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After (skate helmet) LEGS and ARMS, the CHEST and BACK is the next to get.

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The hard shell is a multi layer composite. You may find inside fiberglass and carbon fiber.
The spoon profile shape gives good mechanical stability. This Chest can receive skateboard trucks or in line frame. Now it will be mounted with 180mm wide long board trucks.[img-165-left-large_default]

But later you can change to whatever setting you want. Make your own experience. try out. choose the best for you, That is one of the spirit build in the BUGGY ROLLIN™ CHEST.
If you want inline frames instead we have some FILA frames available. Or you can send us your favorite frames.

The wheels we have Kryptonics Classic optic gery 76mm.[img-164-right-home_default]

The Shape design increase rigidity and geometrical stability of the shell in order to have precise piloting sensation and energy efficiency on the rolling train. Energy efficiency is a real quest when the energy is provided by human sweat and gravity. Every small improvement is sensible.
The inner foam has laser cut for cooling down. And the soft shell inside are CNC machined. The soft shell follows the thoracic cage motions of breathing. Its smart mechanical mounting provides suspension that absorb vibrationand shocks.
2 straps on flanks, 2 straps on shoulder. Webbing quality and wire from paragliding technology (SUP AIR). Every straps has ITW nexus buckle that is used in US army. safe, reliable, efficient, light. 
All BUGGY ROLLIN suits have updated with same ITW nexus buckle. So it is easy to change, exchange, try any other back or chest of our brand. It makes testing, improving, and progressing easierMODULARITY is a key spirit of BUGGY ROLLIN™ CHEST.


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