Rollerman videos of 2018

This are the first Rollerman videos of 2018 .
They are videos newly edited of old footage never shown yet.

Here is the 2018 Vimeo gallery

[unitegallery VBR_18]

First Rollerman videos is Yanran test BUGGY ROLLIN in Altenberg 2011.

This is one example of learning buggy rollin. Yaran is a cute chinese girl who has no idea of BUGGY ROLLIN. Jean Yves Blondeau teaches her the skills that enable her to roll alone in 45 min. and she enjoyed it.

Second Video is Rollerman @ Fairy tale track 2014

The Most beautiful secret and magic luge track in east europa.
The track is in a green velvet stage, it fly around one meter high in the air. It gives the sensation of flying in the forest.

Third Rollerman videos of 2018 @ val de travers in Swiss Jura

invited by Damian Andrey, Jean Yves Blondeau and his armor BUGGY ROLLIN rode the roads of the val de travers in Switzerland for a local TV.

Next Rollerman videos of 2018, BUGGY ROLLIN class with maeva, cedric and christian

Another example of Teaching BUGGY ROLLIN by Jean Yves Blondeau as master of wheels and 3 students with very different skills age and level.
The most important is to take the student at his level and help him to reach fun good sensations, in order to print good memory in the life.

Rollerman on Russia Channel One TV

Rollerman, jean yves blondeau on national Russian television news. You will see it in Russian language of course !
it is really cool to see Natalya the journalist talking and rollin in the same time… here are pictures 

Rollerman 126 km/h

This is just a small trailer of the full 126 movie.

Sarajevo FULL english

Maybe one of the most interesting video contend we ever made. This is a indictment for Peace and hope.

Rollerman show in Bangkok dereezed desychron

Jean Yves Blondeau aka Rollerman show at bankbook . sound was lost . we had to check how to fit the music again so it is not perfect. performed with Blue suit.

Disco very decouverte 2011 Rollerman

Jean Yves blondeau at his home in 2011. describing BUGY ROLLIN in french.

Rollerman race Tello, multiplex view

Jean Yves Blondeau, Rollerman, races downhill the track of world championship 2010 in teolo Italy. This is a multiplex video produced and edited by jean yves blondeau, copyright jean Yves Blondeau. He uses a BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit named Silver build in busan South Korea.

Rollerman @ Igidae revival Busan Korea

This is an old video made in 2006 in Busan South Korea by Jean Yves Blondeau Rollerman with Silver suit and Danny Strasser on camera, produced by Kim Nam Hoon, with local chinese delivery restaurant as sponsor for meal and moped to go back up hill. “strong delivery man” is not a legend , and a touch of the lost beloved Chae Sun for Elmo car.

Buggy Rollin with Nicole koester and Jean Yves Blondeau

Another  successful teaching BUGGY ROLLIN to absolute beginner with good mood. On the side of shooting “In Puncto”, the sweet Nicole, tried BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit with Jean Yves Blondeau As teacher . Baden Baden 2009.

Last video of renew old serial is you will never guess that it is so good !

Peyra gOOd

A short reedition of one of the best moment at Peyragudes in France in 2010 Jean Yves Blondeau AKA Rollerman rides the Silver suit from South Korea in real speed.