3 BUGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi China

Jean Yves Blondeau was invited by Beijing Micro Skate company to make show in schools with BUGGY ROLLN at Urumqi in order to promote Roller Sports.

Strict rules

As introduction meeting before the event, the sport government People explained us some special rules applied to this area. Police can control camera or phone picture at anytime. We are not allowed to take picture of police, security, government buildings or government people. If police ask to control we must cooperate without trouble. That is no problem because police is not our interest. Our interests are sports and education. The luggages were scan at each hotel. They were scan at parcs gate and restaurants. The only thing to do is to cooperate patiently at all control.

Visiting schools with Rollerman BYGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi

We were warmly welcomed in schools. Schools presentation was made very seriously, kid would sing songs altogether perfectly. Some Kids were natural genius in how they integrated the need of learning foreign language in order to straight communicate.
BYGGY ROLLIN at UrumqiThat is the case of the little girl who went directly to speak to Jean Yves asking accurate questions in a perfect english. After show we made some pictures and signature with the kids. The contact with the children is very refreshing.

Different cities

We visited two schools. One in Urumqi and the other one was in the city of Karamai. Karamai is the number one place in china to produce petrol. Surprisingly, the petrol is plopping out of the top of hill in the desert.

City of Xiao Long


Urumqi is the home fo Xiao Long. So Jean Yves came to visit him at his skate school and made a show for him. He was not invited to make show in the schools. But after Jean Yves asked the authorities he was invited to go in the last schools were Jean Yves could not. Being introduced to Xiao Long kids was nice, and seeing his school was helping to understand who he is.

Xiao Long family

Progress with Chang Yue

Instead if Xiao Long, Chang Yue was invited to make show in school wearing BUGGY ROLLIN wheelsuit. So we were 2 BUGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi schools. It was nice to spend time with Chang Yue learning each other and make training outdoor cold morning and at night in hotel lobby of Karamai. In the hotel Lobby at deep night we were making exercices to push only with legs and make tight turn in skelton position .

Unfortunately,we had no time to work on a proper common choreography. Maybe another time…


Photos of BYGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi

Dinner with official and special cake for Rollerman. Performance at Xiao Long Skate school. Rollerman show at Urumqi and Karamai school.

Freeride with Xiao Long

The last day, just before Jean Yves Blondeau had to take airplane back to Europe, we decided to go outside the city of Urumqi for freeride.

First we tried a small road near the city. But then Xiao Long was getting frustrated that the road was so short. So he cancelled his own schedule to stay more with Jean Yves. They went together one hour away from the city. The second road was longer but boring. Finally we could find an exciting road starting near a dam in the mountain. On the road, were running with us, chicken, donkeys and cows.

We came just in time back to airport for Jean Yves .

The video one of two about BUGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi

And for the end the pictures of the people at Xiao Long School.

After the show people took time to make picture with Jean Yves Blondeau Without the BUGGY ROLLIN armor. they coud get some signed postcard and stickers from Jean Yves and talk to him directly. This direct contact is essential for Jean Yves. It makes a very special color in life.

4 BUGGY ROLLIN pilots at Roller games of Nanjing

4 BUGGY ROLLIN in Nanjing

Roller Games were hold in Nanjing in 2017. Jean Yves Blondeau, Freezy, Xiao Long, Chang Yue, decided to join together in order to demonstrate the existence of BUGGY ROLLIN as Roller Sport. That was 4 BUGGY ROLLIN in Nanjing. The Nanjing Roller Games were organized like olympic event. There was a lot of protocol, and much too much police. We had police event in night club !

4 BUGGY ROLLIN at Nanjing
team red : Xiao Long, Chang Yue, Freezy, Jean Yves

Not expected

BUGGY ROLLIN were not expected and not welcomed by organisator. Jean Yves Blondeau with the help of IIDA President Alxandre Lebrun had to fight a lot to get athletes pass. Freezy had to struggle quite a lot to be able to come on the race too. DOWNHILL IS THE WORLD OF BUGGY ROLLIN, SO WE MUST BE THERE at  the Roller Games. It was a success and happiness to have all Chinese athletes coming to take part to competition. They also had to fight quite a lot to be able to be there. Even if each BUGGY ROLLIN athlete had a federal skater license we had to struggle to be a part of the event. We may be not a lot, but we are representing of the future, we are powerful image.

Narrow traps

The configuration of the road was very technical. Usually Jean Yves Blondeau never crash on downhill. But this track was designed to minimize high speed crash. Mattress walls were restricting some key curves that forced the athletes to brake enough to pass without touching the walls. So we had to adjust the speed enough to be able to not crash. Finally we could all succeed it. And the runs altogether were just spectacular.


4 BUGGY ROLLIN at Nanjing
Team of volunteer for downhill

As for a major event, the organization asked for a lot of volunteers to help. Every national team of every sport category had dedicated volunteers. They were nice, gentle and helpful. Thank them.

BUGGY ROLLIN Chinese core meeting

4 BUGGY ROLLIN at Nanjing
eat together BUGGY ROLLIN chinese pilot meeting

On the side of the event, we created the opportunity to make Chinese pilot meeting and talk about future development of BUGGY ROLLIN in China.

video of 4 BUGGY ROLLIN in Nanjing

[unitegallery V_nanjing_17]

Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race

After 3 year of attempt to get russian visa in time to be a part of the competition, Jean Yves Blondeau could go to try the Sochi olympic bob track with his BUGGY ROLLIN suit. Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race was fast. Indeed Rollerman could set up his speed recored to 100Km/h600 on Bob track .

scary slippery fast slope for Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race

After the bob track race was the road race with average slope of 17%. Even if we think that it is a bit exaggerate, the run on this side road was pretty scary. The BUGGY ROLIN wheel suit was drifting all the time.

The color of the group.

Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track raceEach group is unique. Each brings a particular color, and the group as a whole is like an image composed of pixels or an array of colored keys. In short, the picture of the group of athletes who came to participate in the Sochi race was particularly beautiful. Despite the very short time spent together, it was a glimpse of the colors of each as an impressionist painting of light. There is still a desire to do more, spend more time together, share more. Hence the need to go freeride after the race

Enjoy russian freeride with friends from UFA.

Once the race is finished it was time to explore the neighborhood of Rosa Tutor. We went on freeride, long boarders, rollers, and BUGGY ROLLIN altogether. It was a true celebration of friendship and sports.

Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race
Jean Yves and Simeon, Babak, Dennis, Nom

Pictures of Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race

The track is very well designed. It has no trap, and it is fast.

Pictures of Rollerman at Sochi road race beside bob track.

Road race was interesting. not the best floor quality on the top, but fast and scary. it produced maybe the best video of BUGGY ROLLIN on road of the year 2017

video of Rollerman at Sochi road race beside bob track.

[unitegallery video_sochi_17]

Freeride of Riderman and Rollerman at Charix

BUGGY ROLLIN downhill sport is something good to be shared with friend. That the reason why Jean Yves Blondeau Rollerman met Christphe Andreatta Riderman on the roads. Meet Riderman and Rollerman at Charix. Charix was the opportunity to go over 100km/h.

3 spots of Riderman and Rollerman at Charix

Infact Riderman and Rollerman at Charix was on 3 locations. First was berstiaux where riderman achieved 110Kmh. Second was Charix to meet Obelix and Asterix . Last was Plagne with wonderfull red automne sun burning light throw golden leaves amazing scenery.

video of Riderman and Rollerman at Charix

[unitegallery charix_17]

Artist work with PhotoKa of BUGGY ROLLIN Pilots camp

PhotoKa of BUGGY ROLLIN Pilots campPhoto cession at pont de l’abime with Photoka of BUGGY ROLLIN Pilots camp.

In order to keep a good memory about BUGGY ROLLIN pilot training camp, Jean Yves Blondeau organized a photo showing with the artist Karole V.aka PhotoKa. “PhotoKa of BUGGY ROLLIN Pilots camp”. Bridge of abime is a place with wonderful scenery. Considering the metallic engineered structure, it is building a strong coherence to the technologie of the modern armors of the roads knights Rollermen. Finally, the result is very musical. Many of theses picture would fit rock band album pictures.

The pictures Photoka of BUGGY ROLLIN Pilots camp

We hope to be able to make new photo cession with artists photographs.
If you are interested contact us !

BUGGY ROLLIN international pilots camp

BUGGY ROLLIN international pilots campJean Yves Blondeau has decided to gather every BUGGY ROLLIN pilots of the world around him in France to share, progress, and build the future of Rollerman sports and make the BUGGY ROLLIN international pilots camp. This year two columbians came : Eduardo Zaratte and Luis Bucaramanga. Freezy from China came. Sebastien Bertholet from swiss and Riderman France.

Progress at BUGGY ROLLIN international pilots camp.

Firstly we review the basics. We go in a the parc of Aix les bains to check the levels of every one. Secondly, we went to a small road in mountain. Then a longer one in a ski resort. Above all, we went to Germany to finish at the bob track of Altenberg.

First pictures of BUGGY ROLLIN international pilots camp.

First night after pick up people at airport, we directly went city strolling. Rolling with BUGGY ROLLIN in the city helps to catch the levels of every one. The floors are flat, no need to break, just pushing and landing.
In order to organise the time efficiently, we were living together, cooking One after another, eating together, and repair in workshop together. If someone did not how to do something another would teach him. In conclusion it was very educational and organized like life at the barracks.

Tourista tourista !

For discovering pleasure, we visited nice cities like Annecy and Aix les Bains. When there was something nice to scout with short time, The driver (jean Yves) would shout TOURISTA TOURISTA ! Every one would jump out of the bus to see what it is.

BUGGY ROLLIN international pilots camp goes Germany

For organisation simplicity, we travelled in one bus. it takes 12 hours to go to Altenberg from BUGGY ROLLIN home. In altenberg, we were welcomed by family Auerswald. On the way back, we stopped at Munich and visited the city with Danny Strasser.

BUGGY ROLLIN international pilots camp bonus tracks in France.

Back to France, with edurado Zaratte, we went to Col De L’Iseran 2600m high. At that place Eduardo could see the snow for the first time in his life. Then Jean Yves made creasy downhill from La Grande Sassiere. And finally Eduardo made the Fendaye to Bellentre downhill. afterward we went to see the bob track of la Plagne.

The journey of Rollerman at Baimashan China

Rollerman at Baimashan

Rollerman at Baimashan started with Atomic krew Shanghai who is making travel through China in order o discover and enjoy downhill roads.
Jean Yves Blondeau, the Rollerman, could join one travel around Baimashan. Every day we discover a new road. Each road is rolled maximum two time. so there is no time for being bored of the Same place. Every night we sleep somewhere else because we are really cruising. We eat food that greed up in the place. That event is just the BEST EVENT YOU CAN MAKE IN DOWNHILL.

Rollerman at Baimashan pictures

Rollerman at Baimashan the videos.

Rollerman made too many video at Baimashan . The best is that you watch a full playlist on Youtube. Because every day was special, every side of mountain was a world it deserve special videos. Baimashan deserve to write more about it. If you want to know more, write us !

[unitegallery rollerman_video_2017_2]

Jean Yves BLondeau with BUGGY ICE at Sigulda Latvia

Jean Yves BLondeau with BUGGY ICE at Sigulda for the second time. If the summer is warm and beautiful in sigulda, the winter is grey and cold. The first step of such a trip is to adapt the BUGGY Ice to cold temperatures.


A germain Tv crew was here to meet Jean Yves. He had a new set of blades. Also the chest blades were prototypes from seba company. And this time was going better than 2016. The chest is more stable. The knees are ok. Every thing got improved.

Pass the stages

We only had an issue with a screw that received too much stress and broke in the cold. But we could fix it in time. The race is not only on the track but goes a lot aside with preparation. That is a satisfaction to experiment the progress made.

Jean Yves BLondeau with BUGGY ICE at Sigulda Latvia pictures

Jean Yves BLondeau with BUGGY ICE at Sigulda  video

alternative Rollerman mastering a toboggan of ice from Daft Roller on Vimeo.

ROLLERMAN at Beijing For Micro and Jackie Chan

Jean Yves Blondeau Rollerman at Beijing made show at Micro Skates year conference.

Slowly but surely.

Cooperation with Micro has not really started yet. But the deal with the dealers is cordial. On the background of the scene was presented on the big screen, a video of Rollerman while the latter was fighting with the red carpet to do his choreography.


Later, he visited the Jackie Chan Training Center near the mountains.

It was a surprise to find Jackie Chan in BUGGY ROLLIN armor on the roof of the bus. We have plans to develop a BUGGY ROLLIN school at Jackie Chan’s training center, and enjoy the surrounding roads.

The video at Jackie Chan Training center of ROLLERMAN at Beijing

BUGGY SKI Rollerman and Riderman

BUGGY SKI Rollerman and Riderman for the first time together at Montalbert La Plagne for festigliss 2017.

BUGGY SKI Rollerman and Riderman

Start a group.

In 2016, Jean Yves was alone at festigliss of Montalbert la plagne. But in 2017 Riderman was ready to use his BUGGY SKI on a big ski resort with Jean Yves. So together they were the first group in the world ever practicing BUGGY SKI at the same place. Two people. Good people. If the quantity fo BUGGY SKI riders is not here the quality is. During the day sharing turn technics, improving some material and design key made a great leap forward to the sport of BUGGY SKI.

Lucky to gather BUGGY SKI Rollerman and Riderman

Even if both athletes live in France, their schedule is not easy to synchronise. Making them buggy skiing together is a great event. During the day many photos are taken with the public. A lot of time is spent to answer some questions. That is belonging to the duty of being at festigliss.

One day makes several step s of progress.

After that day, riderman suit got a lot of improvement, so the following winter he had a very well working BUGGY SKI. With that better deigned suit, better geometry, more adapted skis profile, he could really progress. and make the gap between Jean Yves and him disappear.

BUGGY SKI Rollerman and Riderman