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Martes 19 de Mayo de 2009 21:43
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1994 PREMIER - 1997 EVO - 1998  CARBON - SURBO - 1999 PRESERIAL - 2002 METAL - 2005  SANTA - 2006 GREY - 2007 GOLD - 2008 YESMAN - 2011 Iron S -2012 BADass suit


1994 premier prototype

Built in only one month, with fiberglass, PS PVC and second hand recycled matrial to show that it is possible to roll in all position. The chest was like a sarcophage:
it did not allow any freedom of the vertebra.
Special skate were used with one pair of wheel on the top of the toes.
The lesgs were articulated on the skates. The shape of the legs have been thermo formed directly on JY's leg. The trousers were smoking !
There were only 3 wheels on the back which was lack of stability

Évolution 1997 

with the graphic design of Etienne Brulfert,

A> for the head as computer system for processing sensations trjectory line and global motion coordination
B> for the chset, the ventilator, the pump, the engine which gives the energy,
C> for the member producing locomotion and feedback surface information.
Pink Purple > is high energy and icreased visibility for safety and fun
Yellow > is enrgy and orders produiced by the body,

Black > arrows are feeback.
The system of locking the busto have been redesign.
The connection with skates has some sliders.
The shoulder will be protected.
Some new 4wheels skate are going to be designed.


1998  Carbon Prototype

This prototype shows all the concept of the wished design. more comfort, more precision, esay to wear,
multisize setable, trustable in every situation. It will be the moto of all the evolution.
It was made 100% carbon and reinforced with Kevlar. It established the first recorsds Speed = 88kmH
High jump (on mat) 5m70. it could go inbob track in 1998 and half pipe.

On the same base came the first woman chest building the SURBOLina Buggy rolllin SURBO
The breast cup were concieved by a woman underwear designer. The shape is more enveloping than the man.
it has Air cooling ssytem who reminds corseterie that vehicule strong woman identity.


1999 The Preserial

It took one year to build the moulds. the suit are black shiny. It features all the progress tested on the carbon prototype,
with more efficiency. The chest was sculpted on the technic used by the armors of the great roman soldier.
arms and legs are less huge and has more fluid shape to increase dynamics. Axes has better steel.
All best and back can be exchanged.

tamara championnats du monde de descente
The woman chest have also been preserial moulded.

2002 armure silver METAL

Buggy Rollin metal avec les rampants
This was a dream from the beggining. it has a special expensive metal treatment which provide miror surfaces.
Even the plastics parts have been custom made with miror material. Every metal part have been polished with love.
But the surface were extrimely fragile, always handle the suit with gloves in order to not let finger prints and scrapes.
the suit have been loved by korean media, and abused on every single event.

2005 armure SANTA

le père noel est BLEU et il a des ROULETTES !
First character made out of buggy rollin suit, the blue santa claus have been designed to take part to world record of the biggest meeting fo Santa
claus in Seoul on 24 dec.

2006 armure GREY with special downhill chest

It was made to replace the silver metal. But we could not find the same technology in south korea. so it have been grey painted. We made a special Metal grey with more metal in the paint than any other before. When the chest was mounted with the lastest Gyro 110 Mercury frame, people said that the suit will not be able to curve. WRONG ! This suit turns like a formula one: flat on rails. It is incredibly stable and allowed higher speed.
2003 : 110 kmh,  2008 : 116 kmh Bobtrack 99,4 kmh

2007 armure GOLD   GOLDFINGER; the video

Korean agent Kim Nam Hoon thought that it would be good to have golden suit for asian market like china or thailand.
So intead of making a new stronger sliver metal, a gold suit was born. It was made on shell designed to run bobtracks
with double layers of carbon evry where maybe able to resist 7G. It is so strong that it also may be bulletproof.
Stronger but also heavyer which is a non sense for dance on life show.
JY never liked the gold: it is too much arrogant for him. But using the suit every day, and producing nice picture made him
like it too.

2008 SPEED Record proto

it has very high speed wheel on the chest with secret bearings from japan grippy wheels on the knees foe hard braking and precision grip wheel on the toe. JY is wearing the pterodactyle special helmet from speed record attempt. There is also soft aerodynamic back without wheel.

2008 YESMAN suits

There were 4 suit build for Jim Carrey Movie. This suits are like grey with better wheels,
american hip knee and shoulder pads. The chest has no wheel. they are derivated from the record suit back, because jim did not plan to roll on the back in his movie. It have been assembled in hollywood under the supervision of Jean Yves.

2011 Iron Silver

This suit took 4 years to be concieved and build.
It is the expression of what a serial production sut should look like. It has many upgraded features.
The comfort is increased, the setting possibility is higher, allows the pilot to test his own wheel combination concept.
Best allied steel is used for axes. Wheels get faster. Locking system is easyer to use.
This suit has been choosed by a famous chinese actor for his movie.

2012 NolloR IgguB the BADass suit



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