

pitty is that we did not colaborate. we could have make more action according to the wheel suits capacities and so make the charcater more intresting.
The piece of fabric he carries behind the head is also not good for the wheels.
Please contact me before you make a move !
(jean yves)

First BUGGY ROLLIN bob track race PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 23 June 2014 22:47

For the first stop of beton on fire in altenberg germany,
we had the chance to organize the first buggy rollin race in bob track.
the riders were
Sebastien Bertholet "Otaku" from swiss
seb is riding buggy rollin from 2000, he was living just beside la vallee de la jeunesse at lausanne. He is a master of one leg slides and ondulation drifts. he took part of many free ride and competion in lausanne.
He is the first to join the BUGGY ROLLIN team.


Anthonny Finocchiaro "Finch" from Paris .
the art director of Seba skates has a brand new 2014 suit. he could train bob track in la plagne last year with private coaching of Jean Yves blondeau. He also made a full day run at lausanne downhill event 2013.
he comes from aggressive skating, and has a great sense of using the wheel suit.
He is sponsored by BUGGY ROLLIN


and Jean Yves Blondeau "Rollerman" from Space.
Jean Yves is the creator of the suits and BUGGY ROLLIN brand. He could try 9 bob-luge tracks in the world. he has the speed record, 126 km/h on road. He lives between europe and asia tries any good big sloppy road he can. he is the experienced rider. Sponsored by Seba skates, HMR helmets, Matter wheels and Garmin Virb.


The race took place early sunday from junior start. One run only.
the surprised came from Anthony who took the second place even with his short experience. He used all the technics
explained by his coach at once. It was very efficient.
Sebastein took the third place, because he was disturbed by changing the wheel chest during the training from a luge setting back to his favorite 2x5 in line setting.
Jean Yves took the first place. And was very happy to be able to share the grab sensation of riding a bob track with a buggy rollin wheel suit to friends.

the happy trio
left Sebastien bertholet 3rd, right Anthony Finocchiaro 2nd, center Jean Yves Blondeau first.


a video will be online soon, and we are waiting for next stop. calgary must be confirmed and la plagne is sure.

flying the tower start for show.
this is the absolute kicking arse start. not only to spring the catapult but also to fly the gap.

"i like to make two kind of run. the classical speed run and the aesthetic one. the aesthetic one is about going high in the curves  trying to get negative wall more the vertical and make beautiful waves. The second kind of run is for me more emotional than the first one. i love to have this range of possibilities." said Jean yves.

more than vertical
All pictures from Sven von schlachta unless the last one


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