Rennes sur roulettes and the Tunnel Blick film

First movie made together Jean Yves Blondeau with Danny Strasser, “Tunnel Blick” was a road movie made in Germany connecting the bob and luge tracks through Germany. Starting in Oberhof in the grey morning, wake up near the bob track. Discovering the bob track and watch the young women Luge team at training. Then Making the runs in the bob track with Skateboard for Danny and BUGGY ROLLIN for Jean Yves. The track has a special curve profile with very high and vertical walls. at the end we made a sum up of the first track.

The pictures of the Tunnelblick of Oberhof

[unitegallery PBR_04_Tunnelblick]

Discover Altenberg

In the second part we go to Altenberg. We discover the track with Philipp Aeurswald. Danny is attempting to start from the tower. And the chef of the track explains the history.

Doctor Auerswald

Between two section we have a fun sketch at the veterinary to heal the Rollerman.

Speed record

At the end we go at the quest for speed record in the lost track. It was the first video of a speed attempt of 110km/h.

The Tunnel Blick speed record film

Before watching the next film you must be aware that this full movie was never broadcasted anywhere, never uploaded on internet. This is only for your eyes only here.

The full film

Rollerman @ Germain Bob Tracks 2003 “Tunnelblick” from Daft Roller on Vimeo.

Rennes Sur Roulettes

Rennes Sur Roulettes was one of the big skate event in France. That Year Jean Yves was busy working in Frankfurt.