BUGGY ROLLIN™ Mini set (Pain Speed)

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MINI SET (pain speed)
Arms + Chest + Speed Back + Legs.  Allows you to roll out in many positions. Enough for learning downhill turns but not to go fast.



This is the mnimum to start to roll on belly, but not on the back, and no additional protection .
Arms + Chest + Speed Back + Legs.
ARMS : The arm is a hard composite shell articulated. Shell is BLACK. It can have fiberglass carbon and Kevlar.
It has setting on the fore arm and around biceps.
There is an ergonomic handle inside designed to be comfortable even under pressure.
The handles are covered with leather. Leather skin contact participate in comfort sensation.
 There is inner shell neoprene + jersey quilting that protect phalanges from friction and outside shocks.
 It has comfort/shock absorption sweat resistant foams.
The global form is designed for fluidity, hand and skin protection, global rigidity (mechanics efficiency gives less energy loss), and presure release.

CHEST : The Shape design increase rigidity and geometrical stability of the shell in order to have precise piloting sensation and energy efficiency on the rolling train. Energy efficiency is a real quest when the energy is provided by human sweat and gravity. Every small improvement is sensible.
The inner foam has laser cut for cooling down. And the soft shell inside are CNC machined. The soft shell follows the thoracic cage motions of breathing. Its smart mechanical mounting provides suspension that absorb vibrationand shocks.
2 straps on flanks, 2 straps on shoulder. Webbing quality and wire from paragliding technology (SUP AIR). Every straps has ITW nexus buckle that is used in US army. safe, reliable, efficient, light. 
All BUGGY ROLLIN suits have updated with same ITW nexus buckle. So it is easy to change, exchange, try any other back or chest of our brand. It makes testing, improving, and progressing easierMODULARITY is a key spirit of BUGGY ROLLIN™ CHEST.

SPEED BACK : Without wheels the back does not need hard shell to support wheels, trucks etc…. It is a more simple back, and much lighter.
the inside is laser cut. The outside protective soft shell allows friction on the surface in case of crash, and allows motion freedom of vertebra. This one is TAILOR ; it has a slim fit lumbar cut in order to help the back to recover from tiredness.

LEGS : they are made with a composite hard shell. In the composite we can find fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar fiber, and a bit of magic secret that gives a spirit to the piece.
Molds to be used is the last updated evolution. Shape design follows the geometry of bones. Section profile positions the edge of the leg no matter the muscle volume and size.
There are three wide straps making more contact surface to reduce skin pressure. Every straps has ITW nexus buckle that is used in US army. safe, reliable, efficient, light. The straps are also designed to compensate the muscle variations during skating and armor piloting.

The knee pad had been custom redesigned, resewed to fit the function of the BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit : shock absorbing, comfort driving, motion freedom.
Color of shell is BLACK


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