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Born 1970 June 1st in Aix-les-Bains in Savoy, he practiced different kinds of winter sports, skateboard, roller, inline skate, and BMX.

He studied graphics, photography, advertising and video, complete studies of industrial design in Paris ( ENSAAMA) where he invented, build the Buggy Rollin, and takes dance classes (central Paris). Patented the "armor on wheels" and the trademark "BUGGY ROLLIN. Then the media to propel it across the planet ... and becomes the Rollerman von Paris in Germany, the French Rollerman in UK, Jean-san in Tokyo, Djang I Be Shi in south Korea...
Under the sunlights, he learned the show business. he has been invited all around the world.

The Buggy Rollin Rollerman captivated Hollywood, Jean-Yves Blondeau was asked by Jim Carrey in his film, YESMAN. He also worked with Jackie Chan on the film CZ 12, as creator of the wheel suit, coach for Jackie, stunt choreographer, and frame consultant. he also played the chief of russian army with Jackie Chan.
He made commercial for MEGAPASS, MUJU RESORT, HIGH ONE, MENNEN, CHUPA CHUPS, And he has many projects of  films and commercials.

Photo Lebedinsky paris / BUGGY ROLLIN

He loves designing, making clothes, working on movie, acting, and piloting buggy rollin.
He likes to dance sing, drawing, painting and sculpting in particularly the snow.

He speaks French English German and Korean. he is learning mandarin and Japanese for fun.

He is member of Screen Actors guild SAG AFTRA ONE UNION Hollywood
He is also member of stunt directory Hollywood

His buggy rollin speed record is 126 km/h
long jump 6m30 high jump 5m70
His biggest life audience is 230 000 000 spectators

He is also known as the "URETHANE legend" in reference of the wheels material.
He is certified "LEGENDARY HERO" of Tianmenshan Mountain.
He recognized as true SUPERHUMAN by Stan Lee the creator of Marvel Comics.

Photo Lebedinsky Paris / BUGGY ROLLIN


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