Beton on fire La plagne 2012

That is the first race of Beton on Fire La plagne 2012.

[unitegallery PBR_12_Plagne_beton]

light the fire

like a Phoenix return to life, after 8 years we could come back to roll in this Bob Track. This was possible thanks 3 factors.
1 Philipp Auerswald was launching the Beton on Fire concept of multi races in different country on bob track in summer with in line skates, longboards, and BUGGY ROLLIN.
2 Seba skates (now is FR skates ) Sebastien laffargue and Greg Pinto, had the power and wish to help pushing bob track races and became sponsor.
3 Remy Counil Nice fighting energy (he used to be a judo international athlete) helped to crash the old lock of the bob track, and wished to make new event in this place.

pictures of Beton on fire La plagne 2012

Here is a video of both  event Beton on fire La plagne 2012 and altenberg