First FIBRA event ever

Lausanne Olympic Museum

Our first event will take place in the absolute historic capital of downhill skating,
the Olympic capital, the city that leans, the mythical place of the Valley of Youth
What a joy to be together there, with Nicolas Gachoud at the helm. The BUGGY ROLLIN was there in 1996.
This year, if COVID allows it, we will have timed free runs. Using a chip attached to the armor, the time of each descent will be measured. We can therefore see if we are making progress, and that will eliminate the luck factor of a limited number of rounds.


The statutes were finalized on August 15, 2020. The founding members signed from August 15. The constitutive assembly of March 28, 2021 unanimously validated the foundation of the First BUGGY ROLLIN Association FIBRA and its statutes.
The founding members are: Jean Yves Blondeau, Sebastien Bertholet, Christophe and Carole Andreatta, Eduardo Zarate, Luis Antonio villamizar Correa, Todd Born.
The members of the office are: President Jean yves Blondeau, Secretary Christophe Andreatta, Treasurer Sebastien Bertholet.
The countries represented by the regional representatives are (no order)
France: Jean Yves Blondeau and Christophe Andreatta
Switzerland: Sebastien Bertholet
The USA: Todd Born
Japan: Masahiro Sawai
South Korea: Yun Chang Jun
Brazil: Luis Everton
Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico: Eduardo Zarate
Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay: Luis Antonio Villamizar Correa
China: Professor Helen Jin Ying

We are very small, but the important thing is to be united in order to progress together.

FIBRA Chemin des Graviers 2 , 1290 Versoix, GE, Suisse, fibra @ buggy-rollin . com

Salon du Jouet a Nurenberg

A trip to the toy fair to find yourself very seriously in the world of happy childhood. We treated several subjects on DoYin, and we also found toys which are in the identity of BUGGY ROLLIN. We are therefore developing partnerships and will be offering our co-creations in the store as soon as possible. We’re having fun, and you’re going to have fun as well.

ISPO 2020 at Munich.

rollerman ISPO 2020

This year in Munich we met the partners whom you will discover in the shop of products associated with The BUGGY ROLLIN spirit. This indefinable spirit, but one that is so important for lifestyle choices. Among other things we detected, funny and comfortable hats, skates and wheels that are going well, and intelligent anti-shock protections. if you have followed us on DoYin you already have a little idea of what we are going to offer.

Rollerman123 on DoYin

page Rollerman123

Since last October, we have been developing the channel Rollerman123 on DoYin. DoYin is the Chinese equivalent of the European TIK TOK. Unfortunately, videos posted in the east are not visible in the west.

A sharp local team.

A team based in Beijing, specialized in new media helps to manage the progression of the chain. The team edits the videos transmitted by Jean Yves Blondeau. It schedules the publications. Finally it manages the video appearance strategy in compliance with the legal framework, and following the spirit quality guidelines of BUGGY ROLLIN. This team is set up by our local partner, Professor Jin Ying, Helen Golden Eagle, specialist in communication strategy. She is the first Chinese to understand the potential and the spirit of BUGGY ROLLIN.

A new brand adapted to the Chinese market.

In order to avoid confusion with other brands, and to avoid being copied in Chinese in a rough translation, we took the lead. for the Rollerman123 channel on DoYin, we created and registered our brand in Chinese characters. “轮滑 超人” in ping yin, lunhuachaoren, which means the super human skater.

A terminology already existing in the Chinese media.

轮滑 超人 (lunhuachuaoren) corresponds to the characters used by the press to speak of Jean Yves Blondeau as Rollerman. We have indeed been able to observe in the world of rollerblading, best friends fighting after that, that one has filed, from a recognized English mark, a translation into Chinese, without the knowledge of the other .

Instead of the discord, build coherence.

This creates discord and confusion not only among ex partners who engage in a stupid war, but also among consumers who lose their references to it. You have to understand that a large majority of Chinese do not read English. Not necessarily for lack of education, but maybe because it’s just not their mother tongue, so it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable. On the other hand, it is common practice to cite brands with local pronunciation. It is therefore strategic to choose a readable and understood brand, consistent with the target market.

Targets of the Rollerman123 channel on Doyin.

The objectives of the Rollerman123 channel on Doyin are: The promotion of BUGGY ROLLIN in its different forms, The Promotion of Jean Yves Blondeau as a creator, designer, actor, fashion model, opinion leader for sports equipment, with as underlying link the Spirit Of BUGGY ROLLIN

The positioning of the Rollerman123 chain on Doyin.

The positioning target of the Rollerman123 chain on Doyin is of high quality. For this the content requirements are higher than what is visible on the media currently. We take care of the literary content of the Chinese language used, We refer to the Chinese culture known to Chinese only. But we bring the quality of Western editing, and among other things the choice of music which we must make an effort to find. We try to refine our subscribers rather than mass video consumption.

Full hearted content.

The content necessarily involves a crush, a desire, an emanation of the creative spirit of Jean Yves Blondeau, facets of his eccentric romantic and sympathetic life. Each subject has a raison d’être that is either strategic, identity or positioning.

A renewed look in the themes.

Sports derived from BUGGY ROLLIN are almost always present, but we can also see, places to rediscover, poetry in Chinese! dance, cooking, and any other nod to French or Chinese culture.

On the way to success

In March 2020, we reached 414,000 subscribers in 4 months. A video has 55 million views, a dozen videos have more than a million views. We present a hundred videos with posts every other day at 7 p.m.

Online Store

We have passed the minimum necessary to open an online store. Through sports and toy fairs, we have selected a few products that resonate with our convictions. we have started to negotiate agreements and soon we will offer them on our shop. We simply turn our millions of views into a million.

Rollerman brings you luck and happiness

With quantifiable rising value, Rollerman is a promotional vehicle for other brands and products. The progress in terms of recognition helps us to advance the whole project which is developing in a star on 5 axes.

The true meaning of the LUCKY STAR identity.

The heart of the star, the link between all projects, is THE SPIRIT of the BUGGY ROLLIN. It is a fresh wind blowing towards an already happy and peaceful future, balanced in technology and simplicity, respecting life and existing evironments, which creates a bond and a sense of surface to the deep interior. It is the spirit of extreme mastery of movement, of effective dynamics that transforms towards a chosen goal.

The Branches of the LUCKY STAR of Success.

The development axes are:

1 the creation and applications of a modern mythology that we use in comics, video games, animated series, TV series, and feature films.

2 The creation of an expression space intended for sports and derivatives of the BUGGY ROLLIN

3 the production and sale of BUGGY ROLLIN Armor, its derivative products and everything that corresponds to the BUGGY ROLLIN spirit;

4 The promotion and development of sports BUGGY ROLLIN and its derivatives

5 The valuation of intellectual properties.

Rollerman123 nillor gigue
peace warrior

All of the work done with Rollerman123 on DoYin serves our goals of achieving the overall BUGGY ROLLIN project. We have the right ingredients for success and we make them work. Now we need a mirror team to take care of posts in the Western world.

BUGGY ROLLIN Holliday On Ice show 2020

buggy rollin on holliday on Ice
several buggy rollin around a group of dancers of buggy rollin on holliday on Ice

Are BUGGY ROLLIN armor the highlight of the Holliday On Ice 2020 show ?

Throughout the summer, Jean Yves was at the workshop to prepare in time a set of armor for the new BUGGY ROLLIN Holliday On Ice “Supernova” show.

Last spring he was invited to Belgium to try out several wheeled and ice armor.

Early choices

It would seem that it was difficult for the artists present to master the ice blades. This is surprising, but understandable, because skaters are used to skating only with their feet. However, the armors are designed to move in all positions. Therefore it was decided to opt for hybrid armor with wheels and blades for ice.

Where is femininity ?

Despite the fact that the users are men and women, it has also been decided that they will only use male busts. It’s a bit of a shame for the female identity. But it’s handy for managing a team’s availability against a limited supply of costumes. Indeed, it allows to easily replace someone notwithstanding the genre of the artist.

several buggy rollin dancers on holliday on Ice
several buggy rollin dancers on holliday on Ice

World class quality show

The choice on Friday On Ice not to call on Jean Yves to co-create the choreography, should have been the opportunity to create something new in terms of movement. But in fact not: the variety of movement reaches neither the creative level of the master, nor the finesse of his expression. Jean Yves may not have been recognized as a true creator of body language, especially with his video series “Cool Choreography” visible on YouTube. It’s a shame for the artistic quality of the show.

The same goes for the choice of helmets which seem inconsistent with the use of armor. Indeed, with long visors the visual field is very limited. So it becomes difficult to anticipate trajectories in all positions. In addition, the choice of white underpants in opposition to the black shells does not create the unity of the armor, unlike the efforts of Jean Yves with the armor “9 dragons” which is a total and coherent artistic project, with underside full of meaning and messages. And finally the choice of music could be questionable. BUGGY ROLLIN Holliday On Ice 2020 did not understand or ignore the spirit of the BUGGY ROLLIN.


In the spirit of BUGGY ROLLIN, Jean Yves Blondeau in his quest for meaning, thinks that the exchange of information enriches creation. The exchange of information in a loop is the intelligence and richness of multiverses. Consistency and harmony gives more peace and joy than the confrontation of duality. But it is a personal choice which is oriented towards an expression of meaning, which tends to perfection in a luminous happiness which blossoms, develops; explodes in all its splendor, its youth, its fullness in the act of sharing. The scene then becomes a mystical, timeless and transdimensional experience. This is a diffraction of the SPIRIT which is at the heart of the whole BUGGY ROLLIN project – Your Lucky Star

In the spirit of BUGGY ROLLIN.

Jean Yves Blondeau on the contrary, thinks that the exchange of information enriches creation, that it is the intelligence and the richness of multiverses, that coherence and harmony gives more peace and joy than the confrontation of duality. But it is a personal choice. It is oriented towards an expression of meaning, which tends to perfection in a luminous happiness. It blossoms, develops, explodes in all its splendor, its youth, its fullness in the act of sharing. The scene then becomes a mystical, timeless and transdimensional experience. This is a diffraction of the SPIRIT which is at the heart of the whole BUGGY ROLLIN – Lucky Star project.

Another artistic vision

But we must admit that “Supernova” is the artistic expression of another creator who does not have the same vision as Jean Yves Blondeau. And who therefore makes other artistic choices. We will therefore respect his choices, his tastes, his colors and his music. We would have liked to be more involved, and even to tour. But we were confined to strict suppliers. Note that we do not appear in the creative team of the website. Maybe they felt that we would not be in agreement with their artistic intentions, and thereby avoid conflicts ? Or is it simply to spare the costs of an external expert ?

buggy rollin on holliday on Ice
several buggy rollin around a group of dancers of buggy rollin on holliday on Ice

The opportinities of BUGGY ROLLIN Holliday On Ice 2020

It’s still a chance to have been able to approach this team. There is a real search for novelty, the proof : They called us. They also took up the challenge of integrating unprecedented technical effects on the rest of the show such as the cryogenic smoke wall and multidimensional screen.

There is also a lot of energy, given on the ice by the youth.
So if you are going to see the show Supernova, enjoy yourself. And think about the BUGGY ROLLIN creators. Because we do not appear in the creator list of the web site.

Due to expansion of corona virus in europe please refer to the web site of Holliday On Ice in order to know the dates of the tour.

A journey in love balanced between sport and creation: Meet the extreme sport pioneer Jean Yves Blondeau creator of BUGGY ROLLIN.

On May 9, Mr. Jean Yves Blondeau, the French roller skating master known as “Roller Skating Transformers” and the inventor and pioneer of the famous “human body roller skating” “BUGGY ROLLIN” and Rollerman” , Extreme sports had a unique exchange with the famous brand organization “Brand Face to Face”.

In the course of the development of extreme sport of human skating accumulated over 20 years, Jean Yves Blondeau has become the world’s top athlete in this project. He is known as the most skilled and courageous skater in the world today. He often takes high-speed skating on mountain roads all over the world, and has set a speed record of more than 126 kilometers per hour, which has never been matched by anyone. On July 22, 2012, he successfully challenged Tianmen Mountain 99-bend Tongtian Avenue in his “human roller skating” equipment and slid down Tianmen Cave.

nice blur

CCTV carried out live coverage of the whole journey, causing a great attention. At the same time, he spread the sport to all parts of the world and China. And has become Jackie Chan, Jin Kairui, Xuan Bin and other international star heavyweight partners, in the film and television drama successfully conducted the wonderful roller skating scene. This sport is not only suitable for various types of roads and highways, but also can be carried out in skiing venues and winter Olympics sled speed-down track. It is a model project of reuse of winter Olympic competition facilities.

In this exchange, Mr. Jean Yves Blondeau introduced more about the equipment, clothing and derivatives he designed and developed for the sport. It turned out that Mr. Jean Yves Blondeau was not only an inventor of sports, but also a master of industrial design, graphic design and costume design. He designed and invented a wheeled suit with 32 wheels. Besides the wheeled shoes with soles, there were pulleys on the fore chest, back, elbows and knees, so it could be transformed like Transformers. Even if he is known in China as “humain transformer” it is good to remind that the film appeared years after the creation of Mr Blondeau. In fact there are some sequences of the Movie “Transformers” that are clearly inspired by the motions of Jean Yves Blondeau rolling in all kinds of positions. These transitions from position to another, like from running standing diving into rolling on chest, have been exposed on TV and video worldwide since 1996. Mr Blondeau named the use, equipment and series of clothing “Buggy Rollin”. In the brand of Buggy Rollin, Mr. Jean Yves Blondeau’s passion and talent are poured into it.

The accomplishment of a perfect day in the life of a journey in love.

These outdoor activity clothes are perfect for globe trotter travelers, as its creator, while keeping surprises in the intimate life and its sensual strip tease. Like a multi-layered perfume, the head note is romantic, Jean Yves Blondeau plays the lucky charm in pragmatic comfort in the body note that leaves freedom of movement, and the final heart note is joyful and sexy. It is the accomplishment of a perfect day in the life of a journey in love.

Extreme sports bring people endless excitement and screaming feeling. In addition to this feeling, Buggy Rollin’s pursuit of safety and comfort is also the core value of its brand.

Full Body Protection Armor Effect.

Compared with other traditional extreme sports, “Buggy Rollin” achieves faster extreme speed, requires less space, and is more important is more safety. As a professional designer and expert in ergonomics, Jean Yves Blondeau has invested a lot of experiments and funds in the design of sports equipment. He has adopted a series of new materials and safety measures. Under the premise that the total weight of the equipment does not exceed 17 kilograms, he can withstand the overload of 4 G (four time the weight of the body) and has excellent maneuverability and braking performance. He has achieved a head-to-toe armor for athletes that provides a Full Body Protection as Known as Armor Effect.

Rollerman at Sochi Bob Track race

Fly the road.

Under its brand spirit, “Buggy Rollin” takes health and safety as the foundation, extends to the field of sports fashion, and keeps its spirit young forever with fashion. Fly the road, Journey with Love is the core value concept embodied by Buggy Rollin. “Take care of the flying life with love” has become the highest pursuit of the quality of Buggy Rolling products, and also the value pursuit of Buggy Rolling brand.

journey in love

Many video program by Mr. Jean Yves Blondeau has received millions hits on several video websites all-around the world. More and more fans around the world are learning and practicing Buggy Rollin Jean Yves Blondeau has won more and more fans’ attention in China.

4 BUGGY ROLLIN at Nanjing
Xiao Long, Chang Yue, Freezy, Jean Yves

Some associations and grand competitions held in Nanjing, Shanghai and Qinhuangdao. The sport’s ornamental and highly participatory nature makes it a very strong cultural and tourism project. At present, many scenic spots are also discussing with Jean Yves Blondeau about the introduction and development of this project. We expect Buggy Rollin to become a fashionable way of sport and bring more rich and beautiful contents to our life.

[unitegallery journey_in_ove_19]

First BUGGY ROLLIN race at Lishui, China.

Thanks to Freezy effort in BUGGY ROLLIN promotion, China organized the first official downhill BUGGY ROLLIN race at Lishui during their national championships.

First time in history : official BUGGY ROLLIN race in China.

One run trip.

Surprisedly , this national championship is only open to Chinese citizen. Even if Jean Yves made the trip to be there, because he is French, he was asked to start the last. And there would be no ranking for the competition itself. There was only Chinese ranking. We had only one run for the all day.
The race track has been shortened of a few hundred meters. We had no right to ride other roads by ourselves.

Starting the last then, the order of start decided by Freezy, as it should be at arrival. Freezy first, second his student Chi Heng Xin, third Xiao Long, and last Jean Yves. Freezy did a great pushing at start. But at the end of first corner, Jean Yves was already second. And after a few hundred meter more he was first. For the proud of China he waited for Freezy to come back first before the arrival line. From the beginning this was more a friendship agreed downhill than a real race. Good thing is that there was an official podium celebrating “rollerman” as a discipline.

BUGGY ROLLIN race at Lishui
Freezy GOLD, Xiao Long SILVER, Chi Heng Xin BRONZE

Thanks to journalist, we also have cool picture. [unitegallery lishui_18]

First time in history : Four rollermen show on stage.

Because of national championships, there was also an official opening ceremony. It was the first time in the history that there were four BUGGY ROLLIN on stage in same time performing show together.

four buggy rollin show on stage

All of the participating skater has something to do on the show. So the backstage was very busy and fun. for the last image the happy naughty smile of a young dancer

Buggy Ski at festiglisse 2019

This year Montalbert La Plagne has host the festiglisse event. Once again the BUGGY SKI was in the spotlight. On the first day, Jean Yves Blondeau was alone to show the abilities of the ski armor.

buggy ski a festiglisse 2019

On the second day he was joined by his friend Riderman France.

Together they synchronized their motions and trajectories. We are still waiting for the release of the video 360 [unitegallery montalbert_19]

buggy ski at a festiglisse

Note the presence of Carole, who is among the active drivers in BUGGY ROLLIN.