An amazing year of creations 2006

Long Fly © buggy rollin creations 2006
Long Fly © buggy rollin / Lébédinsky-Paris


The saddest year of the decennia (lost of Chae Sun) was also the year that saw masterpieces born : Jean Yves Blondeau’s creations 2006.
In the field of pure creation, the BUGGY SKI suit had been successfully functionally developed. It was a designer enthusiastic run through the difficulties finding step by step simplified efficient solutions. It went like this :

  • stuck on trouble
  • find solution by head
  • check available material
  • build a solution
  • test in real on mountain slopes
  • go next level

In Video the work with Danny Strasser near Andermatt produced maybe the best video of BUGGY ROLLIN ever : SWISSPASS. In this video, we speak about emotion, dreams, and respect against the beauty of mountains, and never forget to keep a child heart. A very few people could understand the messages.
We also had a Wonderfull work with Christophe Lebedinsky in winter for BUGGY SKI and summer in the alps.

creations 2006 BUGGY SKI
© lebedinsky-blondeau

Small Busan productions

After passing the big wave of Megapass, we had no more big promotion contracts.
We made a few fun advertising, and some aesthetic videos like Igidae that did not catch success.
We also prepared the winter in Muju Resort by producing advertising for the resort with Yvon Labarthe. And that was going to be a great winter for BUGGY SKI

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