BUGGY ROLLIN videos gallery 2010

BUGGY ROLLIN videos gallery 2010 of Men In Blue.

First BUGGY ROLLIN videos gallery 2010 is the making of and the CF of Mennen Rev it up. It is a commercial movie about deodorant for men for south american market. The movie had been made in Cape town in South Africa. The pitch is two body guards, representing the refreshing effect of the product, following the main character in every situation in order to protect him. But this time the main character is a daredevil. So the body guards need to be top geared. they wear BUGGY ROLLIN blue suit.
that is when the BUGGY ROLLIN armor became blue with yellow line.

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Rollerman and friends at Chuncheon South Korea.

In an effort of making progressing the Downhill scene of south Korea, Jean Yves Blondeau joined the forces of In Line Down Hill Extreamers group. together they went on several downhill spot near the Korean DMZ. the first spots were not so fast. But finally Jean Yyves could find a real downhill. Scary enough that his koreans friends refused to skate it.

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Newton’s BUGGY ROLLIN videos gallery 2010

Invited to promote Newton’s Nation new event format in Australia, Jean Yves Blondeau AKA Rollerman and Yvon Labarthe made several video. They started in Sidney then headed to Barthust Mt Panorama, made TV show, Radio Show, and back country freeride where rocks grows up in the green fields.

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