BLACK GREEN has BLACK shell and GREEN wheels. It is a SPEED Set :  Arms + Chest + speed Back (no wheel) + Legs + mini hip + Shoulder



Speed back is only a back that protects and positions the chest correctly. it is speed because it makes less air brake than a back with wheels. It is not possible to roll on the back with this set.
It is also less expensive because it has mini Hip instead of regular full hip protection. (this NOT the one on the video). The mini hip protection covers less surface of skin. So it protects less. It is good for shorter people. 

Buggy Rollin Black-green arms with green wheels

Arms and Legs with MATTER Juice GREEN Wheels .

Maybe the best wheels soft and grippy, They provide a good braking and precise driving. (i love MATTER). SEBA Twincam ILQ9 slalom PRO GREEN bearings. These are the actual high standard quality bearing on the market. they are ready to b fast. Green leather handles. Leather comes from cows from the alps.

Chest with Paris GREEN trucks DIVINE GREEN wheels. black buggy rollin chest with green wheels and green trucksWheels and brand sticker are filmed ; must be removed.

THE BLACK GREEN BACKblack buggy rollin speed back without wheels and big buggy rollin sticker

Speed Tailor back no wheels. Without wheels the back does not need hard shell to support wheels, trucks etc…. It is a more simple back, and much lighter.
the inside is laser cut. The outside soft shell allows friction on the surface in case of crash, and allows motion freedom of vertebra. This one is TAILOR ; it has a slim fit lumbar cut in order to help the back to recover from tiredness.

MINI Hip is design to protect only the hip bones in normal conditions and keep full freedom to the leg motions. 
It has adjustable belt, and stable strings behind the leg. It also help the harness to make less pressure on skin. As short piece it is very maneuverable and light.


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