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How it began PDF Drucken E-Mail
Mittwoch, den 29. Mai 2013 um 13:27 Uhr
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Here is video who shows the home of Jean Yves, his office and workshop.

visit the home of jean yves
Learn a bit more on the way the suit have been created.

Where does the idea of BUGGY ROLLIN come from ? PDF Drucken E-Mail
Samstag, den 26. März 2011 um 12:00 Uhr
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NO, jean yves did NOT wake up a morning and said :


Sorry but the idea came after a long process.

Maybe it started with Mr Blondeau paul who was competing in his county as ski jumper. It was straight after world war2. The ski material was only for rich people. He was not. But he was skilfull. So he made his own ski. He also made his own tractor to work in field and forest. He married Micheline Pagnier, and together they got 7 children. He could not find the perfect toy for his 6 boys. So he build it. He made the wheels and the axles and evry thing to buid a serial of nice toy. So the culture was set in the familly : If you need something, can not find it, can not buy it, then build it yourself. (BIY culture)

Every kids did so. And jean yves the very last one, did so too. He made his own BMX, made is own monoski, made is own skateboard, made his own roller skates as his big brothers did. Not every thing worked ! that's a way of learning things. And all the brothers were skating, biking, skiing and trying every thing they could think of. So in the 70's, when they saw the first pictures of skateboard, they buld their own skateboard before it came in shop. In the 80's, when one's could see roller skate on TV, his brother francois bought unsold skateboard to build rollerskates before it came in the shop. So you see where the idea came from ? there where already construtors in the familly.

Micheline Pagnier brang the artistic fantasy. She loves painting and color. So the toys of Paul were colorfull. And the sons went study industrial drawing, architecture, photography, sculpture, fine art, dance and many thing that kid of a such numerous familly learns. By seeing his brothers drawing trucks and houses Jean yves learned technical drawing, and took his familly designed skates in his back pack.

It was similar story in all familly. One particular cousin was industrial designer. Philipp Roux invented a toy with wheels that was mass serial produced by Charton under the name funny roller.

a way to use Funny roller

So jean yves wanted to be industrial designer too.

He could enter one of the best industrial school by showing his projetct of...... Rollerskates !

In this school named Oliver de Serres, he could design anything, truck bus car lamp bottle bags phone etc. But at the end, for the diploma he wanted to make something really new. Something that dos not exist yet.

Problem with thing which does not exists is that no one even know what it is. So Someone has to look for it. And someone has to think how to look for it. And where ? Jean Yves loved skating, dancing, moving, running, creating, filming, speeding... So he figured out that he wanted to create something which deals with body balancing sensation, and locomotion.
The official title of the thesis was :


That s the direction. Now where to look for ?

- First know the body. What are sensation made of?

Jean Yves studyed neuro-anatomy ; how sensations of movement, named as proprioceptive information, circulate in ear, eye, brain... , and how they are processed. It was very intersting ! 

- How do we have perception of speed and space ?

The NASA before sending anyone in space made a lot of experiment about it because the were affraid the the humain body lost his references and make the cosmonauts crasy. they discovered plenty of key informations ! For example the speed perception is given by the periphery of the eyes. Later when we will need helmet for buggy rollin, we will take care to have the biggest view field. It will feed the brain with more speed sensation and more trajectory information !   Sketch of a helmet of a Crying character out of the "Mythology" BUGGY ROLLIN "After Chae Sun Park Oeting"

- Understand why acting like this ?

The risky behaviour. Jean Yves wanted to understand why we loved speed and jump and scary sports. It is not only a question of adrenaline. He discovered that other people studyed it. There was a french specialist. David Lebreton, is professor in sociology. He showed that teenager behaves risky because they need to give sens to their life. in Ancient times and in every traditionnal siciety teenagers had to pass a ritual of initiation to become adult. During these ritiual, the teenager had to face the death. Being at the border of death is making a necessary landmark for life. That was a revelation !

- Why is the body so important ?

David Lebreton also showed the way we use the body to fit in the society, and in another study he showed that sport can act like a culture which goes over the boundaries with behaviour, language, organisation, clothes codes, literature, music and help individuals to buld an identity.

- What have been made before ?

Analyse of past help to not make the mistake that other prople did. Maping what is existing help to figure out the boundaries. And when the limit are known, it is possible to look beyond, it is possible to find empty spaces where nodody have ever worked. it means it i
s possible to CREATE something NEW. So jean yves studyed history of design. 

- What are the senations ?

The best is to ask to someone who life with and by this senations. It can be professionnal Athlete, Pilots, Artists. So Jean Yves went to interview the best people in their field. He started with a red hair trapesist woman. She showed him that the senaton are not the one you think they are. On her trapeze she felt FREE ! she never want to go down, she wants to jump on the public ! That was really opening mind.

After collecting informatin during six month, the map of existing was showing some interesting possibilities. It was time to be creative, Put every thing learned before in sketches.
That the moment where a small woman appeared somewhere on the paper. She was very small. Maybe less than 2cm. This tiny small lady was rolling on her belly, she was holding stick with wheels at the end, and had wheels at the end of her tiny feet. She made an assiociation with other ideas on paper. All together they showed that it was possible to roll in all position.

One more time there are alot of question to be answered.
What kind of wheels ? Where on the body ? How to fix them ? What position ?
From here is ingeniring work. After many drawings, many visit to specialists, jean yves found the makable answer for of these questions. And one month after, the first prototype was born.

The First prototype Studio Blondeau Paris

How the tv started PDF Drucken E-Mail
Samstag, den 18. September 2010 um 07:20 Uhr
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This is one of the very ealy video. In fact the second one which as been made. The first one have been lost in the school of design olivier de serres. But this video was the real starting of all the BUGGY ROLLIN media adveture. This one have been remasterised with a song of Jami cullum that was supposed to make music video with buggy rollin in New York.

this video has a long stiory.
It was made to promote the buggy rollin suit in 1995. during the shooting in the deep night of midle age strets of chambery, the footage and camera has been stollen. All the work has to be remade again. And new camera to be paid.
Finally another team of friend (jean and catherine deprez from LA ROBERTSAU art center) helped to finish shooting and editing. When this video was shown to journalist they loved it. So they simply went on the same location to remake the film with better camera.
Today we can see that the motions are not so safely executed, but also that it is very creative, it has very rich variety of motions.


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