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SPEED SET  SILVER shell and BLUE transparency. Arms + Chest + speed Back (no wheel) + Legs + mini hip + Shoulder . Price 3 939 € without helmet, 4 250 € with silver blue helmet (used) or new not customised out of the box black helmet.

The price of this suit is due to the SILVER  paint +  BLUE / ultramarine candy, the BLUE truck integration in the chest, and some special secret work in the arms.

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Special SILVER BLUE is the last suit using the old shapes for arms and chest. The chest can NOT being mounted with inline blades, but it is more beautiful with the truck base
 inside the chest, and no flat floor in line skate blade. It is an artistic suit.

blue hand wheel of silver-blue buggy rollin set

blue leather of silver-blue arm set


Hands with SILVER BLUE MATTER Nuclear Wheels . Maybe the best wheels, with EMT technology. They provide a good braking and precise driving. (i love MATTER). BLUE leather handles.

blue hyper knee wheel for silver-blue buggy rollin set

The SILVER BLUE paint will ask also more care. Even with care it got scratches from the workshop.


HYPER PERFORMANCE BLUE Team edition 84mm 85 A are some legend wheels. they are on elbows and knees.
SEBA Twincam ILQ9 slalom PRO bearings. These are the actual high standard quality bearing on the market. They are ready to be fast.

silver and blue reflected shell with blue wheels ans blue trucks of silver-blue buggy rollin setblue wheel of silver-blue buggy rollin chest

SILVER BLUE Chest with Paris BLUE trucks 180mm. BLUE DIVINE ROAD RIPPERS 70mm 78A very soft to corner faster. Wheels are filmed because they grip so much that they catch every dust. The plastic film must be remove before using the suit.

SILVER BLUE MINI Hip is design to protect only the hip bones in normal conditions and keep full freedom to the leg motions. 
It has adjustable belt, and stable strings behind the leg. It also help the harness to make less pressure on skin. As short piece it is very maneuverable and light.

SILVER BLUE Helmet ; silver-blue helmet with reflection in visoryou have the choice between the customised robot look like silver blue helmet, and a helemt out of the box.
the silver helmet has been use one time in la plagne and some stupid jerk put a sticker and ripper the paint off.
as the paint is very special, we could not repair it yet. That’s why we make the silver blue helmet half price.


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