DUBI freeride rodeo.

DUBI freeride rodeo.

We were bored at night in Altenberg after the BOB track. Jean Yves knew the old road from Dresden to Prague. Just after the German border, there is a big descent to Dubi. so we decided to go DUBI freeride. It has 7% average slope, 5 kilometers, of which part on three lanes. Initially, it was a very busy route. But since the highway is open, it’s a deserted road that bears the marks of heavy traffic. We crossed two cars and a tractor.


The problem is that Anthony started in BUGY ROLLIN. So Jean Yves decided to redo the descent that is made to be once. It’s like a motorist to the police. At the crossing to the post office and pay a fine. We were not proud.

Beneficial learning.

The time taken with Anthony has been beneficial. Even if we were arrested. Indeed, Anthony understood who were the important gestures to master the armor he just received.

You have to be more discreet.

Next time we do not stay in the village. We remain discreet and suckers nobody, especially not the police. Even if the latter, was very correct, even nice.

DUBI freeride rodeo pictures

DUBI freeride rodeo video.