Rollerman video of 2015

Rollerman on French national TV News

TF1 has host Jean Yves Blondeau for its 20H news. That is the most viewed TV show. It is a good introduction to BUGGY ROLLI and BUGGY SKI. Sorry for poor sound.

Rollerman on Commercial films

Jean Yves Blondeau made Two Commercial in 15 days one in China for Skoda, and one in South Africa for Raifensenbank Germany.
Rollerman advertise Skoda

Rollerman @ Stunt Players USA

This video is made as introduction to Stunt players website in hollywood. It is a short edit of the Skoda Commercial Film

Rollerman on Discovery Channel

this Rollerman video of 2015 are the row footage used for making a report on Discovey Channel

Rollerman at La Bouille
close up head first Rollerman video of 2015 at la bouille

Rollerman video of 2015 at various downhill championships.

We can see Jean Yves Blondeau’s point of view at Cisterna d’Asti World championship, at La Bouille French championship. And Finally at the Lugdunum contest Downhill race in Lyon France.

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Rollerman video of 2015 in China

LiShan Lost highway

That was a golden year for Presence of Rolerman in China. First was Li Shan, the mountain right behind the Terra Cotta Warriors of Xi’An. A lost road is surfing the top of the mountain and finishing nowhere behind the city.

LiShui expeditions

In LiShui, first year we had a downhill race, then the following year Riderman joined Jean Yves to make show at competition ceremony. Besides the show, Jean Yves was helped by Daisy and Vincent to visit roads on the neighborhood of the city. We could discover a variety of road profile and had a lot of adventures

Rollerman discovers XiChang

The Xichang Rollerman video of 2015 was the amazing discover of this almost perfect city. The video show a downhill on the side of the hill near the lake on a closed road.

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Rollermen in Bob Tracks

We could go in three bob tracks ! and we could compete with several suit every where ! That was amazing
enjoy the videos. Contact us if you have any question.

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