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2009年 9月 21日(月曜日) 02:49
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You are looking for HIGh DEF picture for your magazine ?

You have to create a special visual?

BOOK Jean Yves !

info "at" buggy-rollin.com


Jean Yves have been working both side of the camera. As professional model for more than 13 years, and before that he worked in photo
studios as photo assistant, and photo editor on computer. He learned about the light design and the culture of composing an image
in national school of applied art of Paris Olivier de Serres.
Our favorite photographer : KIKI lébédinsky on shooting at col de la faucille 2005

lebedinsky"at" wanadoo.fr

the most famous pictures are from christophe lebedinsky, Paris, contact: lebedinsky"at"wanadoo.fr
we work together since 1996 and keep producing updated picture. throw a strong friendship
relationship Chirstoph owns the biggest collection of high definition cliches. He is the
artistic witness of buggy rollin history.

jump at semenoz france.



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