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TV show
nouvo PDF 印刷 Eメール
2013年 5月 28日(火曜日) 17:50
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a good swiss french speaking tv show

gadget show PDF 印刷 Eメール
2013年 5月 28日(火曜日) 17:46
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a good example of intelligent show

BOOK Jean Yves for TV SHOW PDF 印刷 Eメール
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You are looking for somthing spécial in your tv show ?

it is possible to book Jean Yves for TV show.
He is making show since 1997.

Jean Yves has a GREAT sense of image, He can help you
to find the best perspective.

Jean Yves always do his best to use all the potentiality of the set.
all the space can be used.

he has a LOT of experience. If you get him involve in
the set design he will give you good imput.

If you want action in the city or in the mountain,
he is always ready.

He also can rent an additional suit if you want that your
TV star tryes it. He will be on stage to help the star.
No suit will travel alone.

Jean Yves makes a LOT of tv show and he is GOOD in it !

info "at" buggy-rollin.com

....AFTER !




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