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Since last October, we have been developing the channel Rollerman123 on DoYin. DoYin is the Chinese equivalent of the European TIK TOK. Unfortunately, videos posted in the east are not visible in the west.

A sharp local team.

A team based in Beijing, specialized in new media helps to manage the progression of the chain. The team edits the videos transmitted by Jean Yves Blondeau. It schedules the publications. Finally it manages the video appearance strategy in compliance with the legal framework, and following the spirit quality guidelines of BUGGY ROLLIN. This team is set up by our local partner, Professor Jin Ying, Helen Golden Eagle, specialist in communication strategy. She is the first Chinese to understand the potential and the spirit of BUGGY ROLLIN.

A new brand adapted to the Chinese market.

In order to avoid confusion with other brands, and to avoid being copied in Chinese in a rough translation, we took the lead. for the Rollerman123 channel on DoYin, we created and registered our brand in Chinese characters. “轮滑 超人” in ping yin, lunhuachaoren, which means the super human skater.

A terminology already existing in the Chinese media.

轮滑 超人 (lunhuachuaoren) corresponds to the characters used by the press to speak of Jean Yves Blondeau as Rollerman. We have indeed been able to observe in the world of rollerblading, best friends fighting after that, that one has filed, from a recognized English mark, a translation into Chinese, without the knowledge of the other .

Instead of the discord, build coherence.

This creates discord and confusion not only among ex partners who engage in a stupid war, but also among consumers who lose their references to it. You have to understand that a large majority of Chinese do not read English. Not necessarily for lack of education, but maybe because it’s just not their mother tongue, so it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. On the other hand, it is common practice to cite brands with local pronunciation. It is therefore strategic to choose a readable and understood brand, consistent with the target market.

Targets of the Rollerman123 channel on Doyin.

The objectives of the Rollerman123 channel on Doyin are: The promotion of BUGGY ROLLIN in its different forms, The Promotion of Jean Yves Blondeau as a creator, designer, actor, fashion model, opinion leader for sports equipment, with as underlying link the Spirit Of BUGGY ROLLIN

The positioning of the Rollerman123 chain on Doyin.

The positioning target of the Rollerman123 chain on Doyin is of high quality. For this the content requirements are higher than what is visible on the media currently. We take care of the literary content of the Chinese language used, We refer to the Chinese culture known to Chinese only. But we bring the quality of Western editing, and among other things the choice of music which we must make an effort to find. We try to refine our subscribers rather than mass video consumption.

Full hearted content.

The content necessarily involves a crush, a desire, an emanation of the creative spirit of Jean Yves Blondeau, facets of his eccentric romantic and sympathetic life. Each subject has a raison d’être that is either strategic, identity or positioning.

A renewed look in the themes.

Sports derived from BUGGY ROLLIN are almost always present, but we can also see, places to rediscover, poetry in Chinese! dance, cooking, and any other nod to French or Chinese culture.

On the way to success

In March 2020, we reached 414,000 subscribers in 4 months. A video has 55 million views, a dozen videos have more than a million views. We present a hundred videos with posts every other day at 7 p.m.

Online Store

We have passed the minimum necessary to open an online store. Through sports and toy fairs, we have selected a few products that resonate with our convictions. we have started to negotiate agreements and soon we will offer them on our shop. We simply turn our millions of views into a million.

Rollerman brings you luck and happiness

With quantifiable rising value, Rollerman is a promotional vehicle for other brands and products. The progress in terms of recognition helps us to advance the whole project which is developing in a star on 5 axes.

The true meaning of the LUCKY STAR identity.

The heart of the star, the link between all projects, is THE SPIRIT of the BUGGY ROLLIN. It is a fresh wind blowing towards an already happy and peaceful future, balanced in technology and simplicity, respecting life and existing evironments, which creates a bond and a sense of surface to the deep interior. It is the spirit of extreme mastery of movement, of effective dynamics that transforms towards a chosen goal.

The Branches of the LUCKY STAR of Success.

The development axes are:

1 the creation and applications of a modern mythology that we use in comics, video games, animated series, TV series, and feature films.

2 The creation of an expression space intended for sports and derivatives of the BUGGY ROLLIN

3 the production and sale of BUGGY ROLLIN Armor, its derivative products and everything that corresponds to the BUGGY ROLLIN spirit;

4 The promotion and development of sports BUGGY ROLLIN and its derivatives

5 The valuation of intellectual properties.

Rollerman123 nillor gigue
peace warrior

All of the work done with Rollerman123 on DoYin serves our goals of achieving the overall BUGGY ROLLIN project. We have the right ingredients for success and we make them work. Now we need a mirror team to take care of posts in the Western world.

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2010

Head first in 2010

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2010 has nice races like Teolo. Teolo was the first time to get in downhill hair pins head first. It mean without hands for safety. Really head first. And it was great. Scary because there is no way to make emergency brake in this motion while proceeding a curve.

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2010
In TeoloKeynose, Jean Yves Blondeau comments the downhill. Key is for explanations. Jean Yves explains the track and you can see the progress of the technique of getting in curve with only one arm and them no arm at all as it happens.

Blue arrow

There are two video of Almabtieb. One is short the other one shows the full road plus what happen on the side of the event.
the cooperation with nude group for the music is very nice. “During crossing the forest the road is so fast that i felt becoming like a bleu arrow” Jean Yves said.

Mission graveyard

The graveyard call BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2010 was made thinking to participate to a video contest “show your day”. That’s the reason why it is starting with preparing inside the car, the screws, and then the run .

Haining Show

Show in Haining was in China. It has been recorded by Sueb from Thailand. Thanks him we can have image of one of the numerous show made in china at that period.

Learning BUGGY ROLLIN on One day with Jean Yves Blondeau

This is the topic of the video “debutant first step How to BUGGY ROLLIN“. You can follow the step of an Asian Woman on alpin roads. And you will discover how fast Gilles get good at rollin in the slopes of Lausanne.

Here is the video gallery 2010

[unitegallery VBR_10]

Nillor Yggub in Berlin

The last of BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2010 is a test of choreography with TATIANA WARNECKE in a fetish alien mood (for adult public).
For the Ones who do not Know Nillor Yggub he has a facebook page. He is a project of cooperation with Tatjana. He is the dark side of BUGGY ROLLIN. As much as Rollerman is nice and gentle, NilloR is free out of boundaries.

NilloR YgguB in Berlin BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2010
black shadow NIllor Yggub





20 years BUGGY ROLLIN videos of 2014

20 years BUGGY ROLLIN videos of 2014

the years 2014 was the twentieth anniversary of creation of buggy rollin.

20 Years BUGGY ROLLIN to celebrate.

Already 20 Years BUGGY ROLLIN. In order to celebrate this anniversary, We decided to take several action.

  1. Get together.

    Meet each other is important to feed friendship and share great times. We also share very simple things of life, eating together, traveling together, being in situation together. Even if we are on the same place at the same moment , every one get his own point of view, and his own memory about it. At the end it build a time line of life shared like a chorus, where every experience twisted in each other is making like a corde or cable. Significantly, it is all about making link, to each other, as many as possible, as strong as possible. Jean Yves truly thinks that is a real meaning of intelligence.

  2. Level up together.

    Go and make basic skill training, this is helping every one to feel comfortable in BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suits.

  3. Hit the mountain roads.

    Because BUGGY ROLLIN at its best is to go on big mountain roads, going fast in slopes, piloting lines like jet fighters, it is good to practice together on mountain pass roads. It is a good way to check the weak point of each one and get it better. Also to check the skills of each that can be shared that every one gets better.

  4. Go bob track.

    Additionally to pure road downhill, the Bob Track is greater in sensations. Its rarity make it highly valuable. Ultimately to get the opportunity to have free training in a bob track is an enormous chance, and the best way to celebrate progress.

  5. City stroll.

    After all, rolling in the very narrow corridors of middle aged historical city of Chambery , not only give pleasure of practicing BUGGY ROLLIN in a nice place, but also make sense in making time loop. Chambers was the first city where BUGGY ROLLIN video was made. So it is about celebrate the beggining of BUGGY ROLLIN. Furthermore, By rolling in the very old street we make link and build a bridge to historical usage of armors fo middle age. That is to say that we make a kind of time travel like a pilgrimage in deep roots of BUGGY ROLLIN.

[unitegallery VBR_14_20ans]

2014 was also an active year with a lot of events

Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 graphic design of rollerman
the beautiful OVER THE VERTICAL wave of Rollerman in the curve 16

La Plagne Force 4

The Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 was an opportunity to gather four armor together in the track for a competition for the first time. It was because of the effort made to rally the BUGGY ROLLIN pilots for the 20 years of its creation, that the athletes were ready to compete. We had permission to train, and we could find ourselves calmly.
So there was: Riderman France, Sebastien Bertholet Otaku Rollin, Anthony Finocchiaro Finch, and Rollerman Jean Yves Blondeau.

Chunchon korea 2014 Rollerman @ opening ceremony.

Jean Yves Blondeau , the Rolleman, was invited to make show for opening ceremony at Chunchon korea 2014. It was a big competition of many sports. Rollerman was here to make the competition valuable.
Much of the event is devoted to the discovery of sport, with many activities open to the public and free. Unfortunately the event only takes place every two years.

Downhill In Lishui

The downhill competition took place on the mountain near Lishui. There was still a long downhill from competition place to the city center. So Jean Yves decided to use this road for his own freeride downhill and made several videos between pedestrians, bicycle, motorbikes, scooters, trikes, buses, trucks and a ambulance that did not wanted to be overtaken.

DUBI freeride rodeo.

We were bored at night in Altenberg after the BOB track. Jean Yves knew the old road from Dresden to Prague. Just after the German border, there is a big descent to Dubi. so we decided to go DUBI freeride. It has 7% average slope, 5 kilometers, of which part on three lanes. Initially, it was a very busy route. But since the highway is open, it’s a deserted road that bears the marks of heavy traffic. We crossed two cars and a tractor.


The problem is that Anthony started in BUGY ROLLIN. So Jean Yves decided to redo the descent that is made to be once. It’s like a motorist to the police. At the crossing to the post office and pay a fine. We were not proud.

Fairy tale track 2014 lost treasure.

Fairy tale track 2014 is about hidden track lost in the forest. It is hard to find. No big road, no sign, no construction. The track is partly made of wood and partly concrete. It has not cooling system. It literally runs between the wild trees, and it is about 1m in the air. So it gives the impression of flying over the ferns.

ALTENBERG 2014 Beton on fire

It was a great weather in Altenberg 2014. For the first time, we had three armored athletes engaged in the race. There was Otaku Rollin from Switzerland, Anthony Finchfrom Spain, and Jean Yves Blondeau from somewhere in the Universe. It was the first time that we could record the sleeves of each participant to see in the videos. in the evening we were able to train in the gym. Another night, instead of staying at home, we went for a free run in the neighboring village of Czechia. But this is a next article.


[unitegallery BUGGY_ROLLIN_V14_1]


Rollerman video of 2015

Rollerman on French national TV News

TF1 has host Jean Yves Blondeau for its 20H news. That is the most viewed TV show. It is a good introduction to BUGGY ROLLI and BUGGY SKI. Sorry for poor sound.

Rollerman on Commercial films

Jean Yves Blondeau made Two Commercial in 15 days one in China for Skoda, and one in South Africa for Raifensenbank Germany.
Rollerman advertise Skoda

Rollerman @ Stunt Players USA

This video is made as introduction to Stunt players website in hollywood. It is a short edit of the Skoda Commercial Film

Rollerman on Discovery Channel

this Rollerman video of 2015 are the row footage used for making a report on Discovey Channel

Rollerman at La Bouille
close up head first Rollerman video of 2015 at la bouille

Rollerman video of 2015 at various downhill championships.

We can see Jean Yves Blondeau’s point of view at Cisterna d’Asti World championship, at La Bouille French championship. And Finally at the Lugdunum contest Downhill race in Lyon France.

[unitegallery Rollerman_V_2015_1]

Rollerman video of 2015 in China

LiShan Lost highway

That was a golden year for Presence of Rolerman in China. First was Li Shan, the mountain right behind the Terra Cotta Warriors of Xi’An. A lost road is surfing the top of the mountain and finishing nowhere behind the city.

LiShui expeditions

In LiShui, first year we had a downhill race, then the following year Riderman joined Jean Yves to make show at competition ceremony. Besides the show, Jean Yves was helped by Daisy and Vincent to visit roads on the neighborhood of the city. We could discover a variety of road profile and had a lot of adventures

Rollerman discovers XiChang

The Xichang Rollerman video of 2015 was the amazing discover of this almost perfect city. The video show a downhill on the side of the hill near the lake on a closed road.

[unitegallery Rollerman_V15_chine]

Rollermen in Bob Tracks

We could go in three bob tracks ! and we could compete with several suit every where ! That was amazing
enjoy the videos. Contact us if you have any question.

[unitegallery BUGGY_ROLLIN_BOB_V15]


BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2013

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2013

BUGGY ROLLIN 2013 videos show reel

First version of the Show reel, which is the video presentation of the best videos BUGGY ROLLIN 2013 and before, the most beautiful images ever made in BUGGY ROLLIN and BUGGY SKI.

Filming in Etna

A nice flight to get to the foot of Etna. Jean Yves Blondeau, Rollerman, come to shoot a show for Nissan The Quest with Antonio Rossi, Jury Chichi, on the slopes of the Italian volcano with his armor BUGGY ROLLIN blue. this is the second BUGGY ROLLIN 2013 videos

First dark evening

There was no Nissan vehicle to climb the roads of the volcano but a mini bus full to crack with all the film crew plus the equipment. Already on the first night, under the stormy clouds and the slopes slammed by the free and crazy wind, we do interviews before the dark clouds finally fall on us with the conspiratorial night.

The light back

The next day is a virgin morning, the naive morning light invites us to rush up the road in the vehicle too full.

Attention artists

Very quickly the talents express themselves, a soundman who has stories full of his magneto, fades of the image, who continue to take pictures even when there is more action, and a cameraman in the cigar who never quits his limp has slowed down with a goal of another century. The splendid sun cuts silhouettes against the black background of volcanic stones. The rock is dry even after the rain. This rock scratches the skin and emits a particular complaint when it runs.


videos BUGGY ROLLIN 2013

etna’s explosion life

Until the end of the batteries

We can see the road that disappeared several times under the eruptions. We film from morning to night. We have a break too late to eat on the volcano, hungry stomach, no longer provides the energy to think well and move well. But a dish of legendary pasta lifts the spirits and energy for the last catch reborn.

Blood and Azure in slow motion

Then the last rays turn the slopes into an incandescent red that contrasts with the deep blue of the sky. It will be one of the best movies, with a plethora of almost orgasmic slow motion. Herbs can be seen bending in the turbulence of the armor’s whiplash. Pine cones twirl and bounce in twisted salto. The wheels bounce while grating the roughness of the asphalt road. Rollerman’s armor slips down as you glide down the curves of the laces. You can see all the wheels in action, playing the score of a symphony worn on the lines of the turns between the metal rails.

The return of the BUGGY SKI in Europe

Finally the BUGGY SKI is back from Asia after 4 years of disappearance in Asia. The apparition is the plagne. A small explanatory video shot with JYM de la Plagne presents the ski armor in French.

2013 BUGGY ROLLIN World Videos

During the year, Rollerman gave interviews to multiple TV channels. Here are France 3, Channel one Russia, and a francophone Swiss TV.

videos BUGGY ROLLIN 2012


Putting journalists in the BUGGY ROLLIN armor is not enough to get a good show. Journalists should be looked after as apprentices of BUGGY ROLLIN. That’s what we did for Natalia from Russia. But also for Maeva, Cedric and Christian who were not journalists. Put in trust, explain the basics, correct, encourage, play and maintain the flame.

[unitegallery VBR_13]


BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2012

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2012 had major events.

First World Speed Record 126kmh video.

We made the speed record synchronized with Stern TV show. That was the highlight of the show. We went very early in the morning as every one is sleeping to prepare the runs. We did it with the firsts rays of sun. We used a mix of Golden BUGGY ROLLIN suit and Blue Aramis because of secret technical reasons. It was scary and not easy. Peaceful mind control is one of the key to success.

Speed Games film.

Danny Strasser film maker, Franck Bonnefoy legendary downhill long boarder, and Jean Yves Blondeau, the Rollerman, went together on a road trip in the alps at the quest of some perfect downhill. One of the results is a very nice video with beautiful red sun nice green mountain forests on endless roads. we can see many time the long boarder pushing on the body of Jean Yves in order to gain speed. That was because the BUGGY ROLLIN suit was more dynamic and had to wait for the longboard in order to stay together in front of the camera.
BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2012

Legendary Hero of Tian Men Shan mountain BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2012

China organized one of the the biggest event Jean Yvves Blondeau, The Rollerman, ever took part in matter of number of spectators. 230 millions of spectators live on TV. The same day, the TV program had been broadcast in almost all the countries of the world. That for the total number of spectators in at lest one billion.

The mountain was very nice, the road was insane, and Jean Yves very alone.

Chupa Chups Russian 4XL CF.

Jean Yves was performing BUGGY ROLLIN for the commercial film of an extra big lolly pop with 4 layers of different taste and texture. The movie was made in moscow between two rain shower in only one day. It is an absolute record of efficiency.

[unitegallery VBR_12]

If you want more information on these videos tell us

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2011

Dirt surf before BUGGY ROLLIN

Surprisingly the first BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2011 is not BUGGY ROLLIN but dirt surf. It is used By Jean Yves to test the road before rolling with BUGGY ROLLIN because Dirt surf has bigger wheels and good brake.

the Gold recovery

Rollerman at Chunchon South Korea 2012
arriving skelton

So second video is the return of Golden Suit. Four years after the disparition of the golden suit and buggy ski suit in South Korea, the suits have been recover. This video is a celebration of this recover with enjoying using the gold suit again.

We also can see the golden suit finally coming back in the bob track, the place where it was designed to be. Altenberg and La plagne are together in one cool video.

Sarajevo videos

The trips to Sarajevo where mind changing. Rollerman is positioning himself as a sport ambassador for piece and happiness.

rollerman @ Sarajevo from Daft Roller on Vimeo.


Among the BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2011 you can see Yun Chang Jun Progressing on BUGGY ROLLIN with Jean Yves Blondeau as master. Discover Yanran making her first steps, the ROLLERMAN show in Geisingen Germany and Bangkok Thailand.

[unitegallery VBR_11]

Rollerman making the Movie with Jackie Chan.

The last gallery is that of videos shot by Jean Yves on the set and after the shooting of CZ12.
we can see the preparation of the film in France. Discover the making of official with the interviews of Jackie and Jean Yves.

Each the master of the other

Jean Yves Blondeau had the chance to work with Jackie Chan. Even though Jackie said Jean Yves was his master, Jean Yves learned a lot from Jackie about how a movie is made.

Back on the tracks

He returns to the same place to freeride. In short appearance, it is possible to see Jackie staging the film.
In addition each displayed descent is linked to a place and an action of the film. When you are shown a descent, you are also shown the action of the film that took place there. We show a lot of things behind the scenes so you can get an idea of how the movie was done. Fasten your belts!

[unitegallery BUGGY_ROLLIN_CZ_12]

BUGGY ROLLIN videos gallery 2010

BUGGY ROLLIN videos gallery 2010 of Men In Blue.

First BUGGY ROLLIN videos gallery 2010 is the making of and the CF of Mennen Rev it up. It is a commercial movie about deodorant for men for south american market. The movie had been made in Cape town in South Africa. The pitch is two body guards, representing the refreshing effect of the product, following the main character in every situation in order to protect him. But this time the main character is a daredevil. So the body guards need to be top geared. they wear BUGGY ROLLIN blue suit.
that is when the BUGGY ROLLIN armor became blue with yellow line.

[unitegallery VBR_10_1]

Rollerman and friends at Chuncheon South Korea.

In an effort of making progressing the Downhill scene of south Korea, Jean Yves Blondeau joined the forces of In Line Down Hill Extreamers group. together they went on several downhill spot near the Korean DMZ. the first spots were not so fast. But finally Jean Yyves could find a real downhill. Scary enough that his koreans friends refused to skate it.

[unitegallery VBR_10_2]

Newton’s BUGGY ROLLIN videos gallery 2010

Invited to promote Newton’s Nation new event format in Australia, Jean Yves Blondeau AKA Rollerman and Yvon Labarthe made several video. They started in Sidney then headed to Barthust Mt Panorama, made TV show, Radio Show, and back country freeride where rocks grows up in the green fields.

[unitegallery VBR_10_3]

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2009

Won a lot and lost all keep on

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2009.  After return from a glory making hollywood movie, That spring was hell of stress. First it was a bell palsy. Promptly healed thanks of Ch K A. Then JM Lenorcy bankrupted Jean Yves. So much stress in the mind that it was impossible to compute the risks on the koeningsee bob track. So Jean Yves hit the wall with his head at 90kmh + . Recover again. Stand back. And keep on fighting for BUGGY ROLLIN.

rollerman Beton on Fire Altenberg 2009 BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2009
jean yves on the wall

Royal Altenberg

So great to roll this track. This time, Jean Yves takes time to explain every technical points for a safe ride. And he uses the orange suit of Jim Carrey on many occasions that year. So nice BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2009 produced. Of course the other runs on the races are nice too.

Finding peace

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2009In the movie ZEN the 4 elements of ride. The master is looking for peace rooted in the 4 elements of nature. Meditation connects with the conscience of living elements. Each of these elements are transcendent in the practice of BUGGY ROLLIN.
This unperfected movie is a part of BUGGY ROLLIN testimony. It could find its success by men who were already on the inside path.

It echoes discipline and work of traditional martial arts without the warrior foundation. It is a deep anchor in serene peace that has absolute necessity to grow all humankind up.

BUGGY ROLLIN videos 2009 Gallery

[unitegallery VBR_09]

BUGGY ROLLIN Videos 2008

A year of challenges

For BUGGY ROLLIN Videos 2008, we prepared the movie for Jim Carrey YesMan. It was like a marathon, and very interesting to work in big movie studios.
Interesting because this was a complete new world for Jean Yves. He had to be Designer, product manager, costume designer, special effect maker, stunt trainer, stunt choreographer, stunt double, location scout approver in the same days. It was also interesting because Jim Carrey always took good care of him.

Rollerman Jim Carrey YESMAN BUGGY ROLLIN Videos 2008
jim is in orange

During the summer we had a trip near Brandon with Nicolas Bonnefoy, and Danny Strasser, and we made the film “speed warriors”  together. If Danny is famous for making beautiful films, he is always looking for the best shot possible. In the pursuit of perfection, time is not counting. You must think that for every shot of their film we spent one hour of preparation. In the result of a few second picture with golden sunshine and beautiful shadows on the surface of asphalt, there ia a lot of care. We hope that you will take time to enjoy the videos.

During this trip,  we could try  the Cesanna Torinese Bob Track. this was the second time in the track for Nick and Jean Yves, but the first time with good camera shot.

In spring we had a challenge for gallileo Tv germany with Martin Siegrist in Almambtrieb, and another one in Japan against a rock star on motorbike.

[unitegallery VBR_08]