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The right helmet PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 19:28

By practicing BUGGY ROLIN, in many position head is really close to the floor, and even the fastest speed is reached head first. You can not pilot safely a BUGGY ROLLIN without helmet, so you need one .


the Perfect helmet from REM not produced anymore

We actually do not know which helmet will be used for serial. But this year we use HMR modifyed helmet

 A HMR (link to the helmet factory site)  modifyed. This one one should be available for production.

It is a modifyed freeride model. It need two weeks of work for one helmet It has to be completly rebuild, pieces goes in oven,
Grid has to be recreated, 3D formed, holes more open, and the foam must be retaylored. this helmet has special paint.

Safety is not a joke, so you need precise information. We will not holding (so much) secret know how in this field. so If you have to choose a helmet by yourself, here is what you need to know.



the silver blue helmet is perfect.

- Chin guard,
- Weightless
- hard shell (no speed skate helmet, no cycling helmet)
- best visual field
- good fit and fix on head (best is dual locking system under chin and ajusting behind the head)
- EXCELLENT BREATHING, if you want to be able to pilot more than one minute you need to breathe a lot. Buggy rollin is considered my sport medecin such as extremely violent exercice. It mean that it burn a lot of energy (good for burning fat) and the pilot need the maximum breathing potential. That s why you should avoid closed face helmet. Looks good but kill the effort. Maybe you think that Ironman looks good but it is absolutly suffocating, it is just a movie. Plus if you have google on the mask after 1minute the glass will be so foggy that you really do not see anything.

With the original pink suit, we had mask and glasses during 3 years. Enough ! Let us be safe and comfortable !


Here is what we think about the helmet of the market

first check if it has safety agreement. In europe it need the CE mark. The CE is very low grade bur better as no grade at all. Then trust serious brand. People who run a trade mark take care about quality because thay need to survive in long time. Then try it ! move jump shake head breath tap your head with your hand ( gently) try to move it even locked. at last do not make economy here, pay the right price for right item.

Motobike helmet

They offer the best protection. But they are mostly too heavy 1kg till 2k5 for our preferd roof helmet.
heavy means that it will be hard to keep head up specially in bob track and on the back.

Ski Helmet

they can be good but may be too wram. to warm increase the tired sensation.
most of ski helmet have week side protection and NO chin guard. Choose freeride Type.

Close face integral helmet, street luge helmet

 NO breathing is no good.

Vtt bmx helmet

excellent but trash the visor which cut vital visual field. Take care that chin guard maybe too far awy from the face. It will limit your head motion and add the danger to be trapp

Profiled high speed bicycle or ski helmet; mushroom, pterodactyle.

Looks very good. love it. But NO good. Mushroom takes too much place, view is very limited, no breathing, motion is also limited. in the future we hope to propose you an acccurate speed helmet if you want one. The helmet with a pike behind can broke your neck if you fall on the back of the head. NO GOOD

Hockey helmet

can be good if it has full face iron grid protection.

Sky Diving helmet

good weight, good protection. open the visor if you want to breath. skydiving Oxygn (link to shop) helmet are almost  ok .

it is actually the best helmet. we used it for Jackie Chan and Jim Carrey. Also for tv stars gadget show, cmtv, fuji tv ...
this one is modified with HMR mirror visor.


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