Leman Bleu french swiss TV

Jean Yves Blondeau was invited on the set of “Leman Bleu”  a french speaking swiss tv for interview. The set was very small, a few robotic camera in corners a table a screen 2 chairs. But the program was nice, because the questions were very accurate .

The video of Leman Bleu french swiss TV

Rollerman @ Sport Mag 23_12_2010 | Leman Bleu Télévision from Daft Roller on Vimeo.

Yaba Doju South Korea 10

Keeping the connection with korea, is keeping good friends. Jean Yves Loves to go there. One of his biggest disappointment was not be able to be there for olympics games 2018. One of the skaters club is Yaban Doju (Yaban soju after sport) the sunday afternoon in city park of Incheon. He loves to spend the sunday with friends rolling around, and then go to eat together.

Usually the afternoon start by a group warm up reached by a leader, then People start to put slalom, jumps, slides corridors, and teach to beginners. This time Jean yves also Made entertaining show with BUGGY ROLLIN suit. Here is the video of a nice afternoon

PSWC 2010

Show of Jean Yves Blondeau Rollerman, at the Paris Slalon World Championship of 2010.

It is the opportunity to meet people, make try the BUGY ROLLIN suits, and make picture with nice fan friends like the Missiles .Who are know for their show and their calendar of nude skate girls in order to finance their travel to completion. The group split few year ago, with the creation of  Gossip skate. this one grow up a lot, with a site school in many specialities.

Altenberg 10 Germany

This is the second competition “Beton On Fire” in Altenberg Germany

This video is pure sound, with dedicate to korean riders extreamer at the end.

This one is full length with 2009 on DAFT PUNK music from Tron. the runs of  2010 starts at 3;33 . there is the same end with dedicate for korean riders with Yvon Labarthe as korean language student and Jean Yves Blondeau as Korean Language teacher for testimony to his love for South Korea.

Chuncheon Korea

Organized by An Son Bae, for the “Leisure Games” a frestyle slalom competiion with international competitors took place in chunchon, south korea, every two years. There are a dozen other sports represented. paragliding, wake boarding, flat delta, skateboarding, bmx … Jean Yves Blondeau is invited to fire shows for the opening ceremonies of the event, and the skating competion.

the vent is very friendly, it is a tradition that all athlete share meals like big family.
After the event, Jean Yves could go freeride at one of the fastest road of South korea.

The next video show a training for downhill with korean rider from extreme skater club
early in spring before the event. We wish that one day we can make downhill event at Chuncheon.

The Graveyard call 10

Back to the race near annecy, with blue suit now. That’s the place James Kelly tried the BUGGY ROLLIN suit. That was not easy, the other skaters were laughing-kidding, and as a good skater, he was not a good student, refusing to hear what the master would say to help him. Maybe he was too proud ?Or maybe he had to protect his star status? It is difficult to start a new sport, the first steps must be done in private to be focused and at peace. He had the courage to go up against the easy jokes of his pairs and have a nice word for the camera. The armor was not treated with tenderness, maybe he did not know the value in work of the things he used. It is always hard to see an armor that has demanded so many hours of work crushed on the floor.

Skate house Media made a video of James Kelly finishing with images of jean Yves in Blue suit.

jean yves also made his own video of the day with split screen sequences. You can check the lines in the miror of the helmet visor.

Newton’s Nation OZ 10

With happiness and expectation we went to Newton’s nation event at barthust Mont Panorama Australia.
We got interviewed by local radio, Tv, and enjoyed Sydney with Yvon Labarth.

Yvon is a great film maker, you should check his page http://www.flyingfocus.ch

so we made several Film . The first one is about the race .

This one is a freeride. Ben from B-Rock radio brang us to some lost downhill roads around barthust. we ate a lot of flies!

the last one is not made by Yvon but a Tv show made very early at Sydney.


Haining China

In Haining China, event organiser love to make it big. In order to have a successfull opening ceremony, International Roller Festival invited Jean yves blondeau to perform a life show on stage so it was a success ! In the public, there were a lot of offical, tv channel, reporters, and internationnal athletes.

The pictures of the show of Haining China

This was a perfect show, even if the skates were hurting do much.
What is the best music for a buggy rollin show ? DAFT PUNK !
Filmed by sueb from thailand and jean yves.

the video of the show of Rollerman @ Haining China


Among the classic longboard racing world, Almabtrieb is Germany’s capital race.

First there is a week of freeride training and then the brackets of the world championships. Severine took the opportunity to wear the BUGGY ROLLIN suit.