Prepare Chinese new BUGGY ROLLIN armors


After the test of BUGGY ROLLIN suit by Freezy in April and Xiao Long in Zohngning, they decided to order their own Armors. With this intension, Jean Yves Blondeau Spent the summer in the work shop to build the Chinese new BUGGY ROLLIN armors. For Xiao Long Jean Yves made a very special Orange color by his friend Greg of Aix T Tic car paint.
On the other hand Freezy choose a black suit.

Chinese new BUGGY ROLLIN
orange for Xiao Long

Nine Dragons

9 dragonsJean Yves also worked on his new nine dragons concept armor. The idea in this suit is to be coherent with the lycra under armor. This Lycra suit had 9 dragons designs and messages in latin, germain, french, english japanese and chinese. The graphic design should go up and under the shells. It is a full art concept. From drawings the dragons in a traditional way, graphic design work with including gothic typographies, and wrapping the suit.

Pictures of construction

BUGGY SKI best video at Festigliss 2016

The best BUGGY SKI hit video was at Festigliss 2016.

Jean Yves Blondeau at Festigliss 2016 met Jim. The purpose of festigliss is that people can try alternative way of sliding on snow. You can understand new winter sports. The presence of Jean Yves on such event is to show that the future of ski already exists by making all around the day BUGGY SKI demonstrations.
So making video was not the main purpose. But the opportunity to go with jim made a very nice result. Jim is the video maker of La Plagne . Together they made a short presentation of BUGGY SKI. This short video has been watched 25 000 000 000  times on facebook.

Here are some screenshots of BUGGY SKI Festigliss 2016.

Here is the famous video.

Rollerman on Chinese medias and at the Great Wall China

rollerman great wall
Jean Yves Blondeau with Emilie

After a successful meeting at the office of, Rollerman decided to make a happening on the Great Wall. Moreover, it is a symbolic way to make BUGGY ROLLIN and Rollerman belong to Chinese culture. and RCI Radio Chine Internationale

We made agreement with to build up a communication plan for the promotion of Rollerman in China. At RCI we had interview with journalist and French – Chinese language teacher Xiao Tai. Later we found the books of her chinese lessons.

Great wall

When Rollerman decided to roll on the great wall with BUGGY ROLLIN, He chose to use the black “Tiger and Dragon” armor. The team of helped and took video. Emilie was the translator. She is cute beautiful nice minded and speak almost perfect french. Therefor her contribution was highly appreciated.

Not an Easy riding.

The floor is made of bricks. There is so many people stepping there that the bricks are completely concave. In view of the floor irregularity, it was very hard to roll. There are also a lot of stairs and water channels which are crossing very often. So much that, it is almost impossible to make a continuous downhill without prior preparation of the floor.

The pictures of great wall

meet the police

At he origin, we made the mistake to make video just under the CCTV. So the Police came and started to make trouble. Even if we had representatives of Official media with us, They did not want to hear us.

Video of rollerman at the Great Wall


Practicing BUGGY ROLLIN on the great wall is a very special experience. Thus it was  a nice day, and a nice shooting, until police arrived.

Rollerman at Shanghai April 2016

Show at Shanghai stadium

The first show of Rollerman at Shanghai April 2016, was very early morning at Shanghai stadium, for the venue of important chinese politics persons. Jean Yves Blondeau made show with children under the rain. He had to repeat the show again and again until the VIP went away.
Ashlyn is always here to help and organise. Her kindness, availability and patience are invaluable qualities.
It was the day to meet Seven.  She is a nice shanghai skater who cares very well about the kids at the skate club. She is also model.

Rollerman Jet set

Directly after the show, Rolerman flew to another city in order to perform another show on another event on the same day !
that was cool insane.

Show near Shaolin temple mountain

The flight was very delayed because of heavy rain. So we arrived very late on the second event. Luckily it was not finished. Jean Yves came just in time to perform the last show. It was raining a lot. The red carpet on the stage was like a swimming pool.

Warm welcome

After the show, the public came to a table for signatures of Rollerman. They were very nice, and it was very well organized. Thanks SeBa skates team, Xiao Qin Ashlyn and Freezy, and the other ones.

Downhill shaolin mountain

It was very nice to meet Xiao Qin again. And then to go on Shaolin mountain, and make the downhill with BUGGY ROLLIN from the south side of mountain.

First training of Freezy

Freezy was asking from years to try the BUGGY ROLLIN suit. Finally he could do it withRollerman at Shanghai April 2016. That is when he decided to buy his own suit.

The video of Freezy with Rollerman at Shanghai April 2016

Rollerman at Saint Pancrash with legendary friends

Rollerman at Saint Pancrash with legendary friends
very close riding with Barbak

Closed is good

Barbak, the french legend of street luge invited jean yves blondeau aka Rollerman at Saint Pancrash to go freeride on a closed road.
the road is situated on the mountains of chartreuse near Grenoble. The top of the road was under repair, the traffic could not go through. So after working hours, there were no cars at all. That made a nice closed road.

Even if the floor has not a perfect surface, the declivity and the profile of the curve made it a nice experience. as soon as the clouds start to pour some drops on the surfaces it became slippery as soap. That is why on a run we get to hit each other.

here are the pictures of Rollerman at Saint Pancrash

We had also another french ultra legend luger “fragl” who could design a very fancy go pro stick. He hope to get GOPRO sponsorship for his smart green eco friendly stick design. More seriously Fragl is a master in drawing extreme speed lines on the surface of road with his luge. He goes to caress the grass on both side of the road with his shoulders in order to keep the fastest trajectory possible. He is a giant pilot and very friendly guy.

here is the video of Rollerman at Saint Pancrash

Rollerman at Sigulda 2016

Sigulda 2016

Sigulda 2016 is another edition of the race in bob track named Beton On Fire. Bob track Sigulda is situated north of Riga on the side of a valley carved by a river . On the slope of the valley is built a Bob Track which find almost enough hight to feel like on mountain. The missed last 20 meter of altitude are made by concrete construction. This makes the unique Bob track in the world that start aerial.

weather bad friend

As we arrived in the village, we knew that the weather was going to be bad for the day of the race. That is really bad luck. Because then nobody will come to see the show. That’s the reason why Jean Yves Blondeau urged to make all camera run with BUGGY ROLLIN suit on friday. So now, yo can enjoy the multi view video and nice lighted pictures of the end of the day at the tower start of Sigulda Bob Track.

win lost

For Sigulda 2016 none of the other BUGGY ROLLIN team members could come to the race. So Jean Yves was racing against himself one more time. Even he took the fastest wheels he had, made the best time of all athletes there, his time was not recognized to be used in the final race against the bike.

Sigulda 2016 pictures

Sigulda 2016 video

Besides, we like this multi view video. We would advise you to watch it several time to catch every thing about the track.