2007 rising BUGGY SKI in South Korea

Going to snow resort

Rollerman 2007 in Korea, was so special. Jean Yves Blondeau was living at in a studio at MUJU Resort shared with guests and all the tools for building and repair BUGGY ROLLIN and BUGGY SKI. The opportunity to BUGGY SKI every day showed all the weak points of the prototype. Step by step every problem would be solved. Finally Jean Yves obtained a sustainable Ski Armor.

Getting better

Among the trouble shoot, snow infiltration, ski geometry, chest positioning, climat control, connectors strength.
Side benefit was to become very fit and get very balanced body because of the really well balanced effort through the BUGGY SKI.

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High 1 best choice

During the winter we moved from Muju resort to High 1 Gangwon Do. Muju is a ski resort from the 80s that had to face bankrupt owners. It had to run on the existing equipments. The machine were old, so the snow was not perfectly prepared, and people would wait almost one hour at the lift on sundays. But the workers were really putting a lot of energy to gently welcome the skiers. Muju was also at a very strategic geographic situation the only ski resort of the half south of korea. It had no problem to get clients.

High 1 was a brand new ski resort. It is situated in a remote area where the employment rate is very low. They organized special trains directly from seoul to the ski resort to bring customers. Our video shows that train, and all the events organized inside. It shows a mutation from BUGGY ROLLIN to BUGGY SKI.

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Suddenly all business stopped in South Korea. Business friends moved, phone number changed every things was over. Back to Europe have to start every thing again.

BUGGY SKI in South Korea 2007

Golden times of BUGGY SKI

From Christmas 2006 to april 2007 we had golden time to BUGGY SKI every day at MUJU RESORT. This is BUGGY SKI in South Korea 2007. With the complicity of Yvon Labarthe we could make almost 30 promotional videos for the resort. We were filming almost every day. Most of video were with BUGGY SKI, and some were only for the promotion of the ski resort such “MUJU WHITE”.

The hours of video material were sleeping during 10 years on a hard disk. When Jean Yves could finally put his eyes on the films, It is a great pleasure to see all that night rides. The sensation of skiing in the night, with the music played on the tracks every where, is very unique. The music is carrying the choreography of motions, and the mood stays in happy dancing level. Another magic in night skiing is that the snow keep good quality and even gets colder and faster as the night progresses.

Jean Yves Blondeau was making show with BUGGY SKI every evening from 8 to 10 pm in the week and from 8 to midnight the week end. During the day he had just enough time to upgrade the prototype and make test in the evening.

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