Korean duties


The return to Korea was bitter. All the joy of finding Chae Sun has turned into a long intense sorrow. Chae Sun had decided to go with Richard.


Jean Yves left with Kim Nam Hoon for another trip to Japan, without a photographer this time. We did not bring back an image. Only the memory of having descended Mount Fuji by the Subaru road, of having melted a wheel in the straight line of below.


And then Kim Nam Hoon had the good idea to partner with Muju Resort. We invite a dream team to film a commercial. Danny Strasser on camera, and Yvon Labarthe on longboard and Sebastien Simon on dirt surf. The idea was to use the slopes of the golf course. And to use self-driving electric cars without drivers to go up, like robotic characters. And build the image a complicity between different sliding sports: longboard, dirtsurf, and BUGGY ROLLIN. The golden armor had just been finished. It had to be the star of the movie.



A photo of the MUJU publicity shooting crew. Back to Korea in autumn. New offices in Busan, with the life-size photo of Jean Yves Rolerman in 3D. This life size photo has disappeared in multiple moves.
And then an event at the top of the highest tower of Korea, with golden armor in contact with children.

LeBe 06

Back from Switzerland, the appointment is price with Christophe Lebedinsky for a series of photo sessions with the new armor “Silver”. We started in front of Jean Yves’ house, and then we went to Semnoz. From there we could have the white mount in the background. and jean yves was able to jump over it. We also went to Chambotte. This is one of the secret places of Jean Yves. The view of Lake Bourget is beautiful, and the environment is very mineral The road is clinging to the cliffs.



July 2006 during the longboard event “swiss on a chill hill” we met Pascal Mievillele photograph “Sismic”. We had the brand new silver suit designed for downhill.

It was a beautiful event. But the road was quite short, not fast. There was a crazy lot of people. We went up hill in a cattle truck like cows. During training we started to get bored. So we decided to go back to Furka and grimsell pass, with Danny Strasser and we did the best film we’ve ever done; “SWISSPASS”.


BUGGGY SKI is ready for photo shooting

France is good for R D.

Finally, the BUGGGY SKI is ready for photo shooting. During the winter Jean Yves returned to France. At home, he enjoys a better workshop, a pole of competence in the region, and especially ski resorts less than an hour from the workshop. Therefore, Jean Yves could work on prototype in the morning, and test it in ski resort the afternoon.

Happy coming back to Korea.

He took the opportunity to make several modifications some of which were really not good. Finally the day before returning to Korea, the prototype was ready. Just in time to make a photo session with Christophe Lebedinsky. And then jump on the plane and embark for Korea with the heart in joy to find his beloved Chae Sun, and the proud spirit of having done a good job.

The sky was with us.

It was a magnificent day above the cloud sea. Complicity with Christophe is in full swing. Every minute is used to its full potential. Life then has all its value.

People were scrambling to come with us in the cramped cabin of a man in armor and a photographer with bulky and fragile bags and camera. the children were intimidated and curious and did not dare to ask questions. so it was moms talking.

BUGGGY SKI is ready for photo shooting, The video of the day.