With the Woman chest you need a back . you have choice between real BACK that allows to roll on the butt and SPEED back with no wheel, light, cheap. Here is about the last one.

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Woman Butterfly back no wheels.

Without wheels the back does not need piece of hard shell to support wheels, trucks etc…. It is a more simple back, and much lighter. This back is used a lot during first steps because it is less tiring to cary than the one with wheels. specially if you consider that it is an armor, heavy, warm and difficult to breath. This back brings the solution of cooling thanks the design in butterfly wing net coherent with the butterfly hip.

Heart and the nod . The lines are drawing  a heart and tying a knot on the buttocks. lines and link to an emotional memory of black and white maid costume of Tokyo.  It also has a small reference to Man Ray and Ingres. 

the inside is laser cut. The outside soft shell allows friction on the surface in case of contact with floor, and allows motion freedom of vertebra.

the back straps are used to go around the legs in order to support the weight of the front chest.


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