Frankfurt times when Rollerman was living in Germany

In Frankfurt times, Jean Yves Blondeau was taking part of Tuesday Night Skating and making shows while travelling in Paris.

a workshop flat

The colored flat of Schulstrasse which looked like an art gallery, had a room only for BUGGY ROLLIN workshop. That was the second place after Bonn where a workshop was designed to work on BUGGY ROLLIN project. In Bonn and Frankfurt had been assembled the suits of the first serial. Jean Yves finished the Silver suit in that place.

skate spots

The main river was only a hundred meter far away, and the Hauptware 5 minutes by skates. As it is a good place for skating, Jean Yves could skate almost every day. But the city is a bit flat and that was not the perfect place to increase BUGGY ROLLIN skills in downhill. Now a days Jean Yves is training a lot on late surfaces discovering new tricks and new motions that will be adapted on show.

skate friends

The Frankfurt times were good to make skate friends because TNS, Tuesday Night Skating was attracting thousands of skaters every week.

Jean Yves made show for Bolle At ISPO winter and went to Lausanne downhill world championship again.