From the beggining of the buggy rollin adventure untill now every thing had to be created.
Sensations and motions are so new unexplored that they even had no name until we felt it
and did it. These are not only words it is also keys to open the understanding of the new
buggy rollin world. This Lexicon should help to understand the rollerman language. Ready to open mind ?



Set of metal plates that the knight wears to protect themselves.

Armor on wheels is a set of shells of thermoplastic and composite materials of high
resistance that allows to position rolling elements on the human body accurately.
Buggy rollin protects from shock but not from happyness.



Born on 1070 June the first in the french Alps, from a large family, he practices
different kinds of sports, BMX, Skateboard, inline skate, Buttboard, taking dance classes (central Paris)
learned graphic design, photography, advertising and video, completing studies of industrial design in Paris (ENSAAMA)
where he invented the BUGGY ROLLIN ‘ suit.

He patented the “armor with wheel” and the trade mark “BUGGY ROLLIN ‘”. Then the media to propelled him
across the planet … And becomes the Rollerman von Paris in Germany, the French Rollerman, jean-san in
Tokyo 장이브 씨 (Jang hi Ibe shi ) in Seoul, Jon eve the talent in Hollywood.
Under the floodlights, he learned the profession. With its armor and media inquiries
his image continues to flow around the world.

He is now a member of the Screen Actor Guild Hollywood

BivOoaK :

(Is the ew name for the camp) are training camps where they learn to roll with a BUGGY ROLLIN ‘, we meet guys and girls well, and it runs from
morning to evening, a little at night too.
A master (called maaaaaaaiiiiiiitre or maestro or Sensei or 达 人 스승 ראשי Хозяин السيد ผู้เชี่ยวชาญ Господар Người chu) shows you the easy
tricks to roll even when cornering come too fast. In short, there will be learned learns to stop turning in the right mood.

BivooaK at Igls insbruck bob track



French Jura family from chapelle des bois imported from Flanders to the fourteenth century in order to clear the forest.

The inventor of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘armor with wheels is called Jean-Yves Blondeau.



all road vehicle or small cabrio convertible

Here it is used as a
adjective “about insect” or “insect” or “as the insect “or” with the essence of the five characteristics of
insect. These are: the strength (master beetle raised three hundred times its weight), resistance (due
his armor), proliferation (they are hundreds of billion) diversification (millions of species,colors, shapes, size)
the omnipresence (they are everywhere! or almost) the multimodality (he steals, runs, jumps, flyes, swims, goes into the materials, it also moves in all directions).



is a Trade Mark. it xpresses the connection between insect and the aim of rolling.

design Etienne brulefert / Jean Yves Blondeau

In Buggy Rollin is also Bug from Bugs Bunny by far the favorite cartoon character of the 70-80s.

greetings to bugs bunny creator



(Or buggybanana-nana if it is a girl ) very very wide spread of a beaming smile ear to the other the size of a giant banana, typical
children flourished, causing an excess of enjoy practicing the BUGGY ROLLIN ‘.

Magic buggy banane



(soon) after succeeded sell his patent, Jean-Yves Blondeau is Finally enormously rich, it displays a frank BUGGY BANANAS, rolls
everywhere around the world, realizes a thousand other projects successfully, and take his mates with him.

golden plated suit…


after the carving skis and the SKWALL which is the ultimate carving tool, the snowjet, can make “carving” in BUGGY ROLLIN ‘cutting
the curves while cresses the ground. Whole body in highly inclined relative to the surface. This generates sensation of “cutting the asphalt”,
And it’s magic.



It is unnecessary to introduce them. Their music sticks to the videos BUGGY ROLLIN ‘like a cheese on a pizza.
They said “wir sind Die Roboter “(we are the Robots). We are on the same wavelength, so, we, pilots BUGGY ROLLIN ‘answer is: “WE Are the moving and dancing Robots !” ….so are we friend ?

lexique daft punk blue angel
daft punk brother


© Lébédinsky / blondeau

Alpine mountain animal herbivore’s, hasshorter legs on one side than the other. This allows him eat on mountain side following the profile of the slope
by turning around the mountain. Hunting Dahut is free, not regulated and non-violent (extraordinaire!) for the animal. This is the only hunt in which the victim
is cuertain to be the hunter. “VIVE LE Dahut!”

It is also a position of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘ with two legs (short) wall and two legs (Long) floor. It can take turns
support on the walls. The walls become baked curves. May the spirit of the animal or the mountains be with you! ”


Druillet Philippe :

Pope of the comic anticipation. His worlds are beyond the normal intelligence.



feeling produced by particular process.

On stage or simply rolling in Street Buggy Rollin’ produces effects on passers who are transformed into spectators.
Buggy Rollin ‘is endowed of a magnetic power. When Rollerman stops somewhere, he created the crowd, the riot, hysteria
collective… well almost … people are smiling, they relax. It is already a lot. BUGGY ROLLIN ‘ may help people to forget their
little everyday. They ask for performance, demanding autographs, they cheering, take picture …


Each of the things that combinated one with the others form a whole.
The elements that comose a BUGGY ROLLIN ‘are: the helmet, arms, back, stomach, legs or geroules, and skates.
These elements can be combined between to make variation around the BUGGY ROLLIN ‘ concept.
Over time, this concept varies. Protections hips and shoulders were added …

Element shoulder pad from metal suit.


The BUGGY ROLLIN armor ‘is an articulated rigid structure (skeleton) outside (exo) body designed to maintain wheel sets in position that all can roll. The extension of the body is a machine
rebilled on science fiction and in the cyber punk animations. Buggy Rollin ‘is is one of first step that leads towards the realization of these future. It is possible with the helpto of a BUGGY ROLLIN ‘ to experience in the reality what is the hyper mobility on board of an exoskeleton.


Elongated and thin cell expansion isolated or grouped with other beam; provision to experience some feelings (BUGGYBANANE) fibers obtained by drawing molten material such as glass Carbon aramid polyamide etc. entering in the making of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘ suits .


FIBRA First International Buggy Rollin AssociationThe First International Buggy Rollin’ Association
is a International association responsible of managing the rights and championships of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘ Championships (Championship
and World Championship), represent the sport toward Olympic Committee and other games of gravity asociations,uniting pilots together so that they are flexible and resistant welded
like a web around the planet and also in other universes (outside of the sports …)


Jim Carrey YESMANJim Carrey YESMANCinematographic work that have been recorded on film.

The screenplay of a modern mythology of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘ in which the extraordinary adventures has suspence matched only by the length of gestation of the script (years!) It will have the most beautiful and most varied natural scenery of the planet. The distribution is surprisingly mixing unknown debutant has renowned film star and music artists.


In the film we see a beautiful dancer who has an audition miing classical dance and with hip hop moves (yo!).
Suddenly, she turns on the buttocks: “Hop!” In BUGGY ROLLIN ‘since 2004, we do the same thing. We introduce by a GOGNOC and hop a ride on the butt wheels . In fact, in truth, with the sound is rather:”HhhhaaaaaaoooooooooooopppPppeeeeeeu” so slow ….


Roll in all positions is basic function of he Buggy Rollin ‘. From this function has resulted the form of armor and the android identity.

GHIZLANE (Ghizlane Brown) :

Say “rizlane” . It is a sshort piece of woman with a firewok energy and a lot of wheels. now shw rolls in london.
it is possible to use Ghizlane as a adjective ; ” you are so ghizlane ” you are like a springbock ; cute sexy, fast, lovelly.
She was the third SURBO and the first real woman on wheels.


gognoc lexique lexicon BUGGY ROLLIN
Is one of the numerous nickname invented for Sylvie Pilloux, the underwear designer .
Pilloux stood naked on her butt,
arms and legs streched in the air
laughing inviting her tender lover but
she ignors that it is her sweet memory she gaved her nickname
to the funnyest position of buggy rollin.
this position is a wheeling on the butt. it can be fast !
Gognoc is also an adjective meaning happy funny crazy about something to be done.
Be gognoc !


Is the nickname gaved to the famous french stunman JACK GORJUX. Ilike to call him JUCK GORJAX.
jack.gorjux “at”

For the first time on his show in thorens Glieres 2001, have been realised the GORJAX trick.
It is a flat 360 on the belly. this is a hard trick because it is full slide, and it must keep on rolling afterwards.
jack is the president of french stunt men association UFIC

The big fun is to make several Gorjack one after the other ; Gorjax-gorjax for two spin , Full Gorjax is 3 spins.


This is a special air on half pipe which has not been executed yet.
We will not explain how is it untill some one make it.
In the mean time if you see something nice and unknown you can scream :
Est une position de BUGGY ROLLIN’ sur big half pipe
“OuhaaaaaaAAA GOzZILAaaaah ! ”
Maybe you will be righ, maybe not, but yo will look cool in the crowd.


used to be a position of buggy rollin. now we use SCRAB.
on the floor, low, knees alost touch the elbows.
If it is slided into 360 it can become a SCOOP CRASH, repeated it is MARSATTACKS a big BUGGY BANANE maker .

grenouille scrab studio seoul buggy rollin


Position of the buggy rollin, consisitng into rolling the wall with the back and open feet on the floor like riding a tube while surfing.

IIAWAH is rolling on the floor and pushing the wall with the feet.
it isi better if the wall makes curves…


Hawai lexique BUGGY ROLLINis the opposit of hawaii back on the floor, feet on the wall.

hawaii daegu korea buggy rollin


evolution 2

This is a reversible evolution of hommosapiens> the sapiens stood up made his hand free and devellop intelligence to make tools and language.
Buggyrollinus, increase motions hability fluidity and speed, get close to androids in order to share kinetics.
It is a mutant. a reel Xman.


never put any limit to your imagination because every thing you imagine can be realise one day.

zaphial de synthèse buggy rollin

“The world needs imagination. creativity is a usefull funny benefactor duty. Imagine wonderfull nice and happy things.
imagine the best, think about what does not exists yet, Never say that it is impossible, if you do not know thw solution,
look for it, ask for some help, because maybe someone else knows it. ” (j-y B)


The ultimate challenger of GUNMM. An important character. He is the best , the fastest ever.

thinking about him, the standing up speeding up got his name.


It use to be a jump from a wall back ward on the back. It is scary and painfull. do not try it .

Le Breton David

Professor of anthropology at strasbourg university. Studyed teenagers risky behavior, sociology of the body, and modern ordaly,
There are the roots of the creation of buggy rollin. Thanks for your opening minf work David.


She is a magnificient chinese model, she has a true fascinating personality.
she was the second SURBO


It is rolling sitting.
It is like in winter on mountain with snow sledge but without winter and witout snow without mountain.
Anywhere Anytime near your home. pushing into slide or gognoc, it is very funny.


It is several non stop SCOPCRASH
In reference about the movie of Tim Burton,under a second degree humour, Gives the key to understand
what could be a deviant relationship humain-extraterrestrial.


It is a position of zeiibiggfuunaaweelz ( BUGGY ROLLIN’ !). It is rolling with # legs on the wall and 1 on the floor.
just the opposit of the peeing dog. If there is enough pressure on the wall, it is possible to get a WALLRIDE.



Great italian comic master. Poet, shy and sensible.

Perfect compositions, extra sensible colors and stories beyond your dreams.


Japanese mangaka master. He is the absolute expert in matter sexy robot psychology.


The most beautifull stunwoman of the movie YESMAN. she also plays in a LOT of other movies.
monk, transformer etc l…


When someone earn his life with a device it becomes a tool (outil).
In the preliminary study, all sports devices have always been considered as real tool, Because it need so much work to be good.
All hand made buggy rollin suit are good tool.

Some suits are specifyed for show, for image making, for very high speed, for strong gravity forces…


The great swiss master of video games. Sébastien Bertholet was 2nd at world champioship BUGGY ROLLIN’ 2000.
sebastien bertholet suisse otaku buggyrollin


“Dare your life you are the only one who will live it !

PROTO or Prototype :

Every generation of BUGGY ROLLIN is firstly tested in prototype. today we are in the 7th generation.
winter 2011 we hop to get in 8th. And 19 suit built.
prototypage buggy rollin


If you have more question go to interview.


Untill now, every suit have been constructed by hand like music intrument, with love and care.
that s why it is so hard to say good bye to a suit when it is sold…


The BUGGY ROLLIN project is born thanks to a serious research and prospective work, in all domain necessary
to get all aspects of the rolling suit. thes domains are :
SOCIOLOGY, modrn ordaly, risky behaviors, body image, teenagers worlds
MEDECINE Vestibular system, Neronal anathomy, eyes anathomy , brain computing ballistic information
HISTORY OF DESIGN : Analisys of forgotten locomotive inventions, techonologic overwatch.
SURVEY : by interviewing a lot of professionnal athletes and performer artists the purpose was to build link betwen physics and sensation worlds in order to make the strongest creation as possible…. DONE !


The BUGGY ROLLIN suit, by its blach shiny colors not only refers to the inscets, or annimal positions like in kung fu, he also refers to other sports (ex : skelton) and sience fiction characters (ex : Zaphial).

[© lucasfilm]
insects : beetle, ant, spider. Annimal : frog, dog, snake, fish, bird, turtle. history : the midle age knights, samourai in armor, ninjas. Sports american football, speed skiing, surf, natation, roller skate, luge, skateboard, freefaling, etc


(Invented for 24-1-03 e-mail to Frank C3) is a suitcase word, which is built based reulou which means heavy,
lack of wit, and mou means soft. Describes a decision without enthusiasm, an action drag-slipper.
“Boôôaf ! M’enfin !?” of Gaston (Lagaffe) it is also possible to use it as an adjectif.

For example:” he is too much rolmou, it sticks”.


The friend of God. Respected devoted.
It is a position for the Buggy Rollin ‘with both knees ashore. It can slow down by sliding or get 180 or 3-6.



is a movement of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘which takes place from (frog) Scrabe or telemark and get in 3-6 by sliding and continue to roll without stopping.
The Buggy BANANAS SCOOPCRASH when tumbling is performed at high speed.


Photos au Lac du Bourget rollerman lebedinsky

is a flattened frog position which, among others, passing under obstacles.
The Buggy BANANAS emerges with surprise: “But it is there!” Then came out as arouse from earth.
au miillieu du cartier shibuya à Tokyo

shibuya scrab © buggy rollin


in reference to Thias Balmain the inventor of skwal and spiritual big brother.

This is the new name for the position of Extreme carving in BUGGY ROLLIN ‘even though it is far from
scrape the ears on the asphalt. It is the spirit that counts, the symbol …

© snoop dogg


In réference to the singer rappeur Snoop Doggy Dog :

3-legged on the ground one on the wall, you know like a dog….


snoop spin

(snoopy) is a position of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘ in reference to Snoopy sleeping on his back on the roof of his kennel.
snoopy fait la sieste

Have to be lying on the back, and roll the feet first. It’s like LUGE, less manageable, and faster. In general it is the introduction to Spin and to Starwar


It’s us!

The fact of riding in the rolling armor makes the hommobuggyrollinus moves throw the space of a new way:
with the ability to roll. This requires to read agin the world around us and decode it, to write with the body the perfectly fit the gestures to the best surfaces on which it will roll, and so create a unique choreography. for true.
It also give the access keys to the androids sensations.
snoop au park eido tokyo

snoop eido © buggy rollin


is a position of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘which is to rotate in the back. As s ball in space, it rotates in all directions, it becomes hard to locate and anticipate: that hypnosis is’the coriolis effect


“When the spirut is found the gesture is found. “the shell, by its kinematics and its rolling and sliding properties,
programs the body to behave. The mind is the conductor. It is important that all flows in harmony. Just need to want
to have fun, like a child on a toboggan with the smile that goes from one ear to the other (BUGGYBANANE).
Beware the euphoria obscures the assessment of the danger!


Arms stretched along the body. IT’S EVEN WORSE! It no longer has the arm to
guide, to protect. The visual field is completely clear, it is BIG !
It’s really the head first …
Recently, thanks to the new architecture of stomach more stable more accurate and safer,
we come into a rail 116 km / h on the wheels just belly and toes. It is then on 10 wheels and it is controlled
like an airplane. In curves, it locks the pelvis in the shell. skelton flyes the road.
skelton in Lyon’s streets


(In recognition of the genius of George Lucas who putted our dreams in the stars)
This is the name of a position for the Buggy ROLLIN ‘among the most amazing.
Lying on his back, head first…. in downhill.
Same as in the movie, except that here it is for real, no fake. This is one of the craziest positions.
Downhill, with the head first is absolutely amazing. The bitumen is snoring in the back, arms and feet are in
space. This is usually the earth is empty … Everything is reversed, one gets the impression that people walk
the ceiling with his head hanging down, or otherwise:

it is us who are glued to the ceiling as flies with vacuum endless space underneath. The hard surface on
which we must predict the trajectory, is right above the eyebrows, behind the head and back.
the trajectory field is a tiny unsually usedscetor of the visual fieldl. The BUGGYBANANE shines under the starry sky.
By practicing STARWARS at night under the trees, we understand that humans are only hanging on the planet
because of gravity. It was all wrong on the concept of verticality. The mind opens to the reality of the universe. To
time, space is tangible. It is a kind of cosmic communion.

tout est à l’envers

starwar downhill © 3ton


fuji tv journalist in BUGGY ROLLIN

is a position of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘lying on the ground, head first, arms outstretched forward. This position is accurate at high speed
because the arm guide and protect. Untill 90 Km / H is precise to 5 centimeters. That allows in downhill, to graze the grass of the side of the road.
On the wet, you can also get the 360 is a flat and GORJAX is a vector of BUGGYBANANE.

[superbug wallride bob Sarajevo ]

superbug wallride bob Sarajevo


SUper Rolling Buggy wOman this is female armor inhabited by a charming person.
Ghizlane, Lina, Virginie, Sylvie, Tamara, Lisa, Marie, Nicole, Severine, Sarah, Gaelle, Kyung Ae, Monica …
(I forget and gonna make jealous) were SURBO extraordinary.


Is one of the oldest alpine skiing technic développed in Finland. It is attractive because it draws large, compass curves.
With grace we execute a knee flex almost to the ground and the other knee shifts elegantly forward as an archer. Most Blondeau
are Telemark skiing, and deep snow, they are no reulmous.

It is a beautiful technique with a cutted turn knee on the ground in a buggy rollin wher you can carve up until it slips.
buggy rollin télémark carve

vie-rage-de-tunnel © kiki lébé /buggy rollin


Génial Flash master creator of this website, the nephew of Jean yves.


This is another name for skelton. But with the feeling of being a live shot, head first, lying flat on belly. It goes fast, very fast. The nose 10 cm above the asphalt to 10, 70, 80 or 110 Km / H, the sensation of speed is accentuated. Pedestrians are géeants! 9 times higher. Dogs are monsters, the sidewalks are crevices.


When you stop at the roadside and that we look at the insects at ground level, in almost silent, you can hear a whisper:” I am life”. And a little lower, “I am in you.” Then like a breath on the neck “protect me”


carbon suit
(Virginie Alventosa) was a beautiful redhead woman who was first SURBO.


wall ride
To roll against the walls. It swallows the Buggy BANANAS when you go up and far.

no buggy banana here ! Sourire making megapass was really demanding and flor is so bad here…

X : Xavier Chantepy or MorisK.

is one of two faithful knights of the first hours of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘. Based in Lyon, he rides in the hills. It is also the first BUGGYVICTIM



the movie of Jim Carrey featuring buggy rollin and jean yves blondeau as stunt double.
Jim is tall and nice guy. Lucky people who works with him.


Is a character in comic books and manga

YOKO is a position of BUGGY ROLLIN ‘very difficult to describe. It is in connection with the cosmic forces of gravitation. There is yoga in the BUGGY ROLLIN ‘! This movement is comparable to a black hole who dies and then reborn full of vitality. Huge breathing. Started from a SCOOPCRASH it continues to rotate on itself and stands still. Thepilot of BUGGY
ROLLIN ‘gets up slowly without stop his gyro, and was moving , describing a spiral which grows logarithmically, takind speed again .

YO-YO :bounce back against the wall to the ground. The ball is you ! We play the BUGGY BABALE !


Means Purple Wind. This is an interesting and enigmatic character in the background of the manga Battle Angel alita GUNMM. black and ultra-fast Cyborg, it causes the fault among competitors to steal their motorball. (She may be inspired inspired by Grace Jones)

In BUGGY ROLLIN ‘ it is a photogenic position with 4 legs arms and legs strained.It can to leap forward like a leopard. Can also pursue anyone because the horiontal acceleration. ROOOAR!

Zaphial can also allows to move from jashugan (standing quickly) to superbug (lying on stomach) at full speed smoothly.