Belluno downhill world championship, Tamara, Rankweil, Monop Free Skate festival Paris

Massimo Bavieri organized the second FIRS World downhill championship. His girl friend, tamara tried the suit.
We have the new REM helmet with the retractable visor. The shin gard is designed by Jean Yves Blondeau.

The Belluno Downhill was the first time Jean Yves reached 100Km/H.

After the race, Massimo and Tamara tried the BUGGY ROLLIN suit.

In Austria, one of the longest downhill was in Rankweil.

In Paris Free Skate festival was a race with modules in downhill.

During the Theatre project “Cabaret Urbain” we had a recording for TV show. These are captures from the film.

Back to ISPO again with new FSK Salomon skates and Labeda wheels on knees .