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FULL SET BLACK BLACK = Arms + Chest + Back + Legs + hip + Shoulder



Arms wheels and knee are full 100 mm Gyro BLACK VALKYRIE + SKF BLACK abec5 5 bearing.

detail view of the black wheel of the knee of Black-Black Buggy Rollin full set


Detail view of the black wheel of elbow of Black-Black Buggy Rollin Full set

Special steel axles. Every screw/bolt is blocked with loctite like racing cars or airplanes. The Gyro wheels are coming from South Korea. A trustable company. These are up good quality wheels. The SKF bearings are the last of a serial i could get directly from SKF France skate manager. They are industrial quality instead of skating marketing quality. It means that they are not fast at once, but they are reliant in time and get faster after a 100 km using.

Shark BLACK BLACK back is the last evolution of back. Black Buggy Rollin Back part with black wheelsIt has shark vents on the side for cooling system. The base of the butt truck is integrated. General shape design allows a good mechanical stability to position of the spinning wheels.
The BLACK independent inner soft shells allows and accompany motion freedom of the back spin, from arching, to bend forward. It has adjustable Y form elastic straps on the flanks to always keep chest in contact. It has a adjustable harness to string up the body during “luge” (sit) and “gognoc” position. Strap and wire sewings quality comes from paragliding technology (SUP AIR). Buckles from ITW Nexus used in US Army : safe, reliable, efficient, light. The 74 mm BLACK KRYPTONICS rampage wheels are the right balance. narrow profile avoids wobble.

T has 180 BLACK Paris trucks and BLACK Divine wheels

black chest with black skateboard wheels black trucks

BLACK leather handles in the ARMS

Detail of the handle of the arm of Buggy Rollin Black-Black full set

This is a purist BUGGY ROLLIN set. BLACK BLACK is not a Show off suit, just efficient and good. It is discrete nothing to prove. It has all in. Like a BLACK Audi. when you use it, you are the only one who knows how good it is, and that’s enough. It has a kind of obscure force inside. that’s why i also choose a BLACK suit for my personal ride these last years.

2 reviews for BUGGY ROLLIN™ BLACK BLACK Full set

  1. Abraham ankit

    Best in world

  2. RollerMan

    thank you Abraham. it is a good suit indeed. i hope you will love it as much as i do ! and to magnificent experiences with it. remember to always be wise and prudent, take care of risks and make step by step progress. never forget the joyfull spirit of your childhood time when you wear it and then the magic will operate.
    Jean Yves

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