Press 2015

Press 2015 ; BVR bank advertising made in south Africa featuring Rollerman Jean Yves Blondeau.

Press 2015
rollerman on BVR bank

2015 Jean Yves made 2 advertising , first was Skoda in China second was BVR bank for Germany.

BVR advertising film

Press 2015 : Funk Shau press in germany

Funkshau ordered a picture of ROLLERMAN wearing grey titan suit for the cover of their magazine. The picture was made by Christophe Lebedinsky in studio le fauteuil in Paris with Jean Yves Blondeau.

Press 2015 : Ski Board Magazin featured Jean Yves Blondeau and BUGGY Ski in one magazine. The reporters were passing at la plagne to meet Jean Yves blondeau wearing BUGGY SKI suit.

Rollerman advertise Skoda

Rollerman advertise Skoda
Rollerman advertise Skoda in China.

Rollerman advertise Skoda in China.

Jean Yves Blondeau have been asked to participate to an advertising of VolksWagen group Skoda in China. The concept is crossing over disciplines. A rally car driver, a super mountain bike pilot and Jean Yves Blondeau as Rollerman in black tiger and dragon BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit are racing down a mountain. They are not only racing but playing interact and build complicity together through their own way of expression. For example Rollerman is holding the hand of the driver of the car to get speed.
The advertising won a price of best commercial film in china for 2015.

Rollerman advertise Skoda picutres.

Rollerman advertise Skoda the film.

Rollerman at La Bouille

Rollerman at La Bouille in curve
beautiful black white Rollerman at La Bouille

Rollerman at La Bouille for French downhill championship. There was longboard butt board and luge. The village became the french capital of downhill for a week end. Jean Yves Blondeau, went there with several BUGGY ROLLIN suit, some BUGGY ROLLIN T-shirts and caps to hold a booth in order to promote BUGGY ROLLIN sport . He also made the downhill run of the race. It was a good place to take time to speak with people and to try the BUGGY ROLLIN suits.

Pictures of Rollerman at La Bouille

video of Rollerman at La Bouille

Rollerman @ Qin Huang Dao China

Rollerman @ Quin Huang Dao China
lucky STARS Xiao Qing and Jean Yves Blondeau

Rollerman @ Qin Huang Dao

Jean yves Blondeau took time to visit his friend Xiao Qing . So Rollerman @ Qin Huang Dao happened. Jean yves was warmly welcomed by local skate shop owner. He made show at the club meeting on the central square of Quin Huan Dao, and met the local TV for interview helped by Xiao Qing. He tried to go on mountain for downhill but the weather was not good enough ride. we could see some real size transformer. China is the country in the world which has the most numerous real size metal transformer characters in the street. There were also a strange castle and artistic view of Tintin rocket. We hope to come back soon.

The pictures of Rollerman @ Qin Huang Dao

Shanghai Show 2015 Rollerman with Riderman

Spectacle de Shanghai 2015 Shanghai Show 2015Riderman and rollerman at the shanghai open freestyle show

Shanghai Show 2015 history

Luckily, Riderman was invited with Rollerman to make synchronized show at Shanghai Show 2015 open freestyle competition.
The choreography was prepared in France on the theme of the medieval jousting to remember the knights who are the ancestors in armor.

Shanghai Show 2015 photos


Lishui 2015

Lishui 2015
Rollerman and riderman at Lishui with Daisy

Lishui 2015 presentation

For the third time in lishui, Riderman could come with me to make show. But the first thing to do is to meet the good friends. We met RRRRRUBY Shen and Daisy Vincent William. All the gentle friends that we met years before. Interesting to see with the time the destiny of every one is changing from student to busy life. Ruby is now a teacher, she is married and mummy. Daisy is working in another city but she makes effort to come to visit and help us in Lishui.
On the side of event, thanks to Daisy and Vincent, we could explore some mountain road and make downhill with Riderman and Rollerman in BUGGY ROLLIN suit.

Lishui 2015 pictures

Lishui 2015 video of freeride downhill with riderman and rollerman on mountain road around Lishui.

this is an introduction video for all the Lishui serial video . You must watch all the serial !

Rollerman show in Zhongning China

Zhongning China

Rollerman was invited to make a show in Zhongning China. This is a interesting city in the middle of the desert build on the side of the yellow river. The speciality there is red wolfs berry from which they make an alcohol. We could find some picture of advertising every where with the head of jackie Chan.
The culture is muslim due to the silk road history.
there was the first time to meet Xiao Long who build his orange Metallic squary BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit. After trying the suit of jean yves, he decided to purchase one.

Making show on carpet is no good for a good choreography. the wheels are not rolling the motions are slow.

Beijing in march

Beijing in march pictures

Jean Yves Blondeau has become spokesperson for the Meilang Meidong rollerblading club in Beijing in march. He had to make a presentation at the annual Micro Skate meeting for China. He also did a choreography show on stage. But it was difficult to leave the carpet on the floor. It was a big show, in a palace in the suburbs of Beijing. Everyone received the same uniform. We took a picture with all the participants. This is where Jean yves met Xiao Qing who will be part of BUGGY ROLLIN’s team in China.
There was a group of dancers who lent themselves to the photo set staged with Rollerman.

Beijing in March visit Jackie Chan’s Rehearsal Studio

Jean Yves Blondeau is part of Jackie Chan’s stunt team. Among other things, he was able to attend the rehearsals of the next shoot with Jackie and Arnold.

BUGGY ROLLIN lessons at Automnales of Geneva

Automnales Geneva is a fair in Swiss. Tous en roller TER association funded by David Dousse has for goal to promote skate. It organise events and in line skate courses. For the fair, he TER invited Jean Yves Blondeau with many BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suits, to show the skills by making shows and teach anyone who wish to learn BUGGY ROLLIN. Sebastien Bertholet “Otaku Rollin“, was also there to give BUGGY ROLLIN and skate lessons.
This Automnales Geneva fair was a success because Jean Yves Rollerman had very small time to rest.