Rollerman adventures all videos of 2016

Xichang serial

First Jean Yves Blondeau the Rollerman explains the videos of 2016 serial of Xichang.
All videos are made from his back point of view. It is performed in the old city that has narrow street and sloppy profile. As the night fall, it becomes a firework of light.
Xichang is maybe his favorite place in china. perfect climat, healthy food, nice mountains … and more to be discovered …

First gallery Xichang videos

[unitegallery video_2016_1]

The second gallery is about Freezy coming in france to get training with Jean Yves Blondeau the Master of BUGGY ROLLIN. You can also discover some freerides with friends and Training of Herve and Ksenjia.

Rollerman teaching BUGGY ROLLN in france  videos of 2016

[unitegallery v16freeride_fr]

The third video gallery will make us travel in china. We will see the first steps of freezy in shanghai, the runs in the desert around Zhongning, and some choreographed show of Jean Yves Blondeau. For the end we will visit the Jackie Chan Stunt team Training Center , where he prepare all his new movies.

Rollerman appears in china 2016

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The last gallery is about Beton On Fire Sigulda, BUGGY SKI and BUGGY ICE

[unitegallery buggy_ski_V16]