Rollerman first race in bob track ever

That was the year of the first race in bob track in La Plagne.

World Premiere

That is the place where Rollerman first runs in Bob Track with Carbone BUGGY ROLLIN armor. This was very scary because it is almost impossible to brake. Thanks a well balanced BUGGY ROLLIN, and a fit body it was possible to learn fast and progress efficiently. Even for the first time it was difficult to get the records of time.

Few weeks later was also the Ride Line of Tignes. There was the brand new carbon prototype, with perfect purple wheels. The helmet was also very comfortable, and carrying a cosmonaut identity.

here are the pictures of first race in bob track

That year the car had been stolen in july at Lyon  with all the suits, the drawings, the skates. That has slow down the project a lot. the summer was a complete waste.

Tignes Ride Line
Tignes Ride Line