Rollerman and Friends BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2017

Here we try to gather all BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2017

First serial of BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2017 of Jean Yves blondeau Rollerman, are Urumqi in china. We are going to meet Xiao Long and Chang Yue.
And we are going to visit Sochi. Every day on the Bob track, breaking BUGGY ROLLIN track speed record, going on 17% creasy steep road finishing in freeride paradise.  Take time to scroll the list down.

first video gallery Urumqi

Jean Yves Blondeau was invited by Beijing Micro Skate company to make show in schools with BUGGY ROLLN at Urumqi in order to promote Roller Sports.

Strict rules

As introduction meeting before the event, the sport government People explained us some special rules applied to this area. Police can control camera or phone picture at anytime. We are not allowed to take picture of police, security, government buildings or government people. If police ask to control we must cooperate without trouble. That is no problem because police is not our interest. We came for sport and education. The luggages were scan at each hotel. They were scan at parcs gate and restaurants. We just passed patiently all control.

Visiting schools with Rollerman BYGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi

We were warmly welcomed in schools. Schools presentation was made very seriously, kid would sing songs altogether perfectly. Some Kids were natural genius in how they integrated the need of learning foreign language in order to straight communicate.

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Second video gallery is a serial with Riderman in french Alps mountain roads. Charix plagne, and the serial of La Toussuire with Fragl.

Second video gallery Riderman Fragl

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Third gallery going to bring us in china for the most beautiful 6 days freeride ever made with Atomic Krew shanghai through the BaiMaShan Mountains.

Third Video Gallery Baimashan

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Fourth video gallery shows crazy girls on wheels and Nanjing Rollergames olympics downhill runs with one special group run. It is very special.

Fourth video gallery Nanjing

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Sochi DAY 4 WTFFF ROAD RUN What the F-FAst-Furious

After 3 year of attempt to get russian visa in time to be a part of the competition, Jean Yves Blondeau could go to try the Sochi olympic bob track with his BUGGY ROLLIN suit. Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race was fast. Indeed Rollerman could set up his speed recored to 100Km/h600 on Bob track .

RollerMan @ Sochi DAY 4 WTFFF ROAD RUN is maybe one of the most spectacular video of rollerman on competition road.

Jean Yves Blondeau said that he was drifting all the way form top to down. There is only a short straight close from the end where he did not felt de BUGGY ROLLIN armor sliding sideway. it was so much WTFFF

Last Gallery all the videos of the Sochi event

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