Comic-con with Jackie Chan

Comic-con with Jackie ChanFor the Promotion of his movie CZ 12 Jean Yves Blondeau went to perform with his Golden Goldfinger BUGGY ROLLIN suit on stage of Comic-con with Jackie Chan at San Diego USA.
The surprise was back stage, to meet at the same table Silvester Stalone, Arnold schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan . But Jean Yves did not sit because he was wearing the BUGGY ROLLIN suit , and because he was not the welcomed by the agent of silvestre. Sorry but there is no picture of this back stage event. Camera were not allowed there.
With Jean Yves in purple, the pretty blonde, who has a degree in engineering, and speaks fluent Chinese is the french actress, Laura Weissbecker, the perfect Chinese woman as she wrote in her book.

We found this video about comic-con

French press about coworking with Jackie Chan

Rollerman at Altenberg 2012

Rollerman at Altenberg 2012
seba sticker 2012

Cold old mountain for Rollerman at Altenberg 2012

Sometimes the weather is tough in altenberg. when the north wind hit the mountain and bring rain, then the winter comes in the middle of the summer. That year was a hell of cold rain. Beton on Fire Rollerman at Altenberg 2012 stays the most interesting track to run.

Korean at Altenberg 2012

The Korean skaters downhill extreme had made the trip to ride the bob, we can see Chang Jun in the photos.

The Four armors of 3 mousqueteers

Four armors BUGGY ROLLIN
Four armors

3 mousqueteers one Rollerman

There is the need for movies makers to choose BUGGY ROLLIN suit color between the existing ones. This small photo serial of Four armors was made for that.

  • Black Athos AKA Tiger and Dragon BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit. We have seen this Black suit in the Skoda commercial film near Anji, on the great wall, on stage in Shanghai in the bob tracks and on many downhill. Black is discrete like a shadow but efficient as hell.
  • Blue Aramis and its twin brother Blue Angel were created for the Mennen commercial film with yellow lines. We also have seen them only blue for Chupa Chups in Russia, and on stage in Haining, PSWC, Shanghai, Bangkok, Geisingen. it has two blades of 110 mm on the chest making it very special to drive.
  • Gold Artagnan AKA Goldfinger. It is an heavy armor made for record braking and hard G forces. It has actually maybe the best wheel on chest. Prototypes made by hand in a small french company ROLL X.
  • Grey Porthos AKA Jackie Chan, it is a very evaluated suit. With its very long truck setting and its cooling system it has been used as a stealth vehicle to escape the chemical factory in Jackie chan film CZ12, and then it made the advertising for BVR Bank in Germany.

Here are picture of the Four armors

You can see all the BUGGY ROLLIN prototypes here. This was the four armor of 2012. It may have changed since.
There are more armors for women.