Chunchon korea 2014

Chunchon korea 2014 Rollerman @ opening ceremony.

Jean Yves Blondeau , the Rolleman, was invited to make show for opening ceremony at Chunchon korea 2014. It was a big competition of many sports. Rollerman was here to make the competition valuable.
Much of the event is devoted to the discovery of sport, with many activities open to the public and free. Unfortunately the event only takes place every two years.

International friendships of Chunchon korea 2014.

it is a competition based on the friendship and reunion of the freestyle skater family athletes around the Korean culture. All athletes are housed in the same place, in the hotels that send a part of the shadow of Korean life: cheap love hotel. This makes it possible to house everyone at a lower cost, and turn the building into a holiday camp. In the evening we often see ourselves setting the dinner  by making a huge table in front of the entrance for every one at once, and this often ends with a dance contest, or an improvised good-natured party.

Chunchon korea 2014 pictures

Chunchon korea 2014 video of show with black Tiger and Dragon Suit.

Rollerman @ chuncheon show 14 from Daft Roller on Vimeo.