BUGGY ROLLIN™ SPEED tailor BACK (no wheel)


With the chest you need a back . you have choice between real BACK that allows to roll on the butt and SPEED back with no wheel, light, cheap. Here is about hte last one.

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Speed Tailor back no wheels. Without wheels the back does not need hard shell to support wheels, trucks etc…. It is a more simple back, and much lighter.
the inside is laser cut. The outside soft shell allows friction on the surface in case of crash, and allows motion freedom of vertebra. This one is TAILOR ; it has a slim fit lumbar cut in order to help the back to recover from tiredness.

It has compatible strap system that allows to exchange any back or any chest to this set. It has an adjustable harness to keep the chest in the right position. Strap and wire sewings quality comes from paragliding technology (SUP AIR). Buckles from ITW Nexus used in US Army : safe, reliable, efficient, light.


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