Plagne Beton on Fire 2014

Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 graphic design of rollerman
the beautiful OVER THE VERTICAL wave of Rollerman in the curve 16

Force 4

The Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 was an opportunity to gather four armor together in the track for a competition for the first time. It was because of the effort made to rally the BUGGY ROLLIN pilots for the 20 years of its creation, that the athletes were ready to compete. We had permission to train, and we could find ourselves calmly.
So there was: Riderman France, Sebastien Bertholet Otaku Rollin, Anthony Finocchiaro Finch, and Rollerman Jean Yves Blondeau.

Battle on the podium

We were fighting hard behind Jean Yves at La Plagne Beton on Fire 2014, to try to catch up. With each progression of Jean Yves, everyone progressed too. It was passionate. And everyone has taken the game to push harder, clean the trajectories and hold the position firmly.
At the end the organisator did not thought that we were making race between BUGGY ROLLIN. So we had to go on the Podium by ourself, and the medals were given by jean Yves Bought in Japan.

La Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 images

Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 video

A promise of a liar.

Unfortunately, the Plagne Beton on Fire 2014 was the last edition of the Beton On Fire at this Bob track. The joyful promises of the new Mayor of PLAGNE, during his speech at the medal ceremony, could have made believe in a secure future for this extraordinary event. But no. The disappointment is at the height of the promise of the liar. Beton On Fire no longer exists in La Plagne. It is hoped that new people will have the power and courage necessary for this renewal that is eagerly desired.

There is a deplorable sport policy that instead of going to the maximum use of the equipment that was so expensive is closing the door of the possible, blocking the blossoming of talent, drying up the development of sports and green. The first battle for a high-level athlete on the bob sled track is to simply train. Meanwhile, the track sleeps in the summer. The promise of a liar is just disheartening.

Chunchon korea 2014

Chunchon korea 2014 Rollerman @ opening ceremony.

Jean Yves Blondeau , the Rolleman, was invited to make show for opening ceremony at Chunchon korea 2014. It was a big competition of many sports. Rollerman was here to make the competition valuable.
Much of the event is devoted to the discovery of sport, with many activities open to the public and free. Unfortunately the event only takes place every two years.

International friendships of Chunchon korea 2014.

it is a competition based on the friendship and reunion of the freestyle skater family athletes around the Korean culture. All athletes are housed in the same place, in the hotels that send a part of the shadow of Korean life: cheap love hotel. This makes it possible to house everyone at a lower cost, and turn the building into a holiday camp. In the evening we often see ourselves setting the dinner  by making a huge table in front of the entrance for every one at once, and this often ends with a dance contest, or an improvised good-natured party.

Chunchon korea 2014 pictures

Chunchon korea 2014 video of show with black Tiger and Dragon Suit.

Rollerman @ chuncheon show 14 from Daft Roller on Vimeo.

Rollerman shows in china 2014

Rollerman shows in china 2014
Rollerman shows in china 2014 Shanghai

Rollerman shows in china 2014 :  Shanghai

Kevin Koo used to invite BUGGY ROLLIN Rollerman Jean Yves Blondeau to perform Rollerman shows in china 2014 on Shanghai open Freestyle competition WSO .
There were two places for skating. the biggest part of competition is in door. That is very good because the weather in shanghai is often very wet and too warm.
the second place of skating was the opening ceremony on the bund near the river. This is an outstanding pace for event.

Rollerman shows in china 2014: Lishui

Jean Yves Blondeau Rollerman was also invited to perform shows in Lishui in china 2014.
Lishui is a place that received major skate competition scubas downhill world cup , marathons, hockey, artistic dance…

Downhill In Lishui

The downhill competition took place on the mountain near Lishui. There was still a long downhill from competition place to the city center. So Jean Yves decided to use this road for his own freeride downhill and made several videos between pedestrians, bicycle, motorbikes, scooters, trikes, buses, trucks and a ambulance that did not wanted to be overtaken.

The chinese traffic video.

DUBI freeride rodeo.

DUBI freeride rodeo.

We were bored at night in Altenberg after the BOB track. Jean Yves knew the old road from Dresden to Prague. Just after the German border, there is a big descent to Dubi. so we decided to go DUBI freeride. It has 7% average slope, 5 kilometers, of which part on three lanes. Initially, it was a very busy route. But since the highway is open, it’s a deserted road that bears the marks of heavy traffic. We crossed two cars and a tractor.


The problem is that Anthony started in BUGY ROLLIN. So Jean Yves decided to redo the descent that is made to be once. It’s like a motorist to the police. At the crossing to the post office and pay a fine. We were not proud.

Beneficial learning.

The time taken with Anthony has been beneficial. Even if we were arrested. Indeed, Anthony understood who were the important gestures to master the armor he just received.

You have to be more discreet.

Next time we do not stay in the village. We remain discreet and suckers nobody, especially not the police. Even if the latter, was very correct, even nice.

DUBI freeride rodeo pictures

DUBI freeride rodeo video.

BUGGY SKI Montalbert 2014

FULL CARVE Buggy Ski à La Plagne Montalbert 2014

Montalbert welcomes BUGGY SKI 2014

BUGGY SKI Montalbert 2014 photo shooting of jean Yves Blondeau wearing a suit with ski that allow to ski in all position. Photographed by Christophe Lebedinsky who has the best professional collection of BUGY ROLLIN picture in the world.
It is always a pleasure efficient work with Christophe Lebedinsky. We were lucky to have one more time perfect weather condition, and thanks to Montalbert tourist bureau we are welcomed. Thus Montalbert has many activities around alternatives glide sport.

Here are BUGGY SKI Montalbert 2014 Pictures

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The video of BUGGY SKI Montalbert 2014

This video copyright Jean Yves Blondeau-Lebedinsky

Beautiful Swedish girls in BUGGY ROLLIN

Belles suédoises en BUGGY ROLLIN Beautiful Swedish girls in BUGGY ROLLIN
teaching Beautiful Swedish girls in BUGGY ROLLIN

Swedish TV

Jean Yves was contacted by a Swedish TV to make two Beautiful Swedish girls in BUGGY ROLLIN. Girls travel the world and show the interesting things in a given geographical area. Nor are they afraid to try things by themselves.

Good conditions.

So it was on a beautiful spring day that the Swedish TV crew, Jean Yves Blondeau and Otaku Rollin found themselves at the green theater of Aix les Bains with 5 armor armor BUGGY ROLLIN. This park is an ideal place to start and progress. There have been many TV shows.

Real pros.

With the help of Sebastien Bertholet (Otaku Rollin), Jean Yves took care of the Beautiful Swedish girls in BUGGY ROLLIN with seriousness and professionalism. They have been able to discover new sensations of sliding and carry out their recording in time. We could not recover the video.

Beautiful Swedish girls in BUGGY ROLLIN photos

Photos at Lac du Bourget

Photos au Lac du Bourget rollerman lebedinsky
jean yves volle tel superman

Beautiful conditions to take pictures at Lake of Bourget

Kyung Ae, Jean Yves blondeau, went with Christophe Lebedinsky, the favorite photographer of Jean Yves to have a photo session at the Bourget Lake. The lake is not far from the house of Jean Yves. It is a beautiful place. The light is winter, but the sun is there to reveal the colors of blue and pink BUGGY ROLLIN armor.

Local journalist.

We had the visit of a local journalist alerted by passersby. He had an insistent way of imposing himself during the shooting. It is nevertheless with pleasure that Jean Yves lent himself to the impromptu interview. The article appeared in the newspaper Le Dauphine immediately after. We can say that the journalist did a good job.

Here are the Photos at Lac du Bourget

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One more nice day, and good Photos cession at Lac du Bourget with Rollerman !

Fairy tale track 2014

Fairy tale track 2014 lost treasure.

Fairy tale track 2014 is about hidden track lost in the forest. It is hard to find. No big road, no sign, no construction. The track is partly made of wood and partly concrete. It has not cooling system. It literally runs between the wild trees, and it is about 1m in the air. So it gives the impression of flying over the ferns.

Magic lives here.

It is said that the small people, the magic beings, have been pushed away from west country of europe by too much industrialization and noisy mechanic farming. They refugee in east part of europe. Around the track the forest itself and the houses are breathing this magic flair, where the small people are still living. That is why we call this trac cary tale.

On road trip.

we went there after the altenberg race with Danny Strasser and Sven von Schlarta. Sven was the photograph. Thanks to him we have these beautiful pictures.


Unfortunately the track was under repair. Indeed every year they try to improve it. The wood parts are been replaced section by section by concrete. That is the reason why you will not see Jean Yves Blondeau rolling the track entirely.

Fairy tale track 2014 pictures.

Fairy tale track 2014 video.


ALTENBERG 2014 Beton on fire

It was a great weather in Altenberg 2014. For the first time, we had three armored athletes engaged in the race. There was Otaku Rollin from Switzerland, Anthony Finch from Spain, and Jean Yves Blondeau from somewhere in the Universe. It was the first time that we could record the sleeves of each participant to see in the videos. in the evening we were able to train in the gym. Another night, instead of staying at home, we went for a free run in the neighboring village of Czechia. But this is a next article.


Enjoying the weather Jean Yves Blondeau (rollerman) left the tower. The starting tower measures 12metres high. The track has a slope of 47%. So It is impossible to walk on foot. altogether it is very impressive, because the slope appears as a wall. from above one can see Dresden 35 km. Jean Yves waits for the signal that the track is cleared, then it disappears at the bottom of the hut. and all of a sudden he takes his momentum. He goes off to the bottom of the back wall. He runs blindly, and throws himself into the void of the slope of the tower. LA, it is catapulted to 60 km / h in the track. He flies like a plane until the arrival.

ALTENBERG 2014 photos

ALTENBERG 2014 video


Altenberg 2014 manches of the  concurents.


20 Years BUGGY ROLLIN to celebrate.

Already 20 Years BUGGY ROLLIN. In order to celebrate this anniversary, We decided to take several action.

  1. Get together.

    Meet each other is important to feed friendship and share great times. We also share very simple things of life, eating together, traveling together, being in situation together. Even if we are on the same place at the same moment , every one get his own point of view, and his own memory about it. At the end it build a time line of life shared like a chorus, where every experience twisted in each other is making like a corde or cable. Significantly, it is all about making link, to each other, as many as possible, as strong as possible. Jean Yves truly thinks that is a real meaning of intelligence.

  2. Level up together.

    Go and make basic skill training, this is helping every one to feel comfortable in BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suits.

  3. Hit the mountain roads.

    Because BUGGY ROLLIN at its best is to go on big mountain roads, going fast in slopes, piloting lines like jet fighters, it is good to practice together on mountain pass roads. It is a good way to check the weak point of each one and get it better. Also to check the skills of each that can be shared that every one gets better.

  4. Go bob track.

    Additionally to pure road downhill, the Bob Track is greater in sensations. Its rarity make it highly valuable. Ultimately to get the opportunity to have free training in a bob track is an enormous chance, and the best way to celebrate progress.

  5. City stroll.

    After all, rolling in the very narrow corridors of middle aged historical city of Chambery , not only give pleasure of practicing BUGGY ROLLIN in a nice place, but also make sense in making time loop. Chambers was the first city where BUGGY ROLLIN video was made. So it is about celebrate the beggining of BUGGY ROLLIN. Furthermore, By rolling in the very old street we make link and build a bridge to historical usage of armors fo middle age. That is to say that we make a kind of time travel like a pilgrimage in deep roots of BUGGY ROLLIN.

20 Years BUGGY ROLLIN @ Quintal

Quintal Is one of the beloved place to downhill practice BUGGY ROLLIN. Consequently to the nature of the profile of the road, it is an interesting place. It goes on three steps.

  1. Acceleration. The first part drop quite well in an almost straight line, providing an accurate linear speed increasing start.
  2. Technical gates. The second part is a combination of pairs of 90 degree right-left turn with a variety of distance between. For this reason, it is a very good place to learn changing direction in adequate position, and also learn rythme and line appreciation.
  3. Stress release. The las part gives a good decrease of tension on almost flat area with ope view. It has the effect of cooling down mind and armor. It makes the brake easy, an avoid violent end brakes that keeps stress in muscles.

Ce jour le la, Virginie était la pour nous remonter avec son trike.


20 Years BUGGY ROLLIN @ La Plagne

For climax of the 20 Years BUGGY ROLLIN, we got private training time in La Plagne Bob track. The students went first as Jean Yves Blondeau was the coach on the side of the track. He could see the progression of the students, and help them increase their abilities.

Then it was the turn of Jean Yves to ride the track with his black tiger and dragon BUGGY ROLLIN wheel suit.

20 Years BUGGY ROLLIN La Plagne video of students.

20 Years BUGGY ROLLIN Chambery Pictures

Rolling in the streets of Chambery, with Three BUGGY ROLLIN armors was in fact a world premiere. There were three modern knights. Otaku Rollin from Swiss, Riderman France, and rollerman Jean Yves Blondeau. It was also a an action that revives the origins of armor in the western world. A pilgrimage to the heart of a major historic city of the Middle Ages. A place where we can cross a sci-fi sport, which is the BUGGY ROLLIN, and the stones over 400 years old. Each stone witnessed thousands of lives. And we pass through the small corridors like the water in the stream and the time over the planet.

20 Years BUGGY ROLLIN Chambery video.