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Won a lot and lost all keep on

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2009.  After return from a glory making hollywood movie, That spring was hell of stress. First it was a bell palsy. Promptly healed thanks of Ch K A. Then JM Lenorcy bankrupted Jean Yves. So much stress in the mind that it was impossible to compute the risks on the koeningsee bob track. So Jean Yves hit the wall with his head at 90kmh + . Recover again. Stand back. And keep on fighting for BUGGY ROLLIN.

rollerman Beton on Fire Altenberg 2009 BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2009
jean yves on the wall

Royal Altenberg

So great to roll this track. This time, Jean Yves takes time to explain every technical points for a safe ride. And he uses the orange suit of Jim Carrey on many occasions that year. So nice BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2009 produced. Of course the other runs on the races are nice too.

Finding peace

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2009In the movie ZEN the 4 elements of ride. The master is looking for peace rooted in the 4 elements of nature. Meditation connects with the conscience of living elements. Each of these elements are transcendent in the practice of BUGGY ROLLIN.
This unperfected movie is a part of BUGGY ROLLIN testimony. It could find its success by men who were already on the inside path.

It echoes discipline and work of traditional martial arts without the warrior foundation. It is a deep anchor in serene peace that has absolute necessity to grow all humankind up.

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