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Monday, 16 November 2009 11:30

You want to make Your TV show spectacular?
invite Jean Yves on your TV show

contact jean yves : master @

TV show : Make your TV show intresting

You are producing a movie and need BUGGY ROLLIN feature ?
here is how to contact Jean Yves throw jodi, his cinema production consultant,
and how to find the right location thanks his specialist scout location Bill Sandidge.

cinema consultant : jodi @
location scout specialist, BILL SANDIDGE : williamsandidge @

Cinema : BUGGY ROLLIN suits are CHARACTERS and Jean Yves an actor

You are planning commercial movie ?
Get Jean Yves involve as soon as possible in the story writing in order to integrate the best context of story, and the most beautifull stunts.

cinema consultant : jodi @
location scout specialist, BILL SANDIDGE : williamsandidge @


Commercial Film :
BUGGY ROLLIN and jean yves are making your product getting a great vector

You are event maker and need live action ?
Book Jean Yves for stage, booth, or street show.

life show in munich november 2009
contact : master @

Life stage : Real performance

You are Publisher looking for high def picture of BUGGY ROLIN ?
find out how to contact the best BUGGY ROLLIN photographer : KIKI Lebedinsky

Photos for best visuals

KiKi in my eye 2006
christophe lebedinsky, Paris, contact: lebedinsky @



You want to experience BUGGY ROLLIN ?
Book Jean Yves as your personnal instructor

master @

Instructor : Learn BUGGY ROLLIN


You are running inovative project and need outsider impulse to find out the
stategy of tomorow?
Book Jean Yves as experimented prospective designer.

Consulting : get the fairy inspiration and sharp input in your project

jeany @



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