Lausanne event and free ride

If Lausanne event and free ride was the glorious world capital of the descent races, the big ones will have disappeared as the fashion has faded and the interest of the general public diluted elsewhere. It remains the hard core of the irreducible descenders a little old who continues to roll and meet, like a big family. These events became fraternal reunions. The opportunity to once again have the illusion of owning the street, hitting it into hordes and then returning it to normality. In the margins of the competition, courses and BUGGY ROLLIN wheelsuit armor test continue to slowly hatch talents because BUGGY ROLLIN is fun.

Lausanne event and free ride video

By Christian Montavon in line downhill multi champion, and skate family member, owner of skate shop

Zhang Jia Jie, Tian Men Shan, the celestial mountain, and the LEGENDARY HERO.

Here is where Jean yves became LEGENDARY HERO of Tian Men Shan Mountain

tian men shan jump 2012

During the winter of 2012, Jean Yves Blondeau was approached by them Chinese teams for an event in the heart of China in a sacred place. It is a mountain whose opening gives on the sky. Place of pilgrimage for some and tourist place for the government. The road includes 99 bends which is a powerful and symbolic number in China. An amalgam of 11 km of vibrating and winding concrete slabs passes from one side of the cliffs to several sides of the valley like a boomerang or echo sound that gets lost in the mountain escarpments
The road is known as a spectacular scenography experience. Its circulation is strictly ruled and regulated by the army. The bottom of the valley is dedicated to an open-air opera that uses the mountain as a backdrop. It plays a mythological fresco where lovers become white foxes. The chorus of woman is extraordinary.
To prepare the descent, Jean Yves went on site a month before. It was necessary to check the feasibility, prepare the press photos, draw the ramps, the banked turns, and find the place for the jump.
When the time came, Jean Yves came back. The weather is capricious, and the storms in this region are terrible. His plane did not arrive at the right airport. He arrived the next day. During the same day it can rain down, make nice, get down the mist, rain again and get away. The green parts on the concrete road are algae that become slippery like soap as soon as they are wet. In the tunnel the water runs all the time. And even at 30 km / h it is difficult not to get off the road. On one side a deep concrete channel and rocks, and on the other side the road is lined with concrete pads every one meter. Empty space between blocks is enough to fly out. Just behind the studs there is the steep cliff often overhanging. When there is no vegetation it really means that the rock is brutal, because the vegetation in this hot and humid valley, is a lush tropical jungle, through which it would be difficult to progress, and falls cascading on the high flanks of the road as it can.
Every morning in the city the firecrackers resonate against the walls of buildings. At the beginning Jean Yves believed in shots. But Their repetition and the calm of the streets reminded him of the joyful culture of firecrackers to celebrate the events of life. Later he could see the charred cartons and red confetti of jagged papers strewn around the houses.
Jean Yves had two Chinese escorts. One was the translator, the other was the man of the networks. The second was used to enjoy eating in boiled chicken legs. There is only skin on the bones, and everything is a bit transparent. The opposite of his predator!
On the day of the feat, the mountain was emptied of its visitors. There were only the opera people in stage costumes for the occasion, the police, the journalists, and the local party leader, whose availability alone had justified the choice of the date. That is to say how important he is.
In the middle of the descent, the vibrations ended up redoing the straps of legs and it was necessary to leave the protection of hip. Without stopping, while driving, Jean Yves passed it to the next car.
The complexity of the route, its length, its lack of perspective at ground level, made it very difficult to memorize in its entirety. Jean Yves had therefore established a marking code for the important points of trajectory, the braking zones, the holes in the pavement, the zones of weak adhesion. Each trap has been marked referenced on the map and on the road. It was therefore possible to decode the route even if the visibility was missing or the memory was disturbed. It was important to eliminate surprises and master known risks.
It was not a very fast but difficult descent. On the one hand the floor was super slippery, moreover the vibrations ended up altering the visual acuity of Jean Yves. It became difficult to decipher the road. After twenty minutes, it was time to arrive.
But hat was not the end. Jean Yves had to jim over 4,5 meter gap with pikes on the floor. The difficulty was to be able to arrive at right speed to jump enough but not too much. He could succeed.
In the evening, Jean Yves was alone in his hotel room. Such boring ! So he went skating alone to discover the city. And he could not make friend to anyone.

A Exploit de jean Yves Blondeau at this place and the opportunity to attract media from around the world. The images of the descent have been broadcast in all countries. In China only the retransmission was seen by 380 Million spectators. Years later, this event remains a reference in Chinese history.

Here is our video of LEGENDARY HERO

Rollerman at Stern TV

The first time Jean yves was on Stern TV in 1997. 14 year later he is invited again. For this occasion, we put light in the blue suit. It became blue light. We set up speed record, 126 km/H  and this time the tv presentor, Steffen Hallaschka,  tries the suit. He is tall he has a big head so the helmet looks too small, but he does it. He get on the back which is difficult and stand up again.


Speed Record 126 kmh

For tv show we made speed record . Early morning 4 am. No Authorization . Just pushing with legs, hold position, and follow gravity . Speed Record 126 kmh measured by GPS.

Long story

With Danny Strasser, we had a proposal from stern Tv to make a new show. They wanted something new because Jean Yves was already on the show in 1997. Jean Yves wanted to beat his speed record since few year so he took the opportunity to make it for Tv show.
It is hard to find a straight road with enough degree and good braking zone. Jean Yves Blondeau firstly train in Swiss Jura with his Friend Damian Andrey world from team Poutine speed record holder on street luge 2017.
Then he when to make some test runs on the spot in France. He started in the evening to have less traffic on the road because it is an important way that many people uses every to go to work. As Jean Yves did ask to close the street it has to be done with almost no trafic at all. The car coming behind him would be not problem, because he would be faster, and the car coming in the other direction has two lanes, because it is a 3 lane street ,  so they would be more far that on a narrow street.
During the test in the night, a cat suddenly appear on the side of the road at the fastest point . It seems it wanted to cross the road. But it did not. that’s good because it would have been impossible to avoid it. Then the light decreased too much to be able to see something in the helmet. we reached the speed of 117 km/h . that was the preceded record. not enough to make something new. So we decided to make another try next day noon. At the camp of Francoise Pagnier, Jean yves cleaned the bearings. there are a lot of bearing on a BUGGY ROLLIN suit! and the next day when the people are used to go to eat, he made a try. He could achieve 120 with was a new record.
A few weeks later Jean Yves came back with Danny Strasser to make the TV footage. They arrived in the evening, and started the setting at 4 am. This is a cold place to wait in lycra suit. They had to wait for sun light. IN order to get faster Jean Yves mixed two armors, Blue Aramis and Gold Korean creating a new fusion speed suit : GOLD BLUE. They did several attempt reaching 126 Km/H. They finished just before the workers start to use the road.

here is a teaser of Speed Record 126 kmh

Beton on fire La plagne 2012

That is the first race of Beton on Fire La plagne 2012.

[unitegallery PBR_12_Plagne_beton]

light the fire

like a Phoenix return to life, after 8 years we could come back to roll in this Bob Track. This was possible thanks 3 factors.
1 Philipp Auerswald was launching the Beton on Fire concept of multi races in different country on bob track in summer with in line skates, longboards, and BUGGY ROLLIN.
2 Seba skates (now is FR skates ) Sebastien laffargue and Greg Pinto, had the power and wish to help pushing bob track races and became sponsor.
3 Remy Counil Nice fighting energy (he used to be a judo international athlete) helped to crash the old lock of the bob track, and wished to make new event in this place.

pictures of Beton on fire La plagne 2012

Here is a video of both  event Beton on fire La plagne 2012 and altenberg

Nam San video for Busan Film Festival

We had the chance to make the advertising film for Busan Film Festival in south korea.

Busan Film Festival
rollerman shining trough street of seoul for the Busan Film Festival

Film director was Sim Sebu (Sebastien Simon) It was a great opportunity to take the silver miror suit back to the place where it was famous, and make the downhill on the center of the Seoul City , a place Jean Yves always wanted to make a downhill race.

That day we had very small crew, just a director and a friend. It was almost impossible to close the street. But the steepness of the pavement was proposing Jean Yves into great speed. So it was mix of working fast ant taking risks. At each take Jean Yves had to come back a t the top of the hill only by skating. That was for sure the slowest part of the shooting.

Here is the film  for Busan Film Festival

Rollerman downhills at Montreux BUKOLIK

This was a special BUKOLIK event that was not possible to make in ‘Les Avants” because the funicular train was on rebuild. The freeride took place in the next village.
Jean Yves came with Blue Aramis Mennen BUGGY ROLLIN wheelsuit.


is a friendly but high level skaters event.
The Savoyard Jean-Yves Blondeau in Buggy-Rollin at the World Cup and Europe inline rollerblading, longboard and streetluge
Saturday, August 18, 2012 .In the highs of Montreux, on the section vallon de Villard
pictures © Christian Brun

Rollerman at Lishui 2012

First time in Lishui 2012 for Jean Yves Blondeau. aka Rollerman It will become a great place for skaters. The time Jean Yves performed on theatre stage a show for opening ceremony. We did not see the city and also not the beautiful mountain around . It will come the next years. On that year the weather was wet and the event not so big. It gave the sensation that in line skate event is a microcosm in a huge country.

pictures of Rollerman at Lishui 2012

You can check what happen the following years 2014 2015 2016

Beton on fire La Plagne with KiKi LeBe

History of Rollerman @ Beton on fire La Plagne with KiKi LeBe

Beton on fire La Plagne with KiKi LeBe
suite de courbe

Beton on fire La Plagne with KiKi LeBe

Kiki Came to the house of Jean Yves Blondeau. He could make some picture of the work shop, some shots in the air on the trampoline, and they went together to the bob track for a test in order to make competition. After the runs in track, they took pictures with golden suit on the road and in the green fields with beautiful mountains of french Alps in back ground.

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Rollerman at Chunchon South Korea 2012

Rollerman at Chunchon South Korea 2012
arriving skelton

Rollerman at Chunchon South Korea 2012.

Back to the Leisure games : Rollerman at Chunchon South Korea 2012 with Golden BUGGY ROLLIN suit. That suit which was lost for four years could have its revival glory on the floor of south Korea.  Even if this suit was build for record braking instead of dance show it has a great look. Jean Yves Blondeau made demos and show at introduction ceremony .