This is the special helmet for BUGGY ROLLIN

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Based on boarder cross helmet, this is special hand customized helmet for buggy rollin needs.
A good spheric mask gives the best vision field possible.
The face protection is closer to the face for motion freedom.
The nose vent is bigger to breath easily .
HMR provides best materials and finition for a premium comfort experience. Shell of high resistance polycarbonate, integrated visor, wide opened breathing system, and luxury finitoins by HMR.
fully redesigned and hand customized by Jean Yves Blondeau by hand.
Better face protection, better look.

HMR company in Italy care to make best helmet possible. All materials are chosen with care. Finition is great. Best comfort. Light to carry. You can spend hours in the helmet.

Every single helmet is handcrafted, using Italian skilled labor, respecting the philosophy of the “fully made in Italy” product. The knowledge of the materials and the technology combined with the artisan experience have led the company to gain a leading position among the producers of ski, snowboarding and boardercross helmets.

External shell. The external shell is the first defense against external shocks. It spreads the energy of the impact and it concentrates it in a single point on the entire helmet, protecting both the head and the other components of the helmet. The core. The core has the function to absorb the energy of an impact, which it does through compression or destruction, in order to protect the head. The core is made with expanded polystyrene, the perfect material for a light weighted and shock absorbing helmet. Padding. The padding is made of microfiber fabric with Microsense technology, which guarantee high comfort and softness. The addition of the hydrophilic treatment ‘2dry’ ensures a fast perspiration dispersion and a quick drying. The padding is also sanitized trough an antimicrobial process, which protects against bacteria and fungus. The subsequent drilling of the Shalimar and the use of reticulated foams make the padding highly breathable. Ventilation. A fundamental feature for the comfort of the skier is the ventilation system, which allows the entry of fresh air and the simultaneous exit of the hot air and moisture. Our R&S Team studied the quantity of air flow inside the helmet, in order to create new solution to guarantee the right amount of air even in extreme conditions as the one of high altitude. Soft protectors. The soft cheeks and the ear pads are made of thermoformed material and faux leather. In some cases, the openings are protected by nets, in order to allow the proper perception of the external noise. They are removable for maximum thermal comfort even in the hottest periods. Fastening system.The function of the fastening system is both to hold the helmet firmly on your head, and to make sure the helmet stays on your head in case of a crash. On our helmets we use a strap with a metal buckle and with a micrometric regulation with fast release. Quick release Visors. The visor must be a protection against the wind and snow, ensuring an optimal vision without fogging. Our visors are made of polycarbonate, and are treated with an anti-scratch process. Quick release mechanism for easy removal when not in use .


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