Prototype of BUGGY ROLLIN

Generations of BUGGY ROLLIN™ prototype wheelsnuits armors

Xiao Long ordered a suit with his favorite color, in a appropriate smaller size. And the Guillou suit is a test for simplified arms that fit many more size difference. The orange multilayer paint job has been made by Greg owner of Aix T tic car paint.

2018 BUGGY SKI Serial

The purpose to BUGGY SKI serial is to bring people together on snow for lessons of buggy ski and later be able to propose suit on sale. New specific moulds are needed to positional  the skis in the right place.

Buggy Ski à la Plagne ©- –

2019 Teenager serial

As been asked since many year, we are going to make a serial for 10-12 years old, considering that from 14 years old a S size adult suit can fit. This is the gate to mass production dreamed from the beginning by Jean Yves Blondeau.