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Mardi, 22 Septembre 2009 20:38
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For your comfort and driving precision, you need a spécial undersuit.

This is made by function, and if it also look like a superhero suit, it is because you are going to be the hero.
The function is to have a good interface between body and armor. It is also to avoid fabric folds on pressure points, and limitate thickness on setting areas. It also helps the armor to move around joints without making friction on skin.

Long time ago we use to have PVC suit. But it was only for the look. It was about he facination of being like a liliving machine. It was warm. It was wet. it was suffocating. so we do not use shiny PVC anymore.

The new suits are made of lycra (spandex). This material is really easy to clean and dry very fast. The suits have long arms, long legs because the armor is in contact on arms and legs. They do not cover the foot because skates are warm, and lycra slides inside the skates. it makes foot sensation less precise. There are front zip or back zip. Front zip is easy and back is more comfortable. Choose the color in function of the suit. Black goes with every thing. this one is a grey for GREY suit or METAL.



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