BUGGY SKI at Montalbert Festigliss 2018

BUGGY SKI Montalbert Festigliss 2018

Open minded resort

BUGGY SKI came to Montalbert festigliss 2018. Montalbert is a ski resort belonging to La Plagne Paradiski in France. The resort is opened to alternative snow sport in opposition to many places where it i only allowed to ski and snowboard. For opening mind of different ways to slide on snow, Montalbert organises a festival named Festigliss. Brands come to Montalbert festigliss to make try their creative products to the public for free.

Invitation for BUGGY SKI

Since several years Jean Yves Blondeau and his BUGGY SKI are invited to Montalbert festigliss. Sometimes Jean Yves brings his own photograph. Sometimes it is with the official media team of La Plagne. But this time, it was with local photographer team Nel of TRIBU RIDER PHOTO. The Tribu Rider Photo Delivered us back the images of Montalbert Festigliss 2018 that you are going to see. Thanks them for good work !

BACK from ISPO Munich 2018

At ISPO Munich 2018 we displayed five suits,

    1. woman suit with guillou S size setting
    2. Black Black suit
    3. BUGGY SKI suit
    4. BUGGY ICE suit
    5. The famous 9 DRAGON suit
      ISPO Munich 2018
      Jean Yves Blondeau and Danny Strasser at ISPO Munich 2018 with ice suit

      ISPO Munich 2018 ISPO Munich 2018

press ISPO Munich 2018

Already we have some media feedback. Article on LONGBOARDMAG EU

and videos of ISPO Munich 2018

Maybe we come next year again at ISPO