A journey in love balanced between sport and creation: Meet the extreme sport pioneer Jean Yves Blondeau creator of BUGGY ROLLIN.

On May 9, Mr. Jean Yves Blondeau, the French roller skating master known as “Roller Skating Transformers” and the inventor and pioneer of the famous “human body roller skating” “BUGGY ROLLIN” and Rollerman” , Extreme sports had a unique exchange with the famous brand organization “Brand Face to Face”.

In the course of the development of extreme sport of human skating accumulated over 20 years, Jean Yves Blondeau has become the world’s top athlete in this project. He is known as the most skilled and courageous skater in the world today. He often takes high-speed skating on mountain roads all over the world, and has set a speed record of more than 126 kilometers per hour, which has never been matched by anyone. On July 22, 2012, he successfully challenged Tianmen Mountain 99-bend Tongtian Avenue in his “human roller skating” equipment and slid down Tianmen Cave.

nice blur

CCTV carried out live coverage of the whole journey, causing a great attention. At the same time, he spread the sport to all parts of the world and China. And has become Jackie Chan, Jin Kairui, Xuan Bin and other international star heavyweight partners, in the film and television drama successfully conducted the wonderful roller skating scene. This sport is not only suitable for various types of roads and highways, but also can be carried out in skiing venues and winter Olympics sled speed-down track. It is a model project of reuse of winter Olympic competition facilities.

In this exchange, Mr. Jean Yves Blondeau introduced more about the equipment, clothing and derivatives he designed and developed for the sport. It turned out that Mr. Jean Yves Blondeau was not only an inventor of sports, but also a master of industrial design, graphic design and costume design. He designed and invented a wheeled suit with 32 wheels. Besides the wheeled shoes with soles, there were pulleys on the fore chest, back, elbows and knees, so it could be transformed like Transformers. Even if he is known in China as “humain transformer” it is good to remind that the film appeared years after the creation of Mr Blondeau. In fact there are some sequences of the Movie “Transformers” that are clearly inspired by the motions of Jean Yves Blondeau rolling in all kinds of positions. These transitions from position to another, like from running standing diving into rolling on chest, have been exposed on TV and video worldwide since 1996. Mr Blondeau named the use, equipment and series of clothing “Buggy Rollin”. In the brand of Buggy Rollin, Mr. Jean Yves Blondeau’s passion and talent are poured into it.

The accomplishment of a perfect day in the life of a journey in love.

These outdoor activity clothes are perfect for globe trotter travelers, as its creator, while keeping surprises in the intimate life and its sensual strip tease. Like a multi-layered perfume, the head note is romantic, Jean Yves Blondeau plays the lucky charm in pragmatic comfort in the body note that leaves freedom of movement, and the final heart note is joyful and sexy. It is the accomplishment of a perfect day in the life of a journey in love.

Extreme sports bring people endless excitement and screaming feeling. In addition to this feeling, Buggy Rollin’s pursuit of safety and comfort is also the core value of its brand.

Full Body Protection Armor Effect.

Compared with other traditional extreme sports, “Buggy Rollin” achieves faster extreme speed, requires less space, and is more important is more safety. As a professional designer and expert in ergonomics, Jean Yves Blondeau has invested a lot of experiments and funds in the design of sports equipment. He has adopted a series of new materials and safety measures. Under the premise that the total weight of the equipment does not exceed 17 kilograms, he can withstand the overload of 4 G (four time the weight of the body) and has excellent maneuverability and braking performance. He has achieved a head-to-toe armor for athletes that provides a Full Body Protection as Known as Armor Effect.

Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race

Fly the road.

Under its brand spirit, “Buggy Rollin” takes health and safety as the foundation, extends to the field of sports fashion, and keeps its spirit young forever with fashion. Fly the road, Journey with Love is the core value concept embodied by Buggy Rollin. “Take care of the flying life with love” has become the highest pursuit of the quality of Buggy Rolling products, and also the value pursuit of Buggy Rolling brand.

journey in love

Many video program by Mr. Jean Yves Blondeau has received millions hits on several video websites all-around the world. More and more fans around the world are learning and practicing Buggy Rollin Jean Yves Blondeau has won more and more fans’ attention in China.

4 BUGGY ROLLIN at Nanjing
Xiao Long, Chang Yue, Freezy, Jean Yves

Some associations and grand competitions held in Nanjing, Shanghai and Qinhuangdao. The sport’s ornamental and highly participatory nature makes it a very strong cultural and tourism project. At present, many scenic spots are also discussing with Jean Yves Blondeau about the introduction and development of this project. We expect Buggy Rollin to become a fashionable way of sport and bring more rich and beautiful contents to our life.

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First BUGGY ROLLIN race at Lishui, China.

Thanks to Freezy effort in BUGGY ROLLIN promotion, China organized the first official downhill BUGGY ROLLIN race at Lishui during their national championships.

First time in history : official BUGGY ROLLIN race in China.

One run trip.

Surprisedly , this national championship is only open to Chinese citizen. Even if Jean Yves made the trip to be there, because he is French, he was asked to start the last. And there would be no ranking for the competition itself. There was only Chinese ranking. We had only one run for the all day.
The race track has been shortened of a few hundred meters. We had no right to ride other roads by ourselves.

Starting the last then, the order of start decided by Freezy, as it should be at arrival. Freezy first, second his student Chi Heng Xin, third Xiao Long, and last Jean Yves. Freezy did a great pushing at start. But at the end of first corner, Jean Yves was already second. And after a few hundred meter more he was first. For the proud of China he waited for Freezy to come back first before the arrival line. From the beginning this was more a friendship agreed downhill than a real race. Good thing is that there was an official podium celebrating “rollerman” as a discipline.

BUGGY ROLLIN race at Lishui
Freezy GOLD, Xiao Long SILVER, Chi Heng Xin BRONZE

Thanks to journalist, we also have cool picture. [unitegallery lishui_18]

First time in history : Four rollermen show on stage.

Because of national championships, there was also an official opening ceremony. It was the first time in the history that there were four BUGGY ROLLIN on stage in same time performing show together.

four buggy rollin show on stage

All of the participating skater has something to do on the show. So the backstage was very busy and fun. for the last image the happy naughty smile of a young dancer

Buggy Ski at festiglisse 2019

This year Montalbert La Plagne has host the festiglisse event. Once again the BUGGY SKI was in the spotlight. On the first day, Jean Yves Blondeau was alone to show the abilities of the ski armor.

buggy ski a festiglisse 2019

On the second day he was joined by his friend Riderman France.

Together they synchronized their motions and trajectories. We are still waiting for the release of the video 360 [unitegallery montalbert_19]

buggy ski at a festiglisse

Note the presence of Carole, who is among the active drivers in BUGGY ROLLIN.

Rollerman at Lemanik


One of the most expected freeride downhill in Europe is the Lemanik freeride. Small winding road that begins in the forest and ends at the edge of the plain.

The peculiarity of these rollerman at lemanik pictures, is that was the first time we extracted images from a 360 degrees camera. There is a strong sensation of speed with beautiful contrasts of light. [unitegallery lemanik_18]

Daewha tunnel

Lost in korean mountains a small road is connecting two remotes valleys. On the top of the road is tunnel passing trough the rocky peak. This is a good place to make BUGGY ROLLIN practice.

The road is brand new. It is not very difficult to ride. The speed to reach is more than 90 km/h.

In the research of increasing difficulty, Jean Yves had attempt to start higher in the mountain on small muddy steep concrete path. That was piece of fun ! [unitegallery daewha_tunnel]


The perfect alignment of facts

There is only one day in the year when it is possible to get such picture. This the happiness of a good synchronicity, every thing was put together.

First you need a good BUGY ROLLIN pilot, with an artistic eye, and good notion of in site choreography. With Jean Yves Blondeau all is good.

Pilot and Armor in perfect coherence.

Also the pilot should have the right outfit. This BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit named 9 Dragon is a work of art by itself. The combination of hand made drawings are running on the surfaces of the shells of the armor as well as on the stretch under armor lycra (spandex) suit. The helmet is also in coherence with the dragon concept. Nine is the most powerful number in Chinese tradition and also for Nicholas Tesla (with 3 and 6). This number was reserve for the use of the emperor only. Now a days, the more number 9 appears on Chinese plate number, the more powerful is the owner.
Dragon stands for the most powerful animal. It has a strong spirit of freedom, that fit perfectly to Jean Yves Blondeau mind and family heritage.

Inspired Photographer

Second you need a good photographer, who works fast to capture the light and composition at the right moment. Since we are not in studio, the timing has to be in the exact present moment. Carol is the right person. Her artistic mind fits to the needs of the moment, and she was available for that specific day

The magic mountain

Third you need the mountain with the nice road, the trees and the altitude to get snow. Semnoz mountain just near the home of BUGGY ROLLIN office, beside Annecy belongs to theses magic mountains with an easy access and Wonderfull panoramic.

Present is perfect

Fourth, you need fall colors with leaves still on the trees, first snow that does not melt straight away. And on the top of that, you need sunshine to put light on the fire of colors. This combination is maybe one day in the year. This day should be celebrated as much as easter, christmas or an equinox. These pictures are a blessing of that existing present.

[unitegallery ka_rol_automne]

Creating a multi dimensional star

When understanding the needs to achieve this pictures, very need can be consider as a line of possibility that have been focused on one point. Like a converging lasers beams it create a unit shining point like a star in the sky. A star that is full of intense happiness, a star that invite you to vibrate to the beauty together.

Pictures of Chinese Rollerman Freezy with motocycles

Freezy with motocycles China
Freezy with motocycles

Freezy Zhao was invited to participate to largest Motocycle Festival in China with his BUGGY ROLLIN black armor. He could get the picture and gave us.

You must know that freezy loves selfies. When he was in France with Jean Yves Blondeau for practicing BUGGY ROLLIN he was making several decade of picture of him self by day. Freezy hair style was always perfect. The sun glaces always fitted.  All the poses were sophisticated. We have to admit that it needs a creative mind to produce so many self portrait every day. All in all Freezy produces good pictures.

Freezy with motocycles:

[unitegallery Fz_moto_18]

You can find Freezy on the pilot page , he belongs to the BUGGY ROLLIN international team.
Freezy was also in the camp of 2017

3 BUGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi China

Jean Yves Blondeau was invited by Beijing Micro Skate company to make show in schools with BUGGY ROLLN at Urumqi in order to promote Roller Sports.

Strict rules

As introduction meeting before the event, the sport government People explained us some special rules applied to this area. Police can control camera or phone picture at anytime. We are not allowed to take picture of police, security, government buildings or government people. If police ask to control we must cooperate without trouble. That is no problem because police is not our interest. Our interests are sports and education. The luggages were scan at each hotel. They were scan at parcs gate and restaurants. The only thing to do is to cooperate patiently at all control.

Visiting schools with Rollerman BYGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi

We were warmly welcomed in schools. Schools presentation was made very seriously, kid would sing songs altogether perfectly. Some Kids were natural genius in how they integrated the need of learning foreign language in order to straight communicate.
BYGGY ROLLIN at UrumqiThat is the case of the little girl who went directly to speak to Jean Yves asking accurate questions in a perfect english. After show we made some pictures and signature with the kids. The contact with the children is very refreshing.

Different cities

We visited two schools. One in Urumqi and the other one was in the city of Karamai. Karamai is the number one place in china to produce petrol. Surprisingly, the petrol is plopping out of the top of hill in the desert.

City of Xiao Long


Urumqi is the home fo Xiao Long. So Jean Yves came to visit him at his skate school and made a show for him. He was not invited to make show in the schools. But after Jean Yves asked the authorities he was invited to go in the last schools were Jean Yves could not. Being introduced to Xiao Long kids was nice, and seeing his school was helping to understand who he is.

Xiao Long family

Progress with Chang Yue

Instead if Xiao Long, Chang Yue was invited to make show in school wearing BUGGY ROLLIN wheelsuit. So we were 2 BUGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi schools. It was nice to spend time with Chang Yue learning each other and make training outdoor cold morning and at night in hotel lobby of Karamai. In the hotel Lobby at deep night we were making exercices to push only with legs and make tight turn in skelton position .

Unfortunately,we had no time to work on a proper common choreography. Maybe another time…


Photos of BYGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi

Dinner with official and special cake for Rollerman. Performance at Xiao Long Skate school. Rollerman show at Urumqi and Karamai school.

Freeride with Xiao Long

The last day, just before Jean Yves Blondeau had to take airplane back to Europe, we decided to go outside the city of Urumqi for freeride.

First we tried a small road near the city. But then Xiao Long was getting frustrated that the road was so short. So he cancelled his own schedule to stay more with Jean Yves. They went together one hour away from the city. The second road was longer but boring. Finally we could find an exciting road starting near a dam in the mountain. On the road, were running with us, chicken, donkeys and cows.

We came just in time back to airport for Jean Yves .

The video one of two about BUGGY ROLLIN at Urumqi

And for the end the pictures of the people at Xiao Long School.

After the show people took time to make picture with Jean Yves Blondeau Without the BUGGY ROLLIN armor. they coud get some signed postcard and stickers from Jean Yves and talk to him directly. This direct contact is essential for Jean Yves. It makes a very special color in life.

4 BUGGY ROLLIN pilots at Roller games of Nanjing

4 BUGGY ROLLIN in Nanjing

Roller Games were hold in Nanjing in 2017. Jean Yves Blondeau, Freezy, Xiao Long, Chang Yue, decided to join together in order to demonstrate the existence of BUGGY ROLLIN as Roller Sport. That was 4 BUGGY ROLLIN in Nanjing. The Nanjing Roller Games were organized like olympic event. There was a lot of protocol, and much too much police. We had police event in night club !

4 BUGGY ROLLIN at Nanjing
team red : Xiao Long, Chang Yue, Freezy, Jean Yves

Not expected

BUGGY ROLLIN were not expected and not welcomed by organisator. Jean Yves Blondeau with the help of IIDA President Alxandre Lebrun had to fight a lot to get athletes pass. Freezy had to struggle quite a lot to be able to come on the race too. DOWNHILL IS THE WORLD OF BUGGY ROLLIN, SO WE MUST BE THERE at  the Roller Games. It was a success and happiness to have all Chinese athletes coming to take part to competition. They also had to fight quite a lot to be able to be there. Even if each BUGGY ROLLIN athlete had a federal skater license we had to struggle to be a part of the event. We may be not a lot, but we are representing of the future, we are powerful image.

Narrow traps

The configuration of the road was very technical. Usually Jean Yves Blondeau never crash on downhill. But this track was designed to minimize high speed crash. Mattress walls were restricting some key curves that forced the athletes to brake enough to pass without touching the walls. So we had to adjust the speed enough to be able to not crash. Finally we could all succeed it. And the runs altogether were just spectacular.


4 BUGGY ROLLIN at Nanjing
Team of volunteer for downhill

As for a major event, the organization asked for a lot of volunteers to help. Every national team of every sport category had dedicated volunteers. They were nice, gentle and helpful. Thank them.

BUGGY ROLLIN Chinese core meeting

4 BUGGY ROLLIN at Nanjing
eat together BUGGY ROLLIN chinese pilot meeting

On the side of the event, we created the opportunity to make Chinese pilot meeting and talk about future development of BUGGY ROLLIN in China.

video of 4 BUGGY ROLLIN in Nanjing

[unitegallery V_nanjing_17]

Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race

After 3 year of attempt to get russian visa in time to be a part of the competition, Jean Yves Blondeau could go to try the Sochi olympic bob track with his BUGGY ROLLIN suit. Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race was fast. Indeed Rollerman could set up his speed recored to 100Km/h600 on Bob track .

scary slippery fast slope for Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race

After the bob track race was the road race with average slope of 17%. Even if we think that it is a bit exaggerate, the run on this side road was pretty scary. The BUGGY ROLIN wheel suit was drifting all the time.

The color of the group.

Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track raceEach group is unique. Each brings a particular color, and the group as a whole is like an image composed of pixels or an array of colored keys. In short, the picture of the group of athletes who came to participate in the Sochi race was particularly beautiful. Despite the very short time spent together, it was a glimpse of the colors of each as an impressionist painting of light. There is still a desire to do more, spend more time together, share more. Hence the need to go freeride after the race

Enjoy russian freeride with friends from UFA.

Once the race is finished it was time to explore the neighborhood of Rosa Tutor. We went on freeride, long boarders, rollers, and BUGGY ROLLIN altogether. It was a true celebration of friendship and sports.

Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race
Jean Yves and Simeon, Babak, Dennis, Nom

Pictures of Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race

The track is very well designed. It has no trap, and it is fast.

Pictures of Rollerman at Sochi road race beside bob track.

Road race was interesting. not the best floor quality on the top, but fast and scary. it produced maybe the best video of BUGGY ROLLIN on road of the year 2017

video of Rollerman at Sochi road race beside bob track.

[unitegallery video_sochi_17]