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Here is the BLACK RED FULL set.: Arms + Chest + Back + Legs + hip + Shoulder   BLACK SHELL – RED WHEELS.

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Hand wheel is BLACK RED MATTER JUICE 110 mm. MATTER is one of the best in line skate wheel company in the world. Elbow wheels are BLACK RED Special steel axles. Every screw/bolt is blocked with loctite like racing cars or airplanes.

Legs with BLACK RED GYRO Valkyrie wheels. The Gyro wheels are coming from South Korea. A trustable company. These are up good quality wheels. Composite hard shell . Shape design follows the geometry of bones. Section profile positions the edge of the leg no matter the muscle volume and size.
There are three wide straps making more contact surface to reduce skin pressure. Every straps has ITW nexus buckle that is used in US army. safe, reliable, efficient, light. The straps are also designed to compensate the muscle variations during skating and armor piloting.
 The knee pad had been custom redesigned, resewed to fit the function of the BLACK RED BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit : shock absorbing, comfort driving, motion freedom.

BLACK Chest with RED Paris 180 trucks and RED longboard wheels.

 Shark back is the last evolution of back.
It has shark vents on the side for cooling system. The base of the butt truck is integrated.
 General shape design allows a good mechanical stability to position of the spinning wheels. The independent inner soft shells allows and accompany motion freedom of the back spin, from arching, to bend forward. It has adjustable Y form elastic straps on the flanks to always keep chest in contact. It has a adjustable harness to string up the body during “luge” (sit) and “gognoc” position. Strap and wire sewings quality comes from paragliding technology (SUP AIR). Buckles from ITW Nexus used in US Army : safe, reliable, efficient, light.
The 74 mm optic RED Hyper wheels has narrow profile to avoid wobble, and the HYPER butt wheels are flat to support the hole body weight on “Gognoc” move. HYPER is belonging to the best wheel manufacturer.

BLACK RED has a taste of japan culture. All BLACK with a touch of RED. Blood color on wheels. That’s enough no mistake. BLACK RED is a good combination Perfect things looks simple. simple is not easy to achieve. It mean that is was very well designed. By design, it must be understood not only drawing and modeling, but all the thinking and producing process to achieve a united consistent object. Since 20 years Jean Yves fight alone against the slow mind of the world showing that new things are possible. This takes amazing energy and time. This is a 100% assembled armor. Every screw, drop of loctite, foam edge, rivet had to be manipulated in only one good way. That demand skilled time. that’s why BLACK RED has this price.


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