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Donnerstag, den 08. November 2012 um 22:41 Uhr
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The new suit shapes are finished, now is the time to make the first test, by tests we mean building the new suit and trying it. Everything is ready, just missing the arms. We hope to get the shell in the next few days. All the shells of the new suit are being upgraded. Our aim is to make it easier to drive, more comfort and modularity.

The next step is to build 6 set to be sold and test the new tools, in order to prepare serial manufacture.

Dienstag, den 22. September 2009 um 20:24 Uhr
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A BUGGY ROLLIN set is made of

- A Helmet
- A front
- A back
- Shoulder pad
- Hip pad
- Arms
- Leg
- And you need skates

The color of the basic suit is not determined as yet. It should be black, we started to check some new colors but it will affect the price of the suit. As long as we are unsure of who will produce the suits we won’t be able to display the final product.
This is only to have an idea of how it is by now


- First suit - Second suit = FULL CARBON - The preserial - Metal - Character - Grey - Gold - 2008 Speed record suit - YESMAN. - IRON - BAD -
Over the years, the suits evolved, the main target is increasing comfort.
They are all designed to allow extreme performance during several hours.
Second very important point: they are all designed to fit different body shapes.
It suits tall, short, thin or thick bodies. Some special suits are post customized to adapt
To special users, like the woman suits of the YESMAN movie, or the Jackie Chan suit for strong arms.

the Jackie Chan suit.

Let’s start at the beginning

THE FIRST SUIT (June 1994)

Before building anything, a lot of research went into the sensation of balance of the body and locomotion
Then some sketches

Somebody said that it looks like a comic character but it will never work……REALLY ?

Built in less than one month, this suit has been created to show that it is POSSIBLE to roll in all positions.
The materials used were what I could find rapidly and cheaply.

First day out first picture ever
The helmet is exactly as it was designed on paper for the study. Everything else was emergency built. It has special asymmetrical skates that I designed in 1992, modified with a pair of wheels in front of the toes. The legs are clipped on the skates: HOT! The front chest has 3 spinning wheels. It was stuck on the back like a hard corset that did not allow any movement. The back had only 3 spinning wheels, which was not stable enough.
As a prototype it had been modified and mended more than a hundred times

After 3 years at studio Blondeau in Paris

The arms were made out of PVC Tubes. Hand wheels were a present from my Daddy, recycled from a baby buggy. Elbow wheels were of a roller skate frame. There is an articulation on the elbow and a handle inside. They are open on the inside to allow to grab anything with the fingers. It had a metal ball on the outside to roll on walls. It was violet-pink because I did not want to scare people in the street. It had a graphic design concept based on the origin of the suit.
“A” with a spiral background, a Latin  font was drawn on the back of the head. The construction lines stood for the brain which has to compute the trajectories and position in space, and deal with all information (sensations and orders)
“B” was the engine, the pump, the propeller, the heart, the lung, the guts.
"C" was for the motion transmission, arms and legs.
Yellow arrows were orders and power, black arrows were feed back. This is similar to how information are processed in the human body.
this graphic concept was proposed by Etienne Brulfer and agreed by Jean yves Blondeau.
He have been using only this suit for 4 years.

"At this time i did not wanted that people see my face because i thought who am i is not the point, the suit is important not me. So i used to wear a hood sun glasses and black gloves. But it was so warm. It was such crazy sacrifice. For taking picture in studio, i dropped so much water from arms and legs that we had to change the background (you can see spots around the skates at studio Blondeau). On the top of that i was using a PVC under suit. I loved the PVC effect because it is shiny like a a car and it follows the shapes of the body. So it is like a living machine. It is a fascination of dreaming about the future androids. I also made this PVC suit because i wanted to break downhill speed record.
I dropped the conic wheel off because there were many better inline skate wheels coming on the market. So i mounted a set of hockey wheels from ROLL X. And then, i never had to change the used wheels during this period: one set for 14 years ! The suit took part of Lausanne downhill 1997, that was quite scary unstable at this time !
 Now it goes in design museum around the world (You can book it info "at" buggy-rollin.com) as a real piece of museum. It is 'treasure one'."

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CARBON is the first real prototype which fulfills all the requests of BUGGY ROLLIN.
Born in 1998, it took a one year to be built. It was a record setter. Speed 88 km/h in 1998, high jump 5.7 meter in 1999, first bob track in La Plagne 1998. The identity of the full suit is almost set. Arms are perfect, legs are comfortable, the chest has been reshaped so that it can support the impact of a jump kick. The back has reached its stability to allow to spin in the half pipe and run downstairs.

The yellow points were flashes for night show. I like the tiger effect from the back.
There have been several attempts at different concepts on the harness. The chosen one is easy to wear and comfortable to use. Massive shoulder protection have been designed with full settings. With time it appears that some settings are useless and confusing, they disappear in the next suits.

The skate have been simplified. They are exactly how they were dreamed in 1992 as ultimate downhill speed record cracker roller skate. It is the only suit that have been branded with the logo "BUGBOY" of BUGGY ROLLIN on each element. Carbon black, silver, and purple, perfect a chromatic set. The first time that i could have the best wheels ever: Kryptonics Chad Edrick 85A 80mm, mounted on Swiss abec5 love speed bearings... But full carbon is fragile, so at each repair i add Kevlar.

Lausanne Half pipe 1999
After a few crash on the side, I had to conceive hip protection. so now the body is fully protected. I have been surprise to get hard high speed crash, stand up, and realize that i had ZERO damage. This does not allow to take any crazy risk: hit a rock, the rock wins, not you. Even fully protected.
With this suit it was also built the first woman set. Because i wanted woman to be welcome in this sport, and i wanted that they could have their strong feminine identity, in reaction of the no sexy fashion of aggressive skate in the 90's.

Lovely Virginie as first SURBOW ready conquer new space she was also the muse of the first steps.

The woman chest are compatible with men back. The inside bra have been designed by a underwear designer. The straps are keeping the knees up.
Carbon is still rolling and giving good service for beginners. But is also a true piece of museum. It is 'treasure two.'

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With designing and producing molds, it have been possible to start to reproduce suits.
We start to try to uniform the pieces inside the suit by making models. But still every thing is hand made. Every single piece of plastic is tailored to a specific suit.

The major concept is to achieve to get on the market. one first step is that other people can also use the suit. It happened a few times. The legs got faster and faster to strap in. The arms got intelligent shock management. the back shell got well balanced between strength and weight. Hip Protection got really improve to follow the motions and survive hard exercises. The foams got stable in time under physical and chemical attacks, without being too heavy.

Most of the suits of the preserial have been designed for a specific aim.

show suit with light inside and light wheel from Korea which are terribly slow

downhill One with a inline frame on the chest. 100 kmh

The Downhill suit have ben upgraded with Kryptonics classic 80mm longskate wheels allowed for the first time to get un the curves without braking. The chest Wheels were mounted on a 5 x 100mm wheel frame.

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"Metal" was created in France and Germany. It was designed for media. Every piece have received a very expensive treatment under special atmosphere to make it shiny as a mirror. This is the suit used for MEGAPASS in south Korea and all the promotion about it. It need a very careful care; i had to wear white gloves to handle it. It really made wonderful picture. When riding it is possible to watch the colors of the environment passing through the suit. It perfectly expresses the indentity of cyborg-knight. Metal is 'treasure three'.

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There are also some character suit like this blue Santa Christmas, Seoul 2005. It is a costume designed to be worn on the armor. The kids loved to cuddle the fur.

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The shells of GOLDEN were originally conceive for breaking records, support abnormal G forces, and resist beyond normal shocks. They have been specially reinforced by numerous carbon layers. It is an heavy armor. Then Korean manager has decided to use these shells for Asian marketing. It means that this suit will be used for life show. that s not a good choice because this suit was not conceived for that. It was source of conflict. This suit (metal, downhill1 and show) have been lost for 4 years. It have been recovered in Feb. 2011. Now it is in peace. It may return to its original aim in summer 2011 if it goes back to Europe.

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The downhill suit with 8x110 mm wheel frames from GYRO "Mercury"
The witness of the born of this suit said that it will never be able to corner, just go straight. Wrong ! This suit is extremely precise at high speed, it take corner like a rally car.
It allows to slide on the chest and dive even faster in the curves.
It has Japanese secret weapon bearing which are not produced anymore.
It has full set of 90mm on elbow and knees. Originally Gyro wheels equipped the suit.

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In 2008 with a speed soft back, and the pterodactyl helmet of 1996, the suit could reach 116km/h. Matter wheels for speed, and Kryptonics for the hard braking.

in 2010 the suit has to be repaint in blue for a commercial movie.

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In 2008, 4 suits have been created for the YESMAN movie, 2 women, 2 male. Jim Carrey did hold a suit for him. Since the film YES MAN, the new wheels are from MATTER. These wheels are the actual best in the world.

YESMAN last rehearsal with Monica Brauninger
The suits has no wheel on the back because it did not need to roll on the back for the movie. I call it soft speed back. The women soft back are adapted to the female morphology.

'Plumes' is a fantasy version of woman soft back with feathers. Soft back is weightless, it allows more freedom of motion, which makes the first steps more easy.

2011 Iron Silver

This suit took 4 years to be conceived and build.
It is the expression of what a serial production suit should look like. It has many upgraded features.
The comfort is increased, the setting possibility is higher, allows the pilot to test his own wheel combination concept.
Best allied steel is used for axes. Wheels get faster. Locking system is easier to use.
This suit has been choose by a famous Chinese actor for his movie.

We expect also the born of the BAD suit.

an idea of how the bad suit may be and then how it is starting to be : NilloR YgguB

2012 NilloR YgguB the BADass suit

It is very close to the drawing...

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- A Helmet

The helmet Should be light because the head has to move a lot when the suit rolls on it back.
The mouth has to be protected because it is so close to the floor.
The Eyes must also be protected because of the dust and high speed wind.
The mouth and nose should be free in order to give the lung enough fresh oxygen.
As many thing about BUGGY ROLLIN there is nothing on the market that fit exactly the needs of this sport. So even if an interesting product is found, it must be Modified. By Modified i mean completely deconstruct, redesign, reinforced, ventilated and more. Every helmet have need weeks of hand work.

Historical helmets

First Helmet Bought at flea market 1$   Second helmet for Carbon proto       3rd Boeri metal modified too warm
completely reconstructed. It was       Bought at "Emmaus" 3$ full rebuild             first sponsored helmet.
setting the standard of BUGGY      With a lot of love in the material choice
ROLLIN identity.


Perfect helmet not produced anymore                A HMR modified. This one one should be available for production.
two weeks of work for one helmet                      Even it need to be completely rebuild, pieces went in oven,
even if the base is good, it need perfect            Grid had to be 3D formed, holes more opened, and foam tailored,
optics, and made to measure chin guard.          plus special paint.

The YESMAN helmets are skydiving Oxygn helmet. They have been modified under my instruction by the special effect team of
the studio Warner with allowance of the stunt coordinator. I am remodeling it for the season 2011. Again several weeks of work.
This helmet is available on American market.

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- A front

The front also named chest or front is the first specific element which makes difference between women and men.
It is composed, as all the part of the buggy rollin suit, of a hard shell, this shell has on one side the wheel system, on the other side the body interface. Around the shell are the connectors to the back part.

The Hard shell is designed to support the weight of the body when it rolls on the chest. It is actually made with a scientifically calculated of mixed layers of hi-tec material.

The wheel system has been changing with the time and the aim of the suit. There were 3 spinning wheel at the beginning. Then we had 5 big wheels on line, or 4 x 100 plus 2 spinning. Then One straight and 2 spinning. later we have 8 wheels on 2 blades of 4. It can progress more.

The body interface is designed to fit the chest, give him enough freedom to keep biological functions working.

The connectors keeps the elements of the rollin armor on the right place around the body.

The "Metal" front chest has 3 wheels: one fix 100mm and two 85 mm spinning wheels

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- A back

The Back exist with wheels and without. Without wheel, we name it speed back or soft back. It has also no hard shell. So it is very light and comfortable. We use it a lot as easy step for beginner.

The regular back has the same structure as the as the front chest.

The Hard shell is designed to support the weight of the body when it rolls on the back or siting. It is actually made with a scientifically organized of several layers of different hightec material.

The wheel system has been changing with the time and the aim of the suit. There were 3 spinning wheel plus a pair of wheel under the butt, at the beginning. Then it had 4 spinning wheels plus a pair near the butt. No reason to change by now.

The body interface is designed to fit the shoulder and pelvis, give them enough freedom to keep biological functions working, and necessary body balance cinematic.

The connectors keeps the body and on the right place inside the elements of the wheelsuit.
'Metal" back connected to front.

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- Shoulder pad

The shoulder part, was not existing at the beginning. But it became essential as the sport reached the extreme in speed and risks. There is a hard shell which prevent from scratches, some complex shock absorbers, and straps to wed the body. There are different shapes shoulder pad.
The "Metal" shoulder pad

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- Hip pad

The hip pad, as the shoulder, appeared with the time and experience. It is composed of intelligent multi articulated shells mounted on shock absorber and closed with light connectors.
The "Metal" hip pad as you can see it is not useless...

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- Arms

The arms are the absolute key of the wheelsuit. They are the steering wheel of the BUGGY ROLLIN rolling armor. They are designed to be precise, energy efficient, protective, and comfortable. It is maybe the most complex and technical element of a BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit. Mostly they have 3 wheels. The arm is composed of a hard ogive which encloses a biodesigned ergonomic handle, a setting system, and multi layer of absorbing materials. It is articulated around the elbow. The design of arms arms take into account many angulation subtlety which result strongly sided element : there is a left arm and a right arm.

The arms of the "Metal" suit.

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- Legs

The legs have a pair of wheels each. One more time we have a hard shell, a high quality setable shock absorber system, and memory reactive connectors. There is a right and a left.

The legs of the "Metal" BUGGY ROLLIN

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- And you need skates

There are lot of skates in the market. But only a few fit the BUGGY ROLLIN sport.
The skates have to be COMFORTABLE, and the front wheel MUST be in front of the big toe.
Then they must be strong to resist to pressure and precise to not loose the precious skating body energy.

SEBA is actually making the best skates. Sebastien Lafargue who is firstly a great skater succeed to factorize a complete line of technical intelligent skate. there are some cheap and some complicated carbon skates.

FR1 is enough - just need long frame.

The SEBA LIGHT 2013 are perfect out of the box.
comfortable, light, precise, with multi holes to choose the right blades. the pleasure of skating is back !

the SEBA TRIX 90
is very light : good for frequent travellers ! We like the carbon look. but he is low and hard.


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