The statutes were finalized on August 15, 2020. The founding members signed from August 15. The constitutive assembly of March 28, 2021 unanimously validated the foundation of the First BUGGY ROLLIN Association FIBRA and its statutes.
The founding members are: Jean Yves Blondeau, Sebastien Bertholet, Christophe and Carole Andreatta, Eduardo Zarate, Luis Antonio villamizar Correa, Todd Born.
The members of the office are: President Jean yves Blondeau, Secretary Christophe Andreatta, Treasurer Sebastien Bertholet.
The countries represented by the regional representatives are (no order)
France: Jean Yves Blondeau and Christophe Andreatta
Switzerland: Sebastien Bertholet
The USA: Todd Born
Japan: Masahiro Sawai
South Korea: Yun Chang Jun
Brazil: Luis Everton
Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico: Eduardo Zarate
Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay: Luis Antonio Villamizar Correa
China: Professor Helen Jin Ying

We are very small, but the important thing is to be united in order to progress together.

FIBRA Chemin des Graviers 2 , 1290 Versoix, GE, Suisse, fibra @ buggy-rollin . com

FIBRA First International Buggy Rollin Association

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FIBRA First International Buggy Rollin Association

The FIBRA First International Buggy Rollin Association pursues the following goal (s):

Promote and defend the practice of BUGGY ROLLIN (armor equipped with wheels) in the world, especially as leisure, sport, and sport of high level, means of locomotion, art of living and philosophy.

Promote derivative sports such as BUGGY SKI on snow, BUGGY ICE on ice, BUGGY SURF on water, E-BUGGY in electric version, and others to create.

Make progress these sports as living disciplines, based on the pleasure of the practice rather than the performance of the champion.

• Make progress the athletes in a spirit of sharing the experience, discovering everyone in their physical and cultural means in respect of the level of each, the respect of environments and the non-disparagement of the weak. The goal is to progress, have fun and share it. The competitions will be the means to celebrate, the courage, the progress in the performance, the work done, the perseverance, the search for the perfection, the joy of being gathered around a discipline, more than the discriminating sanction of the trio winner of the podium.

• To be the privileged interlocutor towards the local, national, and international politicians such as the ministries of sports, the EU, the organizing federations of events such as the International Roller Sport Federation (FIRS), the Organizing Committee of the Games Olympics), so that the BUGGY ROLLIN, the BUGGY SKI, the BUGGY ICE, and the BUGGY SURF and other derivative, are respected, admired, recognized, and celebrated disciplines.

• Promote interdisciplinary exchanges for the co-promotion and co-development of sports by maintaining friendly cooperation links with federations of other related or non-related disciplines such as IIDA (International Inline Downhill Federation), WSSA (World Slalom Skating) Association), IOF (Ice On Fire), FFB (Beton On Fire), FIS (International Ski Federation), IBSF (International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation), IDF (International Downhill Federation), Snow and Ice Federation, and others, and allow the use, diversion of existing sports equipment, such as various tracks, bob tracks toboggan run, skate parks, ice rinks, ski slopes, stepping stones, …

• Management and recognition of championships and rankings, validation of records.

• Design sports equipment (various tracks, bob or sled trails, skate parks, sports entertainment areas, resorts, amusement parks, etc.)

• Elaboration of race rules,

• Propose courses of BUGGY ROLLIN and its derivatives,

• Supervise the training of athletes to access high level sports equipment such as bob tracks or others.

Train coaches and sports teachers BUGGY ROLLIN and its derivatives, validate or not their technical abilities.

• Choose the FIBRA representatives for each region of the world.

• To give an opinion, to validate or refuse the competitions and the locations concerning the BUGGY ROLLIN and its derivatives, according to the charter defined by the FIBRA.

• Organization and participation in events to highlight the many facets BUGGY ROLLIN and its derivatives

The Logo

FIBRA First International Buggy Rollin Association logo description and meaning.


The logo is formed by five Rollermen equipped with BUGGY ROLLIN armor converging at one point. This symbolizes the meeting, the cohesion, the fraternal agreement. All together forming a star that represents the lucky star, the destiny, the guide in the sky, as a landmark in difficult times, the strength to be together to accomplish something greater than individual, while maintaining the importance of each. The different colors represent the five continents, in reference to the Olympic symbol, as well as the cultural diversity that forms the richness of mankind. The logo was approved by the founders of the FIBRA in January 2019.

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