Padova Italy

World Championship downhill in Italy in Padua. At noon, it was a hot lead under a grandiose and brilliant sun. We had a big straight line to gain momentum. then a sequence of turns too flat and an acceleration output. the first turn, a closing right, concentrated all the attention and the attention of the spectators alone.

As an official competition of the International Skating Federation, it follows a protocol with an opening ceremony : speeches, presentation of athletes and show. Jean Yves Blondeau, a great specialist in opening ceremonies, was the only representative of the downhill pilots in show. He created a choreography on a 5-tempo music specially for this event.
He also made a video in multi-view. During the shooting, it was so hot that the neuron was also overheated. Jean Yves did not see that the camera placed at the back of the leg was going to touch the ground at the landing and also at the right turn. The fish eye lens of the camera hit the ground, unscrewed, and the lenses that compose it scattered in pieces on the road …

Rollerman : hairpins with no hands (Teolo Keyneose)

Rollerman race Tello, multiplex view

First Beton on Fire Altenberg 09

What a joy to participate in the first race of concrete on fire in Altenberg in Germany, organized by Philippe auerswald. Altenberg is perhaps the most beautiful track in the world. It is a true initiation rite. We are born in the light by springing from the tower, we die in turn three, and all that happens next is beyond life. It is a varied and fast track well maintained, painted in white, which rolls its turns in the slope of a mountain fold peoples fir. In the far north we see Desden sending us his cold wind.
At that time, Jean Yves liked to dress in a long-haired sweater, which participated in the legend.

It was a beautiful race, where the Philipp network is in full swing with his family and friends. Andy who has a wrapping business has arrived with an Impalla 66 low rider, and the parents greeted us with love.

Events 2009

The slalom competition took place in front of the Eiffel tower on the trocadero square. Jean Yves did some demonstrations and had a stand where he displayed armor. we can see Jim Carrey’s Yesman’s armor.
At that time Jean Yves believed that the product BUGGY ROLLIN was going to be launched commercially. But it will take time and tenacity.


During the winter, Jean Yves also tried the new arms with the brakes under the elbows. It was an opportunity to make a video of contemporary art for the exhibition “Intrepid Mixer” at the villa Robertsau in Rumilly.



Jean Yves had the happiness to be the guest of SWR3 in Germany, and made try the armor to the presenter of TV Nicole koster, show who was nice and fit.

MSS Mennen

Here are ideas for action screen play designed by Jean Yves Blondeau of Commercial Film “Mennen MSS rev it up” .

Then, the proposals of armor color, and the first pictures of the finished pieces.
The film had been shot in south Africa Cap town.  It was a large production.
The day before shooting, the skateboarder ht the head of Jean Yves with his board as he was training. He had to go to hospital, and the all movie had to be rescheduled one week later. They used the original scheduled shooting time to make the scene without Jean yves. And even so, it was not enough time to finish the shooting. Maybe the director was asking too much…

Here are more picture fo the creasy cinema set in cape town .

Peyragudes 09

Legend has it that it was the best organized race in Europe. Race, lodging, meals all included.
A ski statino in the French Pyrennees welcomes the event.

The road is long and there is a nice braking at the end of the long straight down. Jean Yves uses the orange armor that served for the film Yesman, and the silver downhill suit from South Korea.

Here is the super short movie but so GOOD

Here is the long movie 6 min of ride to pass the whole road.

Country Music Channel

Following Jim Carrey’s film Yes Man, we were contacted by CMT to have Tom C Howell’s armor tested. Of course the video has been blocked on the whole of the planet by production via Youtube. But we have some pictures here.

Tom being a skateboarder he is alergic to rollerblades. He was put tape at the end of his feet so that he does not burn his toes too quickly. And it worked.

Dance in Munich with virtual Madonna

In the cold nights of the Bavarian winter lie the six-day track cycling at the Munich Olympic Park. We were invited by Philippe Auerswald to do rollerblading races on the speed ring. In the evening a discotheque was organized in the basements. It was the opportunity for Jean Yves to take out the armor and enjoy the effects of light to make disco images.


Later in the year, he mounted the images on a video of Madonna and resumed his movement as a dialogue or a choreographic concerto.