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Life stage
世界選手権キャップジンゲン PDF 印刷 Eメール
2011年 11月 02日(水曜日) 14:20



中国で表示 PDF 印刷 Eメール
2011年 4月 15日(金曜日) 13:41


Book Jean Yves LIFE on your STAGE PDF 印刷 Eメール
2009年 9月 21日(月曜日) 02:33
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For animation at your booth on your trade show. On a trade show he is very strong to attract
journalists. With BUGGY ROLLIN, you will get on tv ! the Proof is in our pressbook (link to press book page). Many parution happen on event. the rollerman always squatt all attention.

Dancing for Madonna music video

For your event, your show, BOOK jean Yves and give EMOTIONS to your public.


It can be right in the midle of the crowd or as stage choreography. He is also a good magnet

On a trade show, he is very mobile. His main ability is to make flash mob around him and to move very fast fast in the alleys and change location. So he can advertise you on a big surface of exhibition away from the booth and sometimes at the nose of concurence
in order to attract the visitors.

we also can work together and train dancers.


night show


with children in BUSAN
We do have suits for women. This bring more attraction.

All info you need you can get at
info "at" buggy-rollin.com


Jean Yves also love to dance with skates



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